• Capter one-part one(note-theres going to be five part in each chapter)

    ray-sally are you ready to go yet?were leaveing soon stressed . scream HURRYYYY UP!!!!!!

    sally-stop yelling im comeing down the stairs now. ninja wheres ben?

    ray-his in the CAR already stare like were we should be.

    *sally sticks her tounge out at ray and walks past him to the car*

    sally-*truns around*hey ray wats kepping you soooooooooooooo long xp rofl

    ray- stressed *mumbles to him self*

    *ray and sally joined ben in the car and they took off to pick up there other friends*

    ben-so who we picking up first?

    ray-jess & matt

    sally-than were going to amys house and shes going to fellow us in her car with jenn,chris and tim

    (note-jess is a guy and chris is a girl and rays a guy)

    ben-sooo did you guys hear about the midnight wolf???

    sally-just rumors

    ray- surprised dont tell me you believe that theres a ghost wolf wondering in the woods looking for somthing do you ben?

    ben- blaugh lol no thats just a bunch of crap.ghost arnt real

    sally-*in a creepy voice*or are they*starts to gigle* 4laugh

    ben-lol blaugh

    ray-lol xd

    *they get to jess's house*

    ray-hey guys u's ready to go?

    jess and matt-yah*they walk to the car together*

    sally-awwwwwwwwww xd 4laugh heart u's are the cutes gay couple ever

    jess-lol thanks redface

    matt-jess are you blushing lol


    ben-off to amys now

    sally-can we stop by KFC im hungry redface

    matt-sounds good

    ray-we have to hurry and get to the camp before night*growl*.........ok maby a fast bite

    jess-im in for food

    matt,ray,sally and ben stare -we all know your up for food lol

    jess-*blushes again* redface

    sally-lol 4laugh

    matt-aww*kisses him on the cheek*

    ray-now you really made him blush lol rofl

    *they go to KFC and get food*

    ray-mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love there food

    sally-yah i know this is my fav place to eat

    matt-so ben wats the story about the midnight wolf?

    jess-yah you never told the rest of it

    ben-oh yah a forgot lol blaugh . stare well they say that the midnight wolf comes out each night at midnight in the wolf village woods.to look for the one that shot him and left him there to die a slow a painful death twisted

    sally-*gulp* sweatdrop

    ray-sounds creepy sweatdrop

    jess-whos the one that killed the wolf confused

    ben-the wolf never sew who did it but it swore to get revenge and any human that it meets in the woods

    jess-*starts to hold matts arm tight* eek

    sally-ok everone done eating?


    ray-im done

    ben-just got done

    *jess is still eating*

    sally- confused stare i dont get it jess.you eat everthing that you can get you hands on but you still look good

    jess- biggrin thats because i lose the wieght running around the bases

    ben-yep jess is the star player on the baseball team.remember sally

    matt-i tell him that every day at school lol

    ray-its getting late we need to get the girls and matt.sally did you call them and told them were going to be late?

    sally-yep they said its cool.chris was still getting ready

    ray-so lets head out*graps keys*mind if a drive ben?

    ben-go right a head

    jess- eek xp great rays going to kill us before we get there

    sally,matt and ben-lol rofl

    ray-funny very funny stare stare

    End of part one