• .:~Chapter 4~:.
    Kerri awoke feeling a little scrambled. She was on a bed, but it wasn't the bed in her room, not even the bed from the hotel room. What had happened? She thought back.
    OH YEAH! Krad broke free from my attack and the force sent me flying... But then how'd I get here, and where is here
    Just then Daisuke looked up from his couch.
    "Oh good. You're awake."
    "You were on the couch all night? I would have been fine on it, you didn't need to give me your bed."
    "You needed it."
    "You're to nice." She climbed the ladder out of bed. "well I'd better get going."
    "Why don't you stay for breakfast? Towa already stared to cook for you as well."
    "Since you insist. Hey where's Emmi?"
    Downstairs Emmi was hovering near Towa.
    "Emmi there you are!"
    "Oh so she's yours? She's very sweet!"
    "You can see her?"
    "Yep! I'm glad to know you're feeling better"
    Kerri sighed. Emmi was over by her in a second.
    "It's good to see you're better Kerri!"
    "Emmi. Character change."
    "Beginning, Climax, End!"
    A fountain pen appeared behind Kerri's ear and she instantly supplied a pencil, paper and a clipboard out of her bag and then was right off to work writing a short story. She was finished for the time being just before Towa was finished with breakfast. It was 16 pages front and back. Daisuke started to look over it.
    "It's not about Dark." Kerri quickly said in a stuck up manner.
    "This character is one of Kerri's favorites! She writes about him all the time!" Suddenly Kerri's facade dissolved.
    "He was born with the ability to drain the life force and aura pf those around him. But he doesn't want the ability."
    Daisuke half-way finished reading it.
    "It's really good."
    "It's not finished!" Kerri said swiping it out of his hands. Almost one cue Towa brought out breakfast. They ate and then Kerri was off.
    Kerri had been sight-seeing around town again. That was when she came upon Daisuke's school. He was there watching some team practice. Her mouth dropped open and her arm went straight up to when it was pointing at Daisuke.
    "NO WAY! THIS CANNOT BE PURE COINCIDENCE!" Daisuke looked up from his drawing.
    "Oh it's you." A girl with short red-brown hair looked up.
    "You know her."
    "Yeah Riku. She and I have, bumped into each other a lot. Literally the first time." Kerri Walked over to Riku and extended a hand.
    "Kerri White." Riku took the hand.
    "Riku Harada."
    Kerri yawned.
    "I need to stretch my muscles. Race me?"
    "You're on."
    They were at the starting line.
    "Ready, GO!"
    Riku and Kerri looked even at the beginning, but then Kerri reached her spurt. She caught up and passed Riku easily, winning by a meter.
    "That was fun."
    "Yeah we need to do it again sometime." Kerri turned around, waved, and then she was off.
    .:~End Chapter 4~:.
    .:~Chapter 5~:.
    "Daisuke and I have become the poles of magnets. I think that SOME HOW, THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE CONTROLLING OUR EVERY MOVEMENTS! Our is that to over the top Emmi?"
    "I think it would make an interesting story."
    That's when she heard it calling,
    "Here too! My own heart, UNLOCK!"
    She ran into a clearing where a few hundred X-Eggs floated.
    "Aaaaaah! SOMEONE HELP ME!"
    Over at the fields everyone heard it. Daisuke being the first to recongize the voice as Kerri's got up.
    "I'll go check it out."
    when he reached the clearing He saw Prime standing there holding out her pen. It looked like something was hitting it and bouncing off.
    "Kerri! Wha-"
    "Daisuke! Think of you dreams really hard and make it sure that they'll stay safe! Then you'll be able to see."
    He closed his eyes and did was told and after a few seconds he opened up his eyes to see that Prime's pen was being bombarded by black eggs with "X"'s on them.
    "NO time! Just help!"
    Daisuke nodded then pulled a picture out of his back pocket. He looked at it for a second and then her transformed into Dark.
    "If you can don't destroy them. I'll explain later. Just hold them off."
    He pulled out a feather and help it up. The next second all the eggs were on the ground.
    She swung the pen and a large pool of ink engulfed the eggs. When it subsided the black eggs were now white.
    "Done. That was exhausting." And Kerri dispelled, then proceeded to say. "X-eggs, are the hearts egg corrupted by doubt. How they got here in such large numbers I don't know. But I have a feeling it has to do with a company back home."
    .:~End Chapter 5~:.