• Becky stood up and buttoned up her night gown and looked at Hikaru and had a little frown. She came to his bed and brushed through his hair and smiled a little..."Well its been nice knowing ya Hikaru..." she then stood up and walked to the kitchen and made fried rice the way he liked it.. When he woke up he smelled rice and whispered to himself.."Ugg..Becky are you making rice?" when he walked over Becky was there cooking for him and she smiled walking over. "Hey rice the way you like it.." "T..tt..thanks.." he said smiling a little "So did you ss..pit in it?" he asked.. "Yes I did.." she said giggling. "oh..uum..." he whispered... It was quiet there and time was going quickly..It was as if they didn't really care what would happen in their life..."Hurry up slow-poke your ship is gonna leave soon..." Becky said for each word getting quite and more quiet..."I don't want to.." Hikaru said.. "But didn't you want to go home?" she asked. "Yeah but, can we go somewhere first?" he replied while asking. "Sure you name it we go there," Becky replied.

    They were walking toward the promise fountain. Where promises are made and kept if not then you will never have a true love ever again..."Why are we here Hikaru?" Becky asked. "Well I wanna tell you something" he said,"well I was wondering if we could make a promise here..." "Sure," said Becky,"Whats the so called serious promise?" "Well it might seem stupid but..when I get a little older..ww...ww...ill you marry me?" Becky was a little shocked and wondered what to say except this,"Well tell me.. how old are you?" "Well.. I am 13.. I just need a few more years..please wait for me!" he said to her.. "I'm fifteen so i just need 6 more years so ill marry him when I'm 21...My parents are gone for Europe for 10 years so maybe yeah..If I love him that much..."Becky thought in her head.."Yeah...I'll wait for you Hikaru..I promise... " Becky then kissed his forehead and then whispered to his ear,"When you're older I'll give you more than that...I promise.." She then swore her picky and his pinky. The man that knocked on her door was behind them said to Hikaru,"It's time to go Hikaru. Thank you Mi'lady for taking care of him for these long weeks.." "You're welcome," Becky replied. As Hikaru walked away the wind flowed through her hair and she smiled wondering what would happen in these past years..

    Those years pasted so fast. Joney was married to a girl name Victoria. A girl he loved while running his father world wide company. As for Becky she has changed a bit..:User Image "I wonder how you're doing Hikaru," she said quitely..."Its kinda time for you to come." looking at her watch. As she stared at the waves someone put their hand around her eyes and whispered,"Hello there..buso" She smiled and said,"Hikaru!" and when she turned around he looked really different..:User Image"Hey darling..how've you been?" she asked nicely. "You're to eager,"Hikaru whispered. "No I'm not," she said quietly.. "Well then I'll do it the natural way.." Hikaru said. He bend down and asked,"Will you marry me Becky?" "Hm..maybe.." she replied. "So that didnt make you say yes eh?" he asked. He then picked her up in the sky and said I love you Becky and I want to share my life with you forever. "Now will you marry me?" Becky blushed a little and whispered,"Yes I do and will..." then she kissed him and twas that is how the ending has ended..

    The Final Ending..