• Chapter 2-present time.

    The future years passed exactly as the 3rd Kazekage had said He was welcomed back as a hero and a year later the 2nd Kazekage the current Shukaku host let his Guardian spirit that possessed him free. The casualties were high until the 3rd Kazekage did as he was going to do and sealed the demon away in a teapot sacrificing th 2nd in the process.

    There was contriver see for a year because everyone thought the 3rd was too eager in sealing the demon away instead of awakening the 2nd instead. A year later he was named the 3rd Kazekage.

    Saosori has grown up since his parent’s death. His uncle the 3rd Kazekage sent him too live with his grandmother Chiyo the puppet master. He was now seven currently in his first year at the academy and he was already qualified to graduate with genin level skills.

    “Saosori wakeup you’ll be late for class at the academy” Chiyo said while opening the door.

    Saosori sat up lazily. He calmly walked out of his room without showering or eating just walking out of the house towards the Sunagakure ninja academy. He walked in and sat down just as he always did and looked blankly at the front of the classroom.

    Half an hour later the class was filled with children his age so quiet it put a nun’s school to shame. The discipline shown from his fellow classmates amazed him. The hidden sand village was not recognized for the slackers it had. The school was not any different.

    Saosori sat at attention but his mind wandered off to other places he’d rather be. Becoming a ninja was not his life goal getting power was not very important. But granny Chiyo always made him come she says it’ll make him strong. The only motivation he had was avenging his parent’s death. They say it was a Leaf ninja who did it and they were currently at war with them.

    “Saosori you seem to be smart enough to the answer to this question”.

    Saosori snapped too attention umm what Kuwabara sensei. He said fumbling as he dropped his books on the ground.

    “You have time to day dream you must know the answer. If a kunai has too go a total of 200 meters to hit its target which is moving at a speed of 60 m/s how fast will it need to go to hit in 2 seconds. “

    Saosori because of lack of a better word sucked at Math was caught off guard by the question. This question caught him unsuspectingly and he quickly analyzed the question. Add 120 to the original distance making it 320 and divide by 2. “The answer is 160 m/s sensei.”

    Kuwabara sensei stood for a while staring threw his big circle sunglasses. The glasses were comical but made it hard to read him. “Very good next time be more attentive while in class time”. He then turned and began lecturing again. Saosori breathed a sigh and leaned back. Close he thought.

    The class went on about battle situations and explaining complicated stuff normal people would learn in higher levels of education. Well more advanced then 7 year olds usually learn. Saosori calmly walked out of the academy he liked taking his time being a ninja sometime took patience. Sometime it required quick thinking he had both. He turned to see a boy his age walk up to him.

    “You’re the Kazekage’s nephew right” he asked.

    Saosori looked at him too size him he was the class clown the most active of the bunch. It was the only thing that made the kids in the class room look alive. “Yes I am” he responded.

    “I’m Kogi from the Urshuri clan. This is my sister Kira”. He greeted the cheerful Kinoichi beside him. They both had black hair hers was just a little more tamed and two bangs hung down her face. They both wore there clan crest on there black shirts. It looked like a three triangle pyramid in a circle. The other thing that caught his eye was that they both had wooden katanas on there back. He didn’t see that often only on the sand special ops but there’s were real katana.

    “Well we were just wandering if you want to play ninja with us we need a three person squad. We track the other team threw Sunagakure. Want to play?”

    Saosori was never asked to play games before. “Ya id love too” Sasori responded happily.

    “Then good lets go.” Sasori nodded and followed them back into the streets of The Hidden Sand Village. They arrived in the main street to meet there opponents a big kid named Zako another Kinoichi named Kikio and another kid whose long hair covered his red eyes.
    “Who’s this” Zako said “I said find another teammate not a pipsqueak”.

    “Don’t worry we’ll win no matter what and don’t underestimate my friend Sasori here best in his class hell probably be first in the genin Graduates next year” Kogi said, smiling confidently.

    “If you say so” the Kinoichi Kikio said rolling her eyes. She looked like an angel Saosori thought as her long blond hair swished in slow motion. Saosori blushed as he looked away. Then she was face to face with him “do you know the rules of this game little kid?”

    Not able to speak he shook his head. “Each team gets paint kunai knives at the end of the game we count up how much paint you have on you. Your paint is red ours is blue. Here are your kunai knives she gave him 12 wooden knives and a can of paint”.

    Begin the teams jump in the opposite directions. Saosori kept up with his teammates as they arrived at a shop called Zukos hot meals. “Ok Saosori you go to the park ill go o the ninja academy Kira you go to the center of Main Street. Well meet back here later. Don’t get hit and try and hit as much of them as possible. Keep your eyes open. Got it go” Saosori jumped away as they all went in different directions again. He jumped atop buildings as he scouted the area.

    He stood there for 10 minutes disguised as a chimney. Then he saw movement at the corner of his eye Kogi’s black hair jumped across the roof tops chased by the Kinoichi Kikio. Saosori looked around again before releasing his transformation Jutsu and pursued. He caught up to them quickly when Kogi saw him.

    “No Saosori turn back” Kogi shouted but, soon Zako appeared and threw a kunai at Saosori. He tried to jump out of the way, but the kunai was going to hit him. He closed his eyes and prepared for the hit before; Kira appeared and deflected the blade into another direction. “Thought you were more careful than that” she shouted a little annoyed.

    “Let’s go” she led him away as Zako kept the chase going against Kogi. Saosori watched as Kikio and Zako pursued Kogi blocking his incoming kunai. Shouldn’t we help him” he asked Kira. She rolled her eyes at him “Kogi doesn’t need help that’s a wind clone”.

    Saosori snapped in surprise “A wind clone?” he said a little confused. It was a technique he had never really heard of.

    “It’s a clone technique made in the hidden sand village. It speed excels over other clone techniques like the shadow clone and water clones. Maybe ill teach you later all right” she said as she rounded another corner. Saosori nodded his head as he followed in her wake.

    3 hours later the sun was going down and the 6 sand academy students stood at there meeting place in the middle of Main Street covered in paint blobs laughing and talking. Kogi only had 2 hits on his body. Saosori had 5 and Kira had 4. The other team was all looking a little deflated as all of them were covered in paint blobs. Saosori Hit all of them 3 times each. Kogi on the other hand had made most of the marks on them his skills were outstanding. Kira wasn’t bad herself and Sasori didn’t think he was bad but he didn’t shine as bright as either of them.

    After that they were all walking around town talking about how they dominated they other team.

    “You did all right Sasori especial after you saved me from being ambushed”. Kogi patted Sasori on the back in recognition

    Kira was eating an apple and didn’t pay them any attention while they kept jabbering on. Saosori lost hope that he may have impressed her a little bit. He hadn’t forgotten that she promised to teach him a new technique. He caught himself staring at her while they walked he didn’t know why but he liked her, she always smiled and that long black hair reminded him of someone.

    He then realized that she was staring back and grinned and scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

    “Hey Kira I think someone likes you” Kogi said laughing.

    Kira got bright red as she yell at him “Shut up”

    Saosori felt more embarrassed in his life he looked around for a way out what if she was angry with him oh man he messed this up bad. While Kira had Kogi in the head lock Sasori silently walked away sure not to get noticed. He then ran back home.

    When Kogi and Kira finally stopped Kogi now had Kira in the headlock and she had a wooden kunai towards his stomach. He let go and looked around “Hey were did Sasori go”.

    Saosori walked threw the door to his home and didn’t see grandma Chiyo anywhere. He walked and shuffled threw the refrigerator, pulling out a small bowl of rice. He looked around and couldn’t find anything to help him heat it up. He sighed and focused on his hand drawing the life force from his stomach to the palm. He then heated the bottom of the bowl. After it was steaming he walked to his bedroom thinking about what happened today. The wind clone might come in handy If Kira remembered to teach him.

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