• As they were about to kiss again, a knock came through the front door. Shionna looked fearfully at the door. "Where should I go?" She whispered.

    Derrick took her hand and led her to a nearby empty closet. "Stay here and keep quiet," he whispered harshly.

    "Okay," she mouthed, sliding deeper into the back of the closet.

    Derrick looked at the closet before walking to the front door and opening it. To his surprise, Ignacio stood there. He was five-eight with gray hair and eyes. He was close to fifty now, but hadn't lost his wickedness. His black t-shirt was faded and stained with blood while his black jeans were ripped and worn from use. On his feet were black steel-toe boots that had dried blood and mud. "Mason," Ignacio said in greeting, stepping into the room.

    "Ignacio, what brings you here?" Derrick said, staying close behind him.

    "I have a proposition for you." He said.

    "It's what?" Derrick pressed, hoping to get Ignacio out before he discovered Shionna.

    "It has a little history behind it first," Ignacio said, sitting down at the table.

    "Okay, shoot." Derrick said, sitting across from Ignacio with his back to the door that hid Shionna.

    "Twenty-three years ago, I discovered where the Fire Wolf Demon clan had been in hiding. I had also heard that the lord and his mate had given birth to child. I formulated a plan to rid the world of the barbaric demons.

    "I went to the place and stole the little demon girl. I was about to kill her when her demon father found us and risked his life to save hers; you know how love makes people do stupid things. I slaughtered him, his mate and all the demons I could find, but I didn't find that baby again.

    "I found out that Atsume had taken the baby and put her in hiding with her husband. It took me almost twenty years to find them, but I did. I went after them, found only Atsume and Luke, so I tortured them for information. They said nothing, so I killed them." Ignacio laughed deeply.

    "I know," he added, "that she is still alive, so I am on a mission to find her and slaughter the last of the Fire Wolf Demon Clan. Care to join me?"

    Derrick looked at the closet for a slight moment before looking back at Ignacio. "I think I am needed here to vanquish demons here, but I'll look around here and report if I hear anything," he stood and led Ignacio to the door.

    "Are you training?" Ignacio noted the books and weapons lying about. "Want a sparing partner for a while?"

    "No," said Derrick flatly, "I was planning on finding a demon to fight and kill for training purposes."

    "If that's what you want," He said, standing and walking to the door. "If you change your mind, Mason, give me a call." He walked out the door. Derrick locked it as soon as Ignacio's blood red Mustang took off.

    Derrick raced back to the closet and opened the door.

    Shionna was crumpled onto the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her knees were tight against her chest, and her arms held her legs there.

    Derrick fell to his knees in front of her and reached out to her. "Shionna?" He called softly.

    She looked up at him, tears still evident in her eyes. "He did-did that?" Her sobs racked her chest. Soon, she stood and raced to the bathroom and retched into the toilet, the vision of her adopted parents’ butchered bodies returning.

    Derrick raced after her, hoping to comfort his true love. "Shionna?" He questioned through the door.

    He listened until he heard the toilet flush and water running. He opened the door and found Shionna searching for something in the cupboard. "If you need a toothbrush," he said, pulling out an unopened one and handed it to her.

    She smiled weakly and took the toothbrush and filled it with toothpaste that lay on the counter. She brushed her teeth furiously. Once she was finished, she rinsed out her mouth and placed the toothbrush with his. "I'm sorry," she said weakly, "that I am so weak. It's just that I couldn't believe that he's such a monster!" She threw herself into his arms, crying deeply.

    "It's okay," Derrick said, hugging her tightly. "What you heard was disgusting."

    Shionna kept crying as he began to lightly rock her while they were both standing.

    Shionna pushed him away and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. "He must pay," she said angrily, her black eyes turning fire red.

    "I agree," Derrick said, "Atsume didn't deserve to die like that."

    "But how," she said, shaking her head to force her eyes to change back.

    "I'll call him and set him up," Derrick said, "you'll wait and we'll surprise him."

    "Okay, but I don't know how to fight." She said.

    "Don't worry, it’s in your blood and instincts. Just do what they tell you and we'll get all the revenge we both need." Derrick said, smiling wickedly. "But first, I'll need to get in my fighting clothes and I'll loan you some."

    "Fighting clothes?" She asked.

    "You'll see," grinned Derrick.