• At first everything was dark, then a small light begain to gemer brightly, falling downward to a land of sand. I fell hard into warm sand, and I felt the the warmth of the sand! I was Lightura from my fan fic, because I had her dress and hair. Anyway I fainted and next thing I know I was in a great big tent, that was made from silk, that was pink and purple. All the 7 princesses were there, asking me if I was ok. I said I was fine and got up. I looked around the tent and saw it had a lot of fine things in it. The tent also had many exits or other rooms that were too dark to see the other side. I asked the princesses who had placed here, and they said it was Sora who had found me! Then I asked them were Sora was, and they said he had went into one of the other rooms, and when they said that an opening lit up.
    This part is a little had to tell, but here it goes. I steped in just inside the door and it went back to being dark. I could not see into the room, but I went in anyway. As I walked in the other side of the door, where the princesses were, started to get darker and the side I was going into started to get lighter and lighter. The other side was not a teant, like the first larger room, but it look more like new besinse buildin that no one had moved into yet. The walls were page and plane. "Sora are you here?," I felt a little childess, intil I got an answer. "I over here!" So I walk to the voice and saw Sora work at a computer. "Hi, what are you doing Sora?" Sora: "Oh, I just looking to see if I can find Riku and the king. I found Kaire and the other pricesses usesing this thing so maybe I can find my other friends as will." Me: "So, did you find me with this computer to?" Sora: "Yeah!... Let's see (playing around with the keybord) Goofy and Donled are in room five and there are.....(counting the dots outside what seemed to be the tent)" But then a red light came on and with a loud noris. Me: "Come on Sora!," (It was like my heart felt a pain and the bad kind of butterflys in your stomic. I think I felt that something bad was going to happen.) Lucky I pulled Sora away from the computer just before it went k-boom! "Sora run for it!!!!!!," I yelled. We ran for our lives, I could feel my legs run and the sweat on my forhead. As we ran I heard Xemases's vocie, the main bad guy in kh2, "Run as fast as you can, but you will never exscape me and my nobodise, Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!" A cage was riasing up out of the floor and spikes comeing from behind us. "Jump!!!!!!!!!!," Sora yelled. I closed my eyes and jumped as hard and as fast I could in a dress.....I remember wishing I could see Riku one time before I died......
    We made it back to the princesses somehow.... I don't really remember how other then ranning like there was no tomorow. Kaire ran up and huged Sora as hard as she could, I think they hear what went on it the other room. "Kaire...the computer went boom and I still don't know were Riku is." Kaire: "That's ok as long as you are safe everything will be ok!" By this time Donled and Goofy had made their way into the tent and where letting Kaire have Sora to herself for now. Everyone seemed sooooooo happy that Sora and I were alright.
    (And then I felt something within my heart agine, but this time it was good butterflys and happy/sweet/warm feeling, it was the most worderful thing I had ever felt in a dream. I could feel Riku outside an exit. "Could it really be?," I dared to ask myself.) " Stay here!," I said out loud. I ran out the door that I felt Riku was on the otherside of, this door acted just like the other. It was like being in the meddle of a tunle, it was dem and I could still inside the tent, thow it was faded, and I could see just outside, wich was a big desert with sand and dunes. Faceing me were to people in black coats, I could not see their faces because you know how when you sand faceing the sun and someone is in fount of you, you really can't see them that will, will that is how this was and they had their hods up. One was Micky, I could tell by the ears! And knew, just know in my heart that the other was Riku!!! I ran to him and jumed into arms, he had his hands on my hibs, and could really fell his hands and how I wished it would never end! He leaned in to kiss me, I blused and closed my eyes.......
    He heled me tite....., but there was something not right.......He was to tall and Micky had not even moved.......So before I kissed him I pulled down his hod and saw, not Riku, but Axle! I pused him away and kicked and hit, intil he was down for the count. I used magic to chain him up and thow Axle into the tent, he had on something to foll me into thinking he was Riku, but I don't know what. I thow the toy Micky into the sand. I cryed a little, becauce it was not really Riku and Micky. I was about to head in....when I heard someone call out, "Lightura!" It sounded far away. I look out, but there was nothing in site. "Maybe I am going carry.," so I turned to go back into to the nice cool tent and out of the heat.
    "Lightura!.....Wait!!!" There it was agine, this time I know the voice, it was Riku!!! "RIKU IS THAT YOU!!!!" I yelled out as I looked out in the dunes. Then I saw them far, far out running as fast as can be to me! As they got closer I could clearly see Riku's white hair in the hot sun. I steped a little out of the door as I did the whole tent seemed to fade. And it seem that Riku and the king got soooo far, but could not get any closer then they were. "What to do they cann't get here and I may never find my way back if I leave." ( I thought and then it hit me, I could use my Keyblade and magic as a becken.) "Holy Light Spire!," I said as I put my Keyblade into the sand right in found of the door. A long/high, bright, and hard beam of light shute up ward. And I ran out the into the sand, which is hard to do, I could feel the sand moveing under my feet. I finally reached them and made a bout with a sail out of magic. "Ok hop in!" Riku (overly happy): "Lightura, I am soooooooooo happy to see you!!!!!," trys to hug me, but I told him it have to wait, he seemed saddened by this! Micky: "Before I forget, we came to warren you that Axle is come to try and get you." Me: " I know, his already tryed and felled, thanks to me." Riku: "So is everyone ok?" Me: " Yes, and they and worred about you and the king. So lets head on back before the magic on the beam wears out. So they jumped into the magic bout and I used wind magic on the sails. That was fun, fun ride! Soring throw the sand dunes like they were water.
    When we go inside the tent everyone was happy to see Riku and the king! We had a party with food and drink! I have no idea where it all came from, but it was a loud and fun time. Latter Riku picked me up and caried me to a nice and quit place! He put me down and looked in my eyes and wishpered in my poined ears, "I have so much to thank you for. First you saved me from the darkness and then you save my best friend. You keeped everyone safe and sound. And now you saved the king and ... you saved me yet agine! (jokingly) When will it be my turn to save you?" He had one hand on my hib and the other was playing with my long with hair, he eyes were soooo deep and green. I wishper back sweetly, " Maybe next time!" and we kissed and everyone in the room went,"OOOOOOOh!" But Riku and I did not care all we saw and heard was each other and the fant sound of music in the backgound.