• ~Chapter 1~

    Ever wonder if there were venemous creatures lurking around everydark corner? Ever stop to think if deah didnt apply to some of us because we were already dead? Did it ever occur to you that someone could approach you and the next second you could be completely different from the way you were befor e they came? Well, i didnt think about those things either, untill it happened to me Isabella Ann Marson. I had always read stories of vampires and ghosts and all kinds of things, but being turned into one was the worst possible thing that could ever happen to anyone....ANYONE. It all started March 15,2007 the day i moved from my most favorite place in the whole world,Greensville. Yeah, I know it was a small town but it was my home. I lived there ever since my dad was about to kill himself because my mom said she would kill herself if he didnt hurry up and get her to the hospital. Long story short, she was having me. I had so many memories there. Like the day i tried to pop a wheelie on my pink super trike. Or the time i peed myself in Mrs. White lawn because she wouldnt buy me an icecream from the truck. There also was the time I jumped of my two story house roof and landed face first on the ground, breaking my arm,leg,nose,and glasses. Haha, yeah i was, how do you say, adventurous? I had such good times in that quiet,crimeless,boring little town. Even though it seemed like i missed my little town the most that really wasnt the case. I really really really missed my old school, Canabara High. I had my first kiss there and i remember exactly how it happened. It was sweet and passionate and it lasted for about 15 seconds because unfortionately we had the most disgusting spinach salad for lunch that day, and maybe a little of my food didnt make it to my stomach.Yet after all those good times my mom still said "Issy we are moving far far far far FAR away from here. At first i thought when she said far she meant to another state but far to her meant to another country. I mean what the hell was she thinking sending me to another country? Well, its done. I never pictured myself in Paris before, but hey i cant be so bad right?

    ~Chapter 2~

    " I hate long trips" I thought to myself trying to wake my sleepy feet. My mom gave me an evil stare and look ed away. "Isabella Ann, get up, get your stuff, and get off the plane...NOW! she yelled burning my flesh with every glance from those cold dark black eyes. Fearing her, i did as she said, hating every second of it. I headed off the plane with heap of luggage, my body hesitant and numb. "the sky" i whispered to myself thinking of how beautiful it was.

    The beautiful sky like an ocean in disguise floating

    throught the atmosphere. Oh sky Oh sky i wish i could float

    freely throughout you.

    Dear sky dear sky you must never die but shine your flawless


    Im not much of a pooet but i can make up rhymes just like that. "Isabella Ann!" my mom yelled. "why in heavens name are you just standing there?" My mom is a very annoying,loud, ignorant, and weird person. If i could i would trade her for a Camel."Gees mom calm down we are almost there" i murmered. "Sometimes i wish you were the one that died instead of dad," I thought to myself letting out a huge sigh of disgust. Finally we made it to the house i personaly thought it sucked of course "Perfect Patty" here loved it. The house reminded me of a haunted mansion. It was a pale brick, slightly metal, oval shaped death trap. We walked up to the door and i twisted the handel and.....BOOM! it was so beautiful inside. The wallpaper was a smoothe chocholate brown and the stairs spiraled like curls in a womens hair. But my favortie part was the Lurel D'Valle chandaleir. It looked as if there were a million little ice crystals, glistening as each perfect beam of light hit them. It's as though a rainbow formed in the entrance of my home. This place was truly amazing. "So you like it?" my mom asked with a gleam of hope in her eyeI noticed that her face softened a bit, compared to when we left the airport, which meant "Please like it" Of course i did like it but i wasnt gonna let her know that. So i shot her down with a big fat "No!" "I hate it with a passion!" I yelped with the straightest face i had ever had while telling a lie. It looked like she wanted to cry when i said that, which made me feel a bit guilty for saying it, but my mind soon changed. Why should I feel guilty about anything? I mean she is a complete IDIOT! I screamed in my head my face intensifying. "You know what thats ok, it doesnt really matter because this is your new home and we are not leaving." she yelled. I can see that she was crushed. Tears were forming in her eyes and her voice began to break up as she spoke. She gave me yet another one of her glares, but this one was different. Its like it had a sense of emotion like she actually cared about other people. This glare brought a sudden awkwardness, some tension in the room. So i had to break the ice. "Alright im going up to look at my retarted new room." i said with a huge smile showing all my teeth. It usually annoys her when i do that but today it was like her evil soul was sucked out of her and a new, good one entered. This made me feel so ashamed. "maybe i should say sorry?" I wondered and instantly regreted it. " I absoulutely can not show her my weakness or she will use it against me. I turned away quickly and headed up the spiral stairs. I walked down the narrow,dark, creepy hallway. Each step i took, another hair on my back stood up straight as if it were a soldier going into battle. Finally, i mad it to my room. When i opened the door it was like i came all the way from hell and up to heaven. The walls were my two favorite colors sky blue and mint green. There was a plush canopy bed right underneath the velvet rose window. Everything was perfect. But there this one object that truly caught my eye. The diamond mirror in the corner. It was gorgeous. I couldnt keep my eyes off of it. Its like it was drawing me in. In a way it was like I was In a trance.....

    ~Chapter 3~

    My eys glued to the mirror refusedto look in any other direction. My body stiff and weakened. I continued to stare at this paculiar mirror and i saw something rather astonishing. It was the face, of a man. His wavy,lush, raven-black hair cut in a odd shaped style. His dim-shaded sunset eyes, gleaming with a sense of thurst. He was gourgeous. My eyes, now, not wanting to leave the mirror,instantly shut. I was shocked and a bit afraid. I rapidly opened my eyes longing to see this flawless creature's face again, but hwne i gazed upon the mirror again the man was gone. Still a bit frightened I went down staires to grab my favorite snack,chips and the most delicious dip anyone could ever imagine,garlic-onion-pepered fiesta dip. It was so damn good! the dip mad eit seem like the chip was covered in it but it actually only had a little on the tip of the chip. It slid down slowly into the bottomless pit i call a stomach. Savoring every moment I stampeded back up the stairs to my bedroom. Onto my bed I jumped and turned my body, so I was facing the ceiling. "I wonder where that face came from." I said quietly to myself sighing softly while slowly closing my eyes. "I had never seen that face before so I couldn't have been holusionating, could I? Opening my eyes again i felt a cool breeze thickining as each second pased. Soon enough there was an enourmous gust of wind. I tried scream but no sound accumulated. Had I gone deaf? I wondered panicing. I turned my body and found my Homer Simpson slippers and rapidly found my way to the door. The breeze higher than ever seemed to have dropped from 60 degrees to 20. I grabbed hold to the door nob, twisting it with much force but it wouldnt budge. The temperature dropping more and more. I continued to scream but still no sound. "what is happening to me?!" I yelped kicking at the door. I crawled back over to my bed to retrieve the blanket that lay on top. It didnt help much but it was better than nothing. A tear ran down my face. " momma?" I said in a raspy voice me cheeks red from the coldness in the room. "Momma, Momma,Momma,Momma, please help me!" i bawled but still no sound came. By now it was below zero in the room and i thought for sure my life was coming to and end. "Am i going to die?" "Not knowing how or why?" Excepting my fate I closed my eyes trying to be as calm as possible. Death approaching me, I opened my eyes once more and searched for that odd mirror. Only to see that mans face again, before i died. But, It was pitch black and there was nothing but darkness. I couldnt even see my glow in the dark pale complection. I tried to feel for my lamp switch to bring some light to this odd place but there was nothing. I couldn't even feel my own saliva slide down my throat. I could only sit and wait for my air supply to deminish or my heart to skip a beat and then give out. I wondered how my mom would feel if i died. i mean who knows she might actually care. Thinking of not caring made me extremley sad. Did I really care that deeply about my mom and her feelings about me? Sadly I did and i treated as if she were some kid who i hated emensly. Still thinking, I felt a burning sensation inside of my body. It felt as though my blood was boiling. There was a strange red dot the appeared in the center of my pupils. WAs I bleeding? No bleeding didnt hurt this bad. My skin was crawling and in a way It felt like it was turning inside out. "Ouch!" I moaned feeling a sharp pain in my neck. It felt like I had been bitten and a strong plentiful amount of poisen had entered my blood stream. All of a sudden everything changed. No more wind, cold,darkness, or deafness. Everything seemed back to normal but I still felt that bodily pain. And at that very moment, I saw him. His knife like fangs piercing my neck. He was the cause of all of this suffereing but i couldnt feel any hatred toward him. My body still paralized and feeble. It seemed as if he was a glutton for blood. But, aknowledgeing all the pain entering my body, there was one thing i hadnt noticed. My heart stopped beating and I was still in a way alive. He then pulled his sharpened teeth quickly from my neck taking fragments of my skin with them.He layed my body down slowly and kissed my forehand. "delicious" he whispered into my ear. "It will be ok, you are among the living dead now." He said sweetly with a smirk on his lips. Our eyes met and i noticed a bit of concern in his. "Im dead?" I asked puzzled. "you are dead but alive" he said with a reasuring expression on his face. My body easing up, I moved my leg and then rest of it. "what did you do to me?" "I turned you into a vamp as people like to call us." he said with his sexy latin accent "Is that a problem becaus eif it is i can just kill you now." he said smirking more. But before i could answer him his cold lips touched mine. I pushed him away. "what are you doing?!" I Screached moving his had from my back. "Mmm I like em fiesty." he repled " Im going to make you mine." I couldnt grasp the words to say so I simply stared at him blankly. "You should sleep now." he whispered to me rubbing his finger down the temples of my back. I closed my eyes and feel alseep in his arms with a smile upon my face.