• My name is Lizara. Yeah, I know, it's a really strange name and all, but that's what they called me. 'They' as in 'parents?' I don't think so. My parents died six years after I was born. After that I found by two caring people. Kimi, an interesting thief, and her other orphan child, Molly. Kimi and Molly both called me Lizara. I had no clue as to why, but they did, and the name stuck.

    So, it's six-thirty in the morning. As usual, the city outside my window is drab and dull. The only thing lighting it up is the morning sunrise, it's red and orange and strange pinks tinted the sky with beauty. "I wish my life was as colorful as that," I said softly, throwing my heavy legs over the bed.

    "Lizara! Hurry up or you'll be late for work!" shouted an ever energetic voice from down the stairs. I groaned, slunking out of bed and throwing on some random, but work worthy clothing. Sliding down the banister I spotted the ever sly thief setting out my lunch in a small bag. Her very large faded blue sweater hanging off her right shoulder, the sleeves passing her hands about a foot. I rolled my eyes at her attire and took the bag of lunch from the old junkyard table we dug up.

    "Alright. I'll try to be. You be safe too, same to you Kimi," I said. She nodded and rested her hand on the smaller girl's head. I chuckled softly at my small family and hugged them both before I bolted out the door.

    We lived in an old abandoned apartment building on the main street of the city. No body suspected that people had lived there, plus they were too lazy to knock down the every sturdy building. So, instead of paying for a place, Kimi, Molly and I lived in the large empty building.

    As I walked down the ever busy street towards my job, I felt a strange cold feeling waltzing down my back. I glanced around a moment then shrugged off the feeling. As I passed by the rundown "Magic Mayhem" shop, I noticed something in the reflection of the glass.

    I looked closer at it. It was me, of course, but something was strange about the people passing by behind me. I looked closer at it. "Hey lady you okay?" asked a man standing behind me. I looked in the glass with horror. The man had no face! All of the people in the reflection were faceless! I shook my head a moment then turned the man behind me.

    "Yeah, I'm fine sir. Just a little light headed." I turned back to the glass. Everyone's faces had been put back into their places in the reflections. 'That was weird,' I thought. I shook my head, rubbed my eyes and made my way to the shop, unaware of my encounter next.