• "Very well,shall we go then?"
    "Okay,let me grabb the keys and we can head out." Zero ran to the kitchen and grabbed the keys.He opened the garage door and they walked inside.Hisana looked at the car that was parked inside the garage next to the motorcross.
    "Zero,you have a car?"
    "Hmm? Oh that.It used to belong to my dad.We had two cars.The other one got destroyed in the car accident..."
    "So...why not take the car?"
    "I don't know.I haven't used the car in a long time." Said Zero.
    "But this car is practicaly new." Hisana got startled.
    "It is.Believe it or not,this car was bought two days before the accident"
    "Oh! So is that the reason why you don't use it anymore?"
    "No...I just never had a reason to do so."
    "Well now you do.Get the keys to this car because we are going for a drive." Said Hisana as she walked towards the car.Zero sighed and then went back inside the house.He took the car keys and the house keys and went back to the garage.They went inside the car and Zero started it.He waited a few minutes while the engine got warm and then drove off.
    "Hey,Hisana,you have to tell me were to go.I don't know were you live."
    "Me?I rented an apartment in Hishiro.Do you know were that is?"
    "Yeah I know.I've heard of it before.It's not that far.Just around the block." Zero turned to the left and then there was a stoplight.He was waiting for the green light when sensed Hisana's toughts.
    "(...Zero...Zero is suffering.Zero is suffering and I can't feel the same pain as him...why not?I wish I could now what he's going trough.)" The red light turned green.
    "Well Hisana,we're here."
    "Thanks for the ride,Zero."
    "It's not like I had anything better to do." Hisana looked at him.She kissed him on the cheeks and then left the car.Zero backed up the car and left as well.

    That night,when Zero was sleeping,he felt the same heat as the night before.When he opened his eyes,he saw the demon.
    "What do you want?" Asked Zero.
    "Don't talk to your father like that." Said the demon.
    "You're not my father."
    "Well,I am the one who made you a demon so,technicaly,yes,I am your father."
    "Technicaly,I am still not a demon.So,technicaly,I am still not your -son-.Anyway,what is it?"
    "I came to gave you an offer."
    "Last time you said that I wounded up betrayed.What's the difference with you saying it now?"
    "That I felt pity.My own son has to go crawling to a meere human girl for blood."
    "For the last time,I'm not your son! And she's no meere human girl...to me,she's big."
    "Then why do you not show it?"
    "...I'm turning into a demon...I forgot how to smile,cry or feel pity."
    "...interesting.Anyway,my offer is to grand you acces to the underworld."
    "Acces to the underworld?Why would I want that?"
    "I don't know.I heard rumors there.There might be cure for your curse."
    "The only cure I know,you have it.So why bother?"
    "Because I won't give you mine so get your own"
    "Fine,I'll think about it.Meanwhile,stay out of my dreams and don't come unless I call you."
    "But you never call me."
    "Exactly..." Zero began to walk away.
    "Oh,Zero,by the way...you won't gain anything from feeding on that girl's blood..."
    "I know..." Zero walked away until once again he returned to the human world and fell asleep with the tought of what the demon had offer him. "Yes...give me that power..." He whispered as he fell asleep.

    The next morning,Zero didn't wanted to go to school.He wanted to take a look at the underworld.He had no idea how to get there so he guessed.He was sitting in the chair of the desk in his room. "(Maybe all I have to do is to concentrate in the tought of it.)" Zero closed his eyes and began to imagine how the underworld would be.When he opened his eyes,he was no longer in his room.The world were he was was crowded with demons and evil spirits.The place looked like an old rundown plaza.At first it seemed as the only thing demons did there was hunt down or buy human souls...that is,if the human wished to.Zero's presence was very noticeable.In his blood stream flowed Hisana's amberlife and that attracted the attention of many demons and spirits.Many of them slowly aproached him.Zero felt powerful since his demon powers could finaly emerge.His cross mark began to glow and his eyes turned dark red.He closed his eyes and focused all of his power in his hands.Then he swayed his hands forwards and all the demons near him were blown away by a blindign attack.
    "Heh,not a challenge at all.They were already weak from the need of amberlife." Said Zero.
    "Zero...you just enter the underworld and are already causing trouble.What a troublesome child." Zero looked back and saw a girl probably of his same age.
    "Who are you? How do you know my name?" Asked Zero.
    "You don't know me? Uh! that father of yours can be so irritating sometimes."
    "I'm your mother,Zero."
    "You're not my mother."
    "And that demon is not your father yet he proclamed himself to be so...why can't I be your demon mother?" Said the girl.
    "I'm the ruler of the underworld.Now would you stop harming my precious demons." Zero stood quiet. "Zero,let me say this now before I forget...that human friend of yours...you owe her your life.Without her amberlife you would've slowly died but at the same time,painfuly transform into a demon."
    "Yes,I know..."
    "Do you want me to show you around?"
    "No...just show me the most important place here and the rules."
    "...hmm...don't speak to your mother like that...you make her proud and that makes her wanna crie" Zero felt disgused.
    "So what can I call you?" He asked.
    "Hana" Zero opened his eyes really wide. "(Hana?Like Hisana?)" Wondered Zero.
    "Zero dear,the rules of the underworld are as fallowed.There are no friends...there are no enemies.There is no life...there is no death.Thre is no happiness...there is no sadness...there-"
    "I noticed that,Hana.Tell me the fundamentals."
    "Anxious,aren't we?Fine...do not hesitate when you turn a mortal soul into a demon..." Zero tought as if there were no rules since he would never offer anyone to suffer the pain of turning into a demon.
    "Now listen,Zero.We just so happen to have an important place,as you speak."
    "So were is it and what do we do there?"
    "Have you ever heard of the The Kyoukai?"
    "...um...no...not really.What is it?"
    "It's like the tribunal for demons and souls,court,The jury and so on."
    "So what do we do there?"
    "Everything actually.That is the center of the underworld.Since you are not yet a demon then there is no reason for you to live in the underworld so just for now,all your business will be there."
    "And were is the Kyoukai located?" Hana turned the other way.From were they were standing,they could see the underworld and the black horizon.In the center was a tall building. "Over there." She said pointing at the building. "Zero,I suggest you register yourself as a demon over there."
    "...for the last goddamn time,I'm not a demon."
    "Oh,my bad...demon to be..." Zero got pissy and turned around but she was already gone.He then ignored it and looked at the tall building. "Kyokai,huh?Useful."
    "Zero!! Zero!! Are you alright!? Zero!!" Zero heard this low voice eco.He looked around and saw nobody.Suddenly he woked up in the human world.When he opened his eyes he saw Hisana next to him.
    "Uh! Zero!!!" Hisana hugged him. "Are you okay?"
    "Yes,I'm fine."
    "It's just that you missed school and I came here to see if you were okay and then I saw you here lying on the floor."
    "No,I'm fine."
    "...Are you sure?You look tired."
    "I was granted acces to the underworld so I went to check it out."
    "The underworld?Zero...did you made another deal with the demon?" Zero sat quiet. "Zero,answer me!"
    "So I made a deal with my father,so what?!?!"
    "Y-Your father?"
    "...the demon proclaims himself as my father."
    "And you let him?"
    "No,but he does have a point when he sais he is my father in the underworld." Hisana just looked the otherway. "And I also have a demon mother."
    "Who?" Hisana faced him.
    "The ruler of the underworld.She's the mother of all demons."
    "Who is she?"
    "Her name's Hana.Do you know someone named Hana,Hisana?"
    "No but it's sounds coincidential." Zero sat quiet thinking about how her name and Hana's ryme.
    "So,Hisana what are you doing here?"
    "Oh,me?I came to drop your homework." Said Hisana as she dropped the pile of papers and books untop of him.Zero got pissy. "Then you have no business here." Hisana got pissy as well.
    "No,I also came here to give you your daily dosis of amberlife." Hisana pushed her hair out her neck's way and Zero looked the other way.
    "Hisana,stop sticking your neck out for me and get serious.I may be turning into a demon but I do have a human side,you know."
    "I-I'm not saying you don't,Zero.I-I-I..."
    "Forget it...nevermind,Hisana.You can go."
    "But I don't want to go."
    "Is it because you find my case intersting?"
    "Don't answer.Fine stay.I'm going up to my room."
    "Zero,wait! You don't have to talk to me like that.We made a promise,remember?"
    "No we didn't.You promised yourself."
    "Yes,I promised me to offer myself as your amberlife..." Zero ran towards her.He grabbed her by her wrist and pushed her to the wall.He got closed to her and his fangs began to stretch out.Hisana hesitated and began to tremble.Zero letted go of her hand. "You see,it's you the one who hasn't" Hisana dropped on her knees and looked at the floor.Zero climbed up the stairs and locked himself in his room.
    Hisana stayed were she was sitting the whole afternoon thinking about why she hesitated.

    It was 5:30 pm and the sun was begining to set in the horizon.The skies were orange and pink and there were no clouds.Hisana was still sitting on the floor.It was getting hot since the air conditioner was off and lonely.She stood up and fixed her skirt and walked up the stairs.She stood infron of the door to Zero's room.She could feel the cold airconditioner coming out from the foot of the door.She slowly opened the door and a cold air blew trough her hair.The room was dark and the windows were close but since she opened the door,it letted in a bit of light.She could see Zero.He was lying upward in his bed.Slowly she tip-toed trough the room and crawled into his bed and around his arms.
    "Huh? Hmm...wha?" Said Zero almost asleep. "H-Hisana,w...what're you doing?"
    "Forgive me,Zero.I did not meant to upset you." Hisana closed her eyes and fell asleep.
    "I know,Hisana...I know." Zero put his hand over her head and fell asleep again.He accidently fell asleep with the tought of the underworld and that caused him to enter it.It was an accident tough he decided to stay there for a while.

    In the underworld,he looked at the Kyokai. "(I'm going to check it out.)" Zero began to walk trough the black floor of the underworld.Even tough Kyokai seemed far away,Zero got there in three steps forward.He entered the tall building and all he could see were demons.They all turned to face Zero since he had a nice source amberlife in his bloodstream.Once again they slowly aproached him.He was getting prepared to attack but just then,his Hana apeared.
    "What a troublesome child." Hana made all of the demons flee in two seconds. "Fallow me,Zero" She said
    They walked inside.Zero was behind her. "Hana,I have a question..."
    "Yes,what is it,child" She said without stopping or turning around..
    "Where is...um..."
    "Your father?His name is Watari.He's out hunting a lost demon."
    "Watari,huh?What a hideous name." They kept walking until they aproached a big door.Hana closed her eyes and when she opened them,they were glowing an intense white.The doors creaked open.Inside,Zero saw many demons swaying in the air.They were all ghostlike but instead of white,they were black.

    In the center of the room there was a big book.The pages were stained with blood from demons and demons to be who had signed there.Hana grabbed one of Zero's hands and with her delicate finger,she pressed down on the palm of his hand and cut open a small wound on his hand.A drop of blood streamed out and fell on the floor.All of the demons in the air,vanished.

    Without letting go of his hand,she slowly pulled him to the book.She put his hand over the it and another drop of blood fell in one page of the book.Zero then collapsed.Hana grabbed him and he fell in her arms.She dropped on the floor and healed his small wound.She made her fangs strecth out and bit herself in the hand and drank some of her blood.Zero opened his eyes slowly.He saw Hana infront of him.Hana slowly aproached him and kissed him.Zero closed his eyes again.When Hana stopped,she wiped the blood next to his lips.She had accidently stained him with her blood.Zero opened his eyes and gazed at her.
    "Zero,how do you feel?"
    "When you become fully concious,I'll explain what I just did.Meanwhile you must rest."
    "Why are you the ruler of the underworld?"
    "...I'm the most powerful demon in this whole dimension."
    "But you're so young..." Said Zero.
    "Actually I am centuries old it's just that I am inmortal and I do not grow."
    "...you are beautiful,Hana" Hana didn't smile.She simply looked at him.Zero then fell asleep in her arms.
    "You are supose to love me,Zero...you are supose to." She left Zero in that room and left. "I'll send you back now,Zero.But this is not yet done." She whispered.

    Zero opened his eyes really wide.He bursted up. "Hana!" Hisana opened her eyes slowly. "Hmm?"
    "H-Hisana?...oh,I'm back." Zero lied back again.
    "Zero,what's wrong?"
    "Nothing." Hisana knew Zero said not to stick her neck out for him but she still wanted to do so.Zero sensed that.
    "Hisana,I'm sorry for screaming at you back then.It's not that I don't want you to stick your neck out for me.It's just that...well...I don't think it's a wise thing to do.I mean...Why are you helping me?"

    "Because you're the first real friend I've ever had and I don't want to see my friend turn into a demon."

    "But in the end,I will turn into a demon.By giving me your blood...it's like disgusing the fact that I am so going to turn into one."

    "Yes...I know,and as long as we keep your inner demon asleep,you'll have plenty of time to find a reverse for this curse." Zero said nothing.Hisana climbed untop of him and her hair slided on his chest.She slowly lied her head next to him making her neck be of view to Zero.His eyes turned dark red and he stretched out his fangs.She dropped untop of him.He wrapped one arm around her waist and another around her head.
    "Hisana...thank you and I apreciate the fact that you want to help but please don't..." His eyes began to glow red and his fangs stretched out a bit more.He opened his mouth really wide and bit her in the neck.
    As he did that,he hugged Hisana really tight as if he were saying:"No please,don't".

    Zero knows he doesn't want to harm Hisana but the demon inside him is the one who pushes him to drink her blood.Zero stopped.
    "Hisana,don't you have somewere else to be?" He whispered without facing her.
    "It's not like I have anything better to do." Zero closed his eyes. "No,I don't because...I'm alone."
    Zero took a deep breath. "Are you all lone as well,Zero?" She asked.
    "No...I have you." For the first time ever since he lost his family,Zero felt happy.
    "Zero,why are you so afraid of biting me?"
    "It's not the biting you..."
    "Is it the fact that I become a victim?" She asked.
    "No.It's the fact that I become a victim.Or better yet,I owe you my life,Hisana." Hisana smiled.
    "Well then,to pay off your debt...take my blood."
    "What will you gain with that?"
    "A friend..." Zero hugged her.His eyes glowed red again and his fangs streched out again.
    "Are you sure that that is what you want,Hisana?"
    "Yes" She whispered.Zero kissed her neck,were his fang marks were and then bit her.

    Eventually,the demon inside him was satiated and once again fell into a deep slumber.Zero pushed Hisana away. "Hisana,haven't you tought that if we keep this up...you'll eventualy die of blood loss?" Hisana's face turned white.
    "N-N-Not really..." Zero sighed.
    "Well it's a good thing I am moderate." Color came back to Hisana's face.
    "Well...if I die of blood loss,it would be because you took my blood."
    "So technicaly,we would become one."
    "Did you know,Hisana,that since your blood runs trough my bloodstream as well,I can sense your feelings?Not only your toughts,of course."
    "Really?Cool.So Zero,what are you going to do now?"
    "I don't know.I'll probably go to underworld to find a cure."
    "Then...can I come with you?"
    "Nope." Said Zero flatly.
    "But,but,but why not?"
    "Because it's too dangerous.You have amberlife and that is something they crave over there."
    "Then I'll wait here until you wake up!" Zero simply rolled his eyes.
    "Why don't you just go home?"
    "Cause I have nothing to do there."
    "Don't you have something to dust or wipe?"
    "What do you think I do when I'm not here?" Zero sighed. "If I'm such a disturbance here,then I'll leave." Said Hisana as she sat up infront of him. "It's not that.I love to have you here but..."
    "But you rather go to the underworld now instead of when I'm not here,right?"
    "Actually...you're always here." Hisana got pissy. "N-Not that I don't like that.I-I-I love it."
    "Don't strain yourself,Zero.I'm going out.You can stay here and enjoy your underworld." Hisana stood up from bed and fixed her skirt.
    "Were are you going?"
    "To the cafe.I'm going to grab some coffee maybe a pastrie"
    "...fine you may go."
    "What are you talking about?I don't need your permision." Hisana laughed.
    "I know.I just want to make sure you come back."
    "I don't know.I guess since I can sense what you think and feel,I also have to protect you."
    "Awww,I'm flattered."
    "It's not me,it's the fact that it comes with your blood."
    "O...K...I'm leaving.Be back in an hour or less." Hisana ranout of the room and left.Zero closed his eyes and once again went to the underworld.When he opened his eyes,he saw Kyokai.
    "Back so soon?" Said a voice from behind.Zero turned around and saw Hana.
    "Hana!...I came to ask you something."
    "Is it about what I did to you?"
    "I confirmed your existence."
    "Confirmed my existence?"
    "In the underworld."
    "But I'm not a demon."
    "Yet.But you are a demon to awaken."
    "And why did you do that?"
    "To confirm our marriage,of course."
    "Zero,there's something you must know."
    "What do you mean,Hana?"
    "You're the ruler of the underworld.You're the father of all demons."
    "What're you talking about,Hana?I'm human."
    "No...you're not.Your father,your real father,was a demon slayer who fell in love with an inmortal soul.That inmortal soul,your mother,was on his bingo list.Yet he decided not exterminate her.The society got mad at the fact he didn't fullfill his task and began hunting him down.He and your mother were running away from the hunter's society.Your mother came to Kyokai to request help.Kyokai gave her power far beyond then my own.One day,the hunters tracked them down.By then,you were born.You were a demon and your sister was a human.The hunters killed her and your father.Your mother sacrificed herself for you.She erased your memories and putted your demon powers into a deep slumber.When Watari offered you his demon power,he was really offering you to awaken your inner demon." Zero was in a state of shock. "B-B-But the car accident..." He babbled.
    "That was just like a decoy.Think of it this way,do you remember anything that happened before the accident?" Zero stood toughtful. "Not really."
    "So why are we supose to get married?"
    "Your mother's powers passed down to you...Zero,you are more powerful then me and it is anounced in profecies that does who passed down from strong and legitimate demon clans were meant in marriage"
    "But my family isn't legitimate.My father was human and my mother was a demon."
    "But she was the strongest and most powerful queen of the underworld and you were her prince.I was the third most powerful after you...and you may not recall it but...you agreed to marry me 1,000 years ago.So we already engaged.I just confirmed it in the book.I stained it with your blood,and it fell over mine that was already marked from a long time ago."
    "So I'm like the ruler of the underworld?"
    "Yes...you are."
    "And we are meant to marry each other?"
    "Yes,that's right."
    "I think I'm going to go now."
    Zero opened his eyes and was back in the human dimension.It was 8:52 pm and he went to shower.He couldn't stop thinking about what Hana told him.He felt weird now that he knew that he is no longer human...or rather never was human. "(Then why do I crave amberlife?)" At that moment,Watari apeared.
    "Huh?You know my real name?" Watari chuckled. "Oh,that Hana."
    "Watari,I'm not human."
    "Of course you're not.You're a demon to awaken.Your demon powers were put to a slumber by your mother."
    "Then why did you not tell me anything,damnit!?"
    "Because you didn't ask." Zero felt annoyed when he said that.
    "Then if I'm already demon...why do I crave amberlife?"
    "Because you are a demon to awaken,Sheesh."
    "And since you don't want to turn into a demon,you use amberlife to tame and/or control the demon powers so that they do not fully awaken."
    "Are you telling me that...I drink amberlife to avoid awakening as a demon when I already am?"
    "Oh no...Hisana."
    "Well,I see you have some thinking to do so...I'm going to report in Kyokai.By the way,how did you find the underworld?"
    "I met my fiancee."
    "Who,Hana? Yeah.Well goodbye." The demon then disapeared.Zero got out of the shower and wrapped himself in a towel.He walked down the hallway and into his room.He turned off the air conditioner and put his nightclothes on.Just then he heard his cell phone ring.
    "Zero,it's me,Hisana."
    "Hisana,were are you?"
    "I'm in the bakery,do you want me to buy you something,Zero?"
    "Um.No! Hisana...I just took a shower and I'm going to bed.So...you might as well go home."
    "Can't I spend the night over there?I don't want to go home."
    "Um...no.I mean...you don't have any clothes here."
    "Hmm...you're right.Well then I guess see you tomorrow."
    "Bye." Hisana hanged up and so did Zero.Zero dropped his phone next to his pillow and then he lied on his bed.He looked at the roof and tought of Hisana. "Engaged to marriage,huh?Hisana is really beautiful" Whispered Zero.He turned around and lied sideways.When he looked at his cell phone,the light was blinking.He recieved a text message from Hisana.It said:"Just tought I'd say goodnight 1 more time...well goodnight!!! XD" Zero smiled and then turned off his phone.He turned the other way and fell asleep.The next morning,he woked up with the sound of his alarm clock.For some reason he felt happy today.
    "I wonder...is something good going to happen?"Zero buttoned up his shirt. "Let me not get to worked up." He grabbed a toast,his keys and coat and locked the house.He started the engine and drove off on his motorcross to school.

    He was parking his motorcycle on the school parking lot when he got wacked in the back of his head by Hisana.
    "Ouch!" Zero complained as he rubbed the back of his head.
    "Ohayo,Zero!" She smiled.
    "Ohayo...Hisana" Said Zero.
    "I need you to do me a favor,Zero"
    "Yeah,what is it?"
    "I have to do something before I enter the classroom so I was wondering if you could cover for me."
    "If you had something to do before class began,why didn't you just did it before you got here?"
    "Because I forgot and I remembered it a few minutes ago.Are you gonna help me or not?"
    "Well,It's not like I have anything better to do so...I guess I will."
    "Ooh,thank you.Thank you.Thank you." Hisana hugged him and then ran off.Zero sighed.He grabbed his backpack and walked inside school campus.

    When he entered the classroom,Mishiro ran to him.
    "Zero-kun...I...I have something to tell you.No! better yet confess to you." Zero looked at Mishiro with his tired looking eyes.
    "I...I've had a crush on you for a long time...and I was wondering if...if you felt the same way."
    "No,Mishiro,I do not feel the same way." He said flatly.Some girls were sitting in the center of the room talking to each other.They heard what Mishiro asked Zero. "Well,Zero-kun could say things that do not purposely make people hate him." They whispered to each other.Zero heard them and he couldn't care less what they tought.He left Mishiro standing and walked pass her to his seat.
    "Okay,everyone,class has begun.Zero welcome back.Taisuke fix your tie and go to your seat and Mishiro,stop standing there and take a seat." Said the profesor randomly. "Today we have a new student joining us.Please come in." Trough the door,came a girl with long black hair,beautiful eyes and a nicely done body.All the boys,except Zero,gaped at her. "Her name is Hana and she will be with us,hopefuly,for the rest of our time being here." Zero looked at her.He still hadn't sat down. "(Hana?!)"
    "Oh! Zero-kun!" Hana waved happily. "Long time no see!" She ran towards him and jumped on him and hugged him.Zero caught her and hugged her as well sorta confused.Meanwhile,Mishiro was dying of jelousy.
    "Now that's what I call,a spoiled welcome.Hana,seems your luck is getting better,we have no available seat except next to Mr.Kiryuu here so take a seat.By the way,mr.Kiryuu,were's Hisana?"
    "I don't know,pro." Hana sat next to Zero just when Hisana came into the classroom. "Oh,miss Kuchiki,welcome.Please take a seat." Hisana walked up the classroom stairs and saw someone sitting on her spot.
    "Excuse me,who are you?"
    "I'm Hana,nice to meet you um..."
    "Hana?! Zero she's..."
    "Yes,she is.Now please,shut up and seat down." Said Zero.

    "Ok,class.Today I'll be making a small excercise with you guys.You all know that we've been working lately with chemistry so I tought of a fun way to interact with others.I'll be making some seat arrangement.Rest assured...you will all be changed temporarly."
    "For how long?" Asked a girl.
    "For as long as I damn want." Mishiro got excited with the idea. "(I hope I get paired with Zero-kun)"
    "Ok,class.First up,Hana,Hisana,and Zero please come forward." Hisana stood up fallowed by Hana. "(Such a drag.)" Tought Zero .Zero stood up and fallowed Hana.They stood infronof the class. "Ok,here's a dynamic of what I'm going to be doing.Hisana and Zero have known each other for three days meanwhile he and Hana don't know each other..."
    "Actually,profesor,I've known Zero ever since he was born..." Zero looked at her.Mishiro felt disgused. "(Show off!)"
    "Well in that case...I guess I'll have to= split you three."
    "Oh,no,no!I don't know what I'd do if I were to be separated from Zero." Said Hana hugging Zero.
    "Zero,what relations do you have with Hana?" Zero didn't know what to say but Hana stood infront of him.
    "I'm his girlfriend." Hisana,Mishiro,Hio,the prtofesor and the entire class were in shock.
    "Um...profesor,do you excuse us for a minute?" Asked Zero.
    "...I don't know...I guess so." Zero pulled Hana out to the hallways.

    "How dare you say that,Hana?!"
    "But it's true."
    "Yes,but this is my world.Things around here don't go as the underwold."
    "Then you should tell me the rules,Zero."
    "Okay,in this dimension,you can not talk about our secret engagement.Do not hug me,kiss me or act as if you knew me."
    "That's fine...Hey,Zero...who's Hanamisa.Is hse your source of amberlife?"
    "...yes,she was.Now that I know that there's no need for amberlife I might as well stop it...Umm.Hana,what're you doing here?"
    "Me? I'm with you,of course."
    "But why?"
    "I figured since you already know about our engagemnet,I might as well come join you and besides,humans are so interesting."
    "...just stay out of trouble,okay?"
    "Okay.Zero...may I ask you something?"
    "Yeah.Sure.What is it,Hana?"
    "Do you still love me?"
    "...why do you ask?"
    "Because 1,000 years ago you agreed marriage with me.Since your memories were erased,I just wondered if the memory of our engagement had been as well erased."
    "I don't know,Hana.Honestly,I just met you and I just found out you were my fiancee..." Hisana came out of the classroom.
    "Ah! Hisana." Said Zero. "This is Hana,the ruler of the underworld."
    "The ruler of the underworld?"
    "Yes and guess what."
    "I'm the ruler of the underworld as well."
    "You are?"
    "Turns out,I am already a demon.I am actually 1,000 years old and am the most powerful demon alive."
    "...what?...I am very comfused right now."
    "No,it's really simple once you hear the entire story." Said Zero quickly. "And Hana and I are engaged to marriage!!" When Zero said that Hisana's heart felt tighten.Zero felt it and did not know how to react. "Hisana,are you alright?Your heart tighten."
    "Y-Yes,I'm fine." Zero knew she was lying.The bell rang and it was lucnh time.Mishiro came out of the classroom with Hio over to Hana. "Hana-san!Hana-san! Come with us.We'll show you around!" Said Mishiro.
    "Um...ok,I guess so." Hana,Mishiro and Hio then walked away.Hisana looked at Zero with a smile but her eyes showed as if she wanted to cry.Zero remembered what he told Hisana:"(You smile when you want to cry.)".Hisana then began to walk away.