• * It was just a normal spring day and we only had another hour or so before leaving fo rthe main building. Well, we're really bored and we were also surrounded by a bunch of mindless noise. As a last discussion about anything, our teacher, who is always too nice, decides to let us talk about absolutely nothing as long as it has something to do with the past year. Because I've learned that football players usually have the biggest mouths, our "class representative," Dylan, decides to start off the conversation.

    Dylan: Well, it's a real shame. We could've won this year.
    You see, our Global Studies teacher has a contest between his four classes and his first period class always won. They always got the best of everything.

    Me: Why would we win? We're losers.

    Dylan: Well, if somebody hadn't kept talking back at me!
    I seem to offend him so much and so often, but it makes other people laugh, so I don't really care.

    Me: It's not all my fault. In truth, most of the fault is with you and Patrick with his stupid questions. Also, you always become defensive against the rest of us, especially those who are right.

    Dylan: I am not defensive.

    Me: Your singing sucks, too.
    They always try to sing just about everything, from our school's alma mater to "Lovin' You." It makes me sick.

    Kit: Dylan, just stop arguing. It's not that hard.
    Kit wants to become some sort of doctor and is usually much more level-headed than the rest of us.

    Jimmy: I voted for McCain!

    About half of us: SHUT UP JAMES!!!!
    I call him a piece of sausage because if you change James to Jimmy, you get the sausage brand ('cause he's not cool enough to be named after the rebel without a cause).

    Charlotte: I just don't understand why he still hasn't learned.

    Me: I should've said this long ago: You've only just discovered his existence. I've been stuck with him for now FIVE YEARS! If you knew, then you can complain.

    Jimmy: Oh come on, dawg!

    Me: You shouldn't even be talking right now! You're not part of this conversation!
    He tries to be "gangsta" and fails.

    Aalayah: Yeah, James, we're not even talking to you.

    Kit: We weren't talking to you either.

    Daniela: What were we supposed to be talking about?

    Patrick: Why don't we talk about your project?

    Daniela: What project?
    She can be a bit clueless sometimes.

    Patrick: That PowerPoint for the Victorian Era that we had to do. It was...interesting.

    Dylan: It was disgusting!

    Me: Not as disgusting as when I explained why an upside-down triangle symbolizes woman.

    Dylan: Well, that was disgusting, too.

    Me: So everything that has something to do with sex is disgusting.

    Dylan: Yeah, it is disgusting.

    Me: Even though we have to learn it during our high school career. Do you know how messed up your mindset is?

    Dylan: You know what? ...Shut up!
    He was never any good at winning arguments, so he thinks this is a viable way out.

    Me: While that project was interesting, I advise against talking about that again. It made all of society look like a farce.

    Daniela: I guess so.

    Guy: I think that the projects were very tedious. But I did like that one with Granny Georgine.

    Cameron (in his Granny Brit accent): Oh how wonderful! I'm well liked even though you Thomas messed up our pudding!

    Tommy: I didn't mess up the pudding!

    Cameron: Yes you did!
    They live in the same neighborhood and did many movies about nothing. It's actually hilarious. They said they posted them on YouTube, but I never checked.

    Jimmy: I wanna play my guitar.

    Me: No one cares.

    Tommy: You tell 'em!
    He does that when I put the sausage down...which never works.

    Tabby: Why don't we talk about something else?

    Lauren: Like what?

    Becca: What about all of the annoying people in our class?

    Kit: I think we've already established that part.

    Tiffany: Why don't we talk about how our hubris...runs...deep.

    Me: Why does every conversation have to have Mr. Tamayo? Sure, most of us have been stuck with him, but he doesn't have to be in everything we ever talk about.

    Guy: Well I think that Mr. Tamayo is a very influential figure.

    Tiffany: He also called you by your French name.

    Guy: But he wasn't that bad.

    Patrick: He always puts us down.

    Me: Like Coach Cate? He does the same thing except with you and Dylan.

    Patrick: Does not.

    Me: You're also the reason why we never won.

    Kit: Maybe we should do this later.

    Dylan: Why?

    Kit: The bell's about to ring.
    Don't worry...or do. I don't care. The conversation will resume if anyone actually wants it to continue.