• Key stared at the two men in the car with her, unsure of how she should be feeling.

    Driving was Luka, seven feet tall and bony, his arms far too long and his mouth far too wide. He was the inventor of the insane grin, his wide mouth stuffed with razor sharp teeth. His black eyes were hidden behind oversized shades and his white hair was loose around his shoulders, pointed ears knifing through his hair over his head.

    In the back was Criss-Cross, who very much resembled a zombie. His skin was sickly green, covered in stitches, and he radiated the smell of decaying leaves and soil. One eye was missing, covered by ratty bandages, and his remaining eye was bloodshot and wide, making him look startled. Dirty black hair hung in his face and to his shoulders.

    Key herself was a strange looking one, her shocking blue and violet hair in a bizarre half mohawk and her skin a sort of pinkish colour. Her narrow, red eyes were set under eyebrows that looked permanently pissed off. And, like the other two, she was very skinny.

    "So. Luka. Where exactly are we going?" She asked, kicking the side of the man's seat. Luka didn't so much as flinch.

    "Well, Miss Impatient, we are going to the Borderland." He said in his slow, slithery voice that sent chills down Key's spine. Her eyes widened and she sat up, her platform-booted foot still in Luka's lap.

    "The Borderland?! Are you mad?! It's dangerous!!" She squawked. She'd heard stories about the Borderland, and none of them were good. "Why are we going there?!"

    "To destroy it, of course." Criss-Cross said, speaking for the first time since Key met him. Three days ago. His voice sounded like dry leaves, crackly and cold. Key jumped slightly, startled.

    "Destroy the Borderlands?! Why? And how?" She demanded. Luka glanced at Criss-Cross, and the two shrugged.

    "Not sure how yet. The why, however, is much easier." Luka said flatly. "The Borderlands keeps the Good and the Evil from mixing. Destroying the Borderland would cause them to mingle."

    "Wh-what happens if they mingle?" Key stammered. Luka grinned his crazy grin.

    "Complete and utter bedlam."