• Corrine sat down on the edge of the dock and sighed, staring memorizingly into the water. She was alone at the lake, it was the end of her senior year and the teacher's decided to let them, the seniors stay at the lake by themselves. The senior class trip was in three days, so was her birthday. She released a heavy sigh and broke her gaze from the rippling water. Abruptly, she was forced into the water, it took her a few moments to realize she was sinking, but when she did, she forced herself to swim back to the surface. When she broke through the surface she was met with warm, fresh air and the laughing of all her peers. Her faced flushed as she looked for the culprit that had embarressed her only to find a boy with eyes like ice, pinkish skin that looked godly in the sunlight, long dark aburn hair that swept over one eye looking like a firey mane in the sun's rays. "What the hell?!" she questioned furious as she climbed out of the water and onto the dock, shivering. The boy said nothing, he only stared at the drenched girl. She sighed, irritated, pushed past him and made her way to her room.
    Walking down a long corridor, she turned a corner and forced her room door open, throwing off her wet clothes rummaging through her suitcase for some dry clothes. There was a knock at the door and before she could pull on any clothes the door creaked open and in stepped Ice Boy. He tossed his bags on the bed he deemed his and turned to her staring down upon her partially naked body. Slowly she slipped on a shirt over her head and a pair of jeans over her legs. The boy continued to stare even while she was hanging up her wet clothes, when she emerged from the bathroom he was on her bed his eyes clothes. "Get off." she told him, he opened one eye and ignored her. "Get the hell off my bed!" she shoved him so he grabbed her arm and together they toppled off the bed and onto the floor. She heard him chuckle actually it was more like smirking then chuckling. Corrine rolled off him "Clumsy." he muttered now laughing "a**!" she growled turning on her heel and storming out. Her pace slowled and she tucked some of her long black damp hair behind her ear. "Yo Cori!" she turned and found Elise, her best friend running after her. "I heard you share a room with Ashton!" she said her eyes dancing. "Oh...so thats the p***k's name." she sighed, looked up and he was behind them, towering over them "Ice boy." she muttered. Ashton chuckled "Ice boy." he smirked then shook his head, raising his right hand and patted Corrine's head "Firestar." he said reffering to her long red bang. "Ice boy." she grumbled and stormed off again. She wanted to know why he had the nerve to call her that, she was fuming! But once she made it to the lake, all her problems seemed to vanish in a puff of smoke. Looking down at the lake she remembered just how beautiful it was, the water sparkiling with the setting sun's reflection placed neatly upon the surface. The sky was full of orange and red, compliments of the sun. Corrine sighed as she sat down on the edge of the dock, her feet dangling off the edge and lightly grazing the water. "Corrine..." startled, she plunged head-first into the water.