• It seems as if it rains everyday in my life. But rain was good, because nobody would see my tears. Somehow, my world is not black, but an endless grey. There were no stars, but I believe they are out there, hidden behind those clouds.

    There was nobody to hold the umbrella for me, nobody to stop the rain. I was this girl on a field; with nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. My heart had long stopped beating – to me it’s only an unwanted organ which stores only pain. Everything was meaningless, without an aim, without a purpose.

    Then he came.

    He lifted me out of my black hole, a force so strong not even the black hole could repel. Then he took the time to heal me; slowly, I regained consciousness to the world. It was between our long talks and endless laughs that I fell in love. Suddenly, there was colour, there was brilliancy. He was the sun, the water, the air – everything that I needed. I wasn’t alone anymore.

    I was content with just him, nothing more. For the first time in a very long time, my heart restarted. My happiness was slowly eating away the pain, and I was so happy that I could explode like fireworks.

    He told me something that made my life worth a while. I felt his breath tickle my ear, then his lips. It wasn’t “I love you”, but it means so much more: “I will catch you when you fall.”

    All too soon, he was taken away from me. He never meant to leave me, and I never meant to let go. Now my world is pitch black, and nothing else mattered anymore. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that one day, I will join him in the safe place called Heaven, where he will be waiting to catch me in his arms.