• Dear diary,
    Today was like any other day. Kids picked on me kids threw food at me. Nice. Right? Well, at least I saw him today. He makes me feel complete. His name is Kota. Kota Manning. Hes 5'3, Black-haired cutie with blue eyes. But why would a popular, hot gut talk to me? A helpless, freaky girl? Luckily, My best friend, Sakura, canhelp me though this. Although she doesnt see why I like Kota Really? He's a mysterious guy. He moved here like 4 months ago. No one knows him. Yet, he popular? Why? I dont care. As long he's in my life, Im fine. Sakura likes Dakota. Kota's best friend/brother. (Yes, he has one! (=]
    Sakura is like in love with him. Yet, the weird part, he was here before Kota was. Well, Dakota has redish hair with green eyes, 5'4, and he's a football player. Which is great for Sakura. She loves football players. Sakura is a red head, blue-eyed, 5'0, acts preppy, but is totally like one of those girly emos. She's awesome, but she is very emotional. Very. Me? You wanna hear my story? Well okay. Im a brunette, hazel-eyed, 5'0, very-
    My brother came dashing into my room.
    I growled.
    "You little booger!!!" I screamed.
    He chuckled sinsterly.
    "MOM!!" I called.
    "Kevin! Leave your sister alone!"
    I grabbed my handle and slammed the door. I continued from where i left off.
    -Very weird (Not so much, when you get to know me)
    Lemme tell you something. This family, isnt mine. You say, "What?" yea. I know. My real parnets- Wait. I have no clue. My past is really a blur. I dont know anything. (Much) The last thing I remember is waking up next this family. They even said, "We're your foster family, nice to meet ya Mikayla Longroad." If that is my real name. Truthfully, I dont know anything anymore. It's like having a body without a brain. The same brain that knows about your life. Okay. Do you wanna just hear my story? Fine, Here it goes. I hope you'll enjoy it! (n.n)

    Sowy, For leaving you there!! (: I have to go! Dx!