• My heart... I never knew it could ache this much. It hurts. It hurts without you there...


    Running. There is nothing else in my mind. The only thing I think about is getting there. Faster, faster than the wind. Quicker than my inhuman reflexes. I need to hurry and get there before it becomes too late. Before they find me.

    You said in the email you'd wait for me. But for safety procautions, to make sure it is me and not a trap, I will dance for you. I will dance the dance that I was saving up for you. The one I would not show you no matter how hard you begged.
    It is but a miracle that I have the chance once more to do it. I thought for sure that I would never hear your begging again. That all my hesistations would become my regret of time wasted... But you have given me another chance.

    My feet pound against the moist earth and my arms are scratched by the passing branches. My nightdress is being ruined beyond lieing. I have no idea how I shall ever explain this to the great Mother of us all how I managed to ruin my dress so badly. But it does not matter to me.
    I would've slain a thousand beasts for you. I would've stopped my feastings entirely. I would've danced across the stars.

    Someone once asked me- Was this love? But I answered nay. But I realize now that this is indeed love. I will not reveal that to you tonight though. As long as I get to see you shall be good enough for me. There is no need to place any more pressure upon your slender shoulders...

    The lake, our place, is up ahead of me. I can smell the cool air and chilled waters up ahead. Yet there is this feeling inside of me. It must indeed be anxiety.. mustn't it?