• So I've been living with Kazu for 3 months now. And I'm fully healed. Turns out he lied about having a guest room, he has a room full of books instead. You know home libary.

    I've taken over his closet and I'm using one of his drawers to hold my um......under garments...... you know under pants and all that jazz. I also have a shirt I barely wear covering them so he won't see.

    Kazu works at night so I get the bed to myself. I usualy wake up to him sleeping in a chair that's in his room or on the couch. But once I caught him .....................................sleeping.....next to.... me. It was WEIRD and AKWARD!!!

    Lately I've been reading a book I found in his home libary. It was an interesting book.

    I sat on the bed reading it, not caring how long I stayed up. Tonight it was raining and there was thunder but I love the rain so it didn't bother me. The cover of the book had two hands caring an apple and the backround was black.....the title was....Twilight.

    This book was about a type of mythical creature.....Vampires. Vampires reminded me so much of myself except for the sparkly skin and ...drinking blood, ew. Now that I think about it, some girls at my school were reading this book and as they read it they kept watching me.

    Wait...... pale skin....extremely cold touch.... that sounds like...NO. I closed the book and quickly ran to Kazu's libary. I skimmed through every book and found the ones I was looking for. I skimmed through the pages and read some parts of them.

    Pale skin.....red eyes......cold touch. The night Kazu had rescued me....when he was bandaging me he seemed disturbed by my blood. He was acting strange when he seen it. He's gone at night. When he went to give me a glass of water he was back in 5 seconds.

    No.... this can't be. But it all makes sense. He's a.....

    "So Ami...what am I?" I turned around and Kazu was there.
    "..yes." he looked at the ground. He was... sad? Why?
    He sighed.
    "Ami....I'm a monster. I can't help it. You blood just smells so...delicious."

    He kept getting closer to me. Yet his espression never changed. You'd think he's have an evil grin but he didn't. His expression was of sorrow and worry.His eyes weren't there regular normal red they were bright, glowing.

    I wasn't afraid of him. I thought I was but no.
    I slowly walked to him. He couldn't help himself and he hugged me tightly. He fought his urge but still ended up grabbing my wrist.

    He bit down and I let him. I let him take as much as he needed even though I began feeling light headed.

    He let go of my wrist and hugged me tightly again.

    And who knows...... I think I've fallen for him.

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