• The window

    Jane lived in a cabin on top of a hill.Below the cabin was a cemetery.But nothing ever happened.And nothing will happen.She thought.But she was wrong. twisted

    One night when Jane was going to bed she saw a dark figure in the window.She thought she was imagining it.But when she looked again there it was.She got scared. sad So she tried to fall asleep.But then she woke up 5 minutes later.It was still there.She got scared.She wanted to escape but the door was right next to the window.She thought that the creature might see her.She found herself staring out the window. eek The figure came closer.Soon she saw it was a human.It came threw the window she screamed. gonk Soon her brothers came in.Then the creature dug his teeth in her throat and snapped her neck.There was blood dripping from the creature's mouth.Soon the brothers got out there guns but it was to late.The creature ran off. mad The next day Jane saw the creature again.She was scared that she might not survive it this time.She screamed then her brothers came in and shot it in the leg.The next day they talked to the church of the cemetery.They looked at some bodies.Then one of them looked exactly like the creature and in it's leg was a bullet.They burned the body up and separated the ashes.They people of the church said that the person could be a maniac thinking he was a vampire.But no one knew for sure. burning_eyes burning_eyes