• Oh, My Prince!

    Day 2 – Tiresome Prince

    The weather is at its best, perfect with clear skies and gentle breeze. A new day starts for Yuki and many other people. She is now living inside the castle under the queen’s order.


    My duties as that guy’s personal maid, officially starts today, okaa-san. I’ll work hard! Yuki said to herself, she is now on her way to the prince’s room when suddenly a tall, pretty, blonde girl came out of nowhere,”Good morning! I’m Souma Yuiko! Nice to meet you! Hehehehe!”
    A little taken aback, Yuki kept quiet then said,“Uhh..hi! nice to meet you too. Name’s Yuki.” The girl has long, blonde, flowing hair, and she seems the type of person who is..a little strange.
    “Umm..” Yuki said, a little bit nervous and still surprised at the girl, “I should go now, I have work to do..” Yuki said politely with a smile
    “Oh yeah..” The blonde girl said, “Yeah, me too. I should get to work now. Can I talk to you later?”
    “Sure, why not?”
    Yuki then continued to the prince’s room, and the blonde girl went the other way. Yuki opened the door carefully and saw that the prince is still sleeping, and the room’s so dark for the curtains are all down. This place looks dead! said Yuki to herself, surprised at how the room looks like. There’s piles of clothes on the floor, there’s also books scattered on the floor. “This place looks really clean yesterday! How come this place looks like a dump after 1 day?!” Yuki whispered, a little angry.
    “This just shows how much this guy is spoiled! Sigh..” but she’s got no choice but to clean the whole place, for she is the one in charge of cleaning the prince’s room, and the prince’s well-being.


    Yuki opened up all the curtains to let the sun shine in. After doing so, she approached the prince who is still asleep.
    “Wake up! Wake up, you-!”Yuki said shaking the prince until he’s awake. “What now?..don’t disturb my sleep you low-life..” Seiran growled, glaring atYuki .Uhh.. such killing intent..
    “D-don’t disturb, you say. H-hello?!! It’s already morning! Please, get up now and fix yourself or you’ll be late for breakfast!” Yuki said shouting at the prince. Seiran finally got up, scratched his head, sat and looked at Yuki.
    “How dare you raise your voice in front of me?! Moreover, why are you ordering me around?!” Seiran said, shouting back to her, I’m the one who’s givin’orders here.””she answered back, “W-well, I just did.. now, please, get your heavy behind and start fixing yourself! Your parents are already at the dining room!”
    “Stop shouting at me, will ya?! I’d really like to hang you, be thankful I can’t” Seiran said, yawning
    “I wouldn’t be shouting at you if you just follow what I’m telling you and eat breakfast with your parents!”

    ..30 mins later..

    “I can’t believe it took us 30 mins just to have you fixed!” mumbled Yuki with a frown
    “Whatever, it’s none of your business.” said Seiran with a disgusted look. They now arrived at the dining room, after 30 gruelling minutes. The dining room is a rather big place to eat. There’s a big chandelier with diamonds dangling, a beautiful view of a green scenery just outside the window. There are also many ladies-in-waiting and other servants lined up at one side, all neatly dressed.
    “Good morning, Your Highness, Your Majesty. I am so sorry we were late.” greeted Yuki, bowing politely. Seiran then sat with his parents. The king sits in the middle, the queen at the right and the prince sits at the left side, there is one sit next to Seiran that is unoccupied and there sits the first prince. Chefs served them with delicious meals, all newly cooked, complete with minstrels playing such calm music with their violins.


    After eating, Seiran went out to the gardens. The palace’s garden has many different varieties of plants and flowers and each is being taken care of by gardeners selected by the queen herself.
    “Oi, ya better go back to my room and clean it!” ordered the prince, he repeated it so many times, only noticing that Yuki is just spacing out and not listening to Seiran.
    “Oi! Are you listening?!”
    Yuki, startled, faced Seiran with a confused look.
    “I said ya better go to my room, and clean it! Change the curtains, and also the bed sheets, water the plants, dust the furniture and clean the floor!”