• Hinr's POV

    It became dark all of a sudden. I just hoped the torment gang would just leave to not make me so scared. <Okay, Hinr... just calm down....Harakan will probably just find out a plan... although I barely know my own brother and OH WHAT THE CRAP JUST HIDE SOMEOWHERE> I thought. I immediately poked around in the cave to look for someplace to hide. By accident, I hit a chandelier and a rock just fell down from the top of the cave and there was a hole. I immediately knew what to do.

    Hinr told everyone to climb up the hole. They all did, and Hinr sealed the hole with a rock. They were in a strange room that looked like the aztecs made it except they were drunk when they made it. The place was completely upside-down, and the painting on one wall looked more like a rock than an aztec god or king or whatever the heck. The throne against that wall had a skeleton seated on it. Samantha yelped and pretty much hid behind Hinr when she saw the skeleton.
    There were, however, piles and piles of gold in the room. While Sarah and Harakan poked around the gold piles, Hinr asked Samantha something. He turned to her and this is what he said.

    "Samantha, I need to ask you something." He said.

    "Yeah?" Samantha responded.

    "I love you very much and I will always protect you. Will you marry me?" Hinr said.
    Author's POV

    WOAH WOAH WOAH OKAY HOLD IT HOLD IIIIT!!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID? DID YOU HEAR THAT? That was just waaaaaay too witty. But Hinr's a really strange guy, as you know.

    "Well you're stranger!!!!" some other guy says.


    *please stand by while Mthieu7 gives the other guy a piece of his mind. Please enjoy the rest of the story.*
    Samantha's POV

    When he asked me that, I was shocked. However, I just couldn't marry him. Not now. I knew he loved me and I did, too, but something in me just told me I couldn't at the moment. So I had to cruelly break his heart.

    "I'm sorry, Hinr, but..... I just can't." I was practically weeping when I told him that."I'M SORRY! I JUST CAN'T!!!" I ran away weeping.
    Hinr's POV

    I just stood there, shocked at what she said. I was totally heartbroken. I walked away towards a door that was just there and walked out. I ended up on a rocky cliff with an icy river at the bottom. I just stood there and looked down at the water.

    "Goodbye, Samantha...." I whispered and jumped off the cliff into the water.