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    "MOM, DON'T GO MOM! I need you! Please wait for me!" I cried out to her as I tried to reach her, but as I tried to get closer to her, she kept on going farther away from me.

    "Mom wait!"I sobbed outloud. Then she disappeared into a portal and whispered, 'Good-bye Katherine. Be good and remember just be youself and you'll be fine. Don't give up"

    "MOMMMMMM!!!" I yelled out. Then instead of a black tunnel, like I was just in before, I was in my apartment. I rised up sitting upward from my bed and stared taking deep breaths as cold sweat dripped from my face.

    "(deep breaths) Tha...that dream again...why do I-I keep on h-having it? Why do I keep on dreaming of my mother and the day she died? Its not like she's ever gonna come back."

    As i wiped away th sweat from myface, I started to cry silently to myself.

    Why? Why did she have to die? What did she do to deserve it? What did she do wrong? I-I just don't understand. Why couldn't it be me instead of her? I thought to myself.

    Then I got up from bed and walked to the bathroom and started to get ready for school. As I dried my face I started staring at my razor blade. I carefully picked it up and pulled up my long-sleeved shirt that I was wearing. I started to stare at my wrist thinking about if I should cut myself and end the pain right then and there.

    If I die the pain will end and I"ll be with my mother anf father again I said to myself over and over thinking of what I should do.

    'Okay I've decided. I'm going to kill myself' I thought to myself in my head.

    Then as I started getting the razor blade closer to my wrist I started to have memories I had with all my friends. I started thinking about all the wonderful times I had with them all. But I pushed all those memories aside and started to get the razor blade closer to my wrist.

    Then a memoryof when I found out that Hikari was cutting herself because her parents kept on fighting with each other about who will get custody over her flashed in my mind. I remembered the pain I felt when I saw her crying and saying she wanted to die.

    Then another memory flashed in my head as I was getting closer to my wrist.

    Kayko was crying in the park all alone the first time I met her. She was crying because some bullys crushed a bouquet of flowers in front of her face. She was always sensitve when it came to flowers. I chuckeled at the thought.

    As I was ready to push the razor down on my wrist once again another memory flashed in my mind.

    This time it was Hotaru. It was when she stayed up all night playing video games all night and didn't do her project. Then she came to my house at 5' o clock in the morning begging me to help her with her project. We spent the whole morning working on it and soon found out that the teacher called in sick that day so the project wasn't due until the week after that day.

    I took a deep breath and closed my eyes shut and....I pulled the razor blade away. I'm being way too selfish. I thought to myself.

    I remember the way I felt when mom and dad died. Why should I make my best friends suffer?It's not like they did anything wrong to deserve that kind of pain. I'm very lucky to have them in my life. I thought to myself. Just then I heard a knock on the door. I put down the razor blade and rushed to the door.
    When I opened the door I saw that Aijou, Hikari, Hotaru, and Kayko were standing outside waiting for me. Yeah I'm very lucky to have them as my friends.

    "Hey whats up Katie?" Hotaruasked cheerfully.

    "Yeah, how did you sleep?" Aijou asked me.

    "Just fine, thanks" I replied to her.

    "Okay then let's go to school or else we'll be late." Hikari reminded us.

    "Oh right. yeah lets go." I agreed. " Let me just go get my bag and lock the door." I added. As I went inside I quickly grabbed my bag and headed out the door to lock it.

    "Cool. Ready to go?" Aijou asked. I nodded my head in reply.

    "OKAY THEN LETS GO!" Hotaru cheered. We all laughed in the process.

    "So Katie hows everything?" Hotaru asked me. I looked at her confusingly not really sure what she was talking about.

    "You know about your mom. It's only been a week since her funeral. How have you been? are you taking it well?" Hikari asked unemotionally.

    "UGHH! HIKARI! DON'T SAY THAT!" Aijou scolded.

    "Oh that I've been taking it better than I excpected. I mean I am sad once in a while that she's gone and all but hey you can't stay sad forever right?" I replied cheerfully, but I could tell by their facial expressions that they weren't too sure. "I'm fine seriously. Now let's hurry up or we'll miss the train." I added

    "O-okay" they all answered and with that we hurried up to catch tthe train since we were at the train station.

    When we were all in the train there were no seats to sit so we all just hanged on the pull for dear life. But at each stop we all laughed hysterically at how silly we must've looked. Then all the passengers there just looked at us as if we're crazy. Which of course only made us laugh even more.

    Then on a stop a couple of guys got on board and started staring at all five of us. I was the only one to notice of course seeing as the girls were talking amoungst theirselves. I noticed that there were only five of them like us.
    One had blonde hair and was a little more taller than Kayko. Another had fiery red hair who was really tall. Another boy had white hair just like Hikari and started to read a book. The boy next to him had blonde hair and had his collar button from his uniform unbutton along with a few other buttons to show off some of his chest. Then the final guy that I noticed had black hair and was taller than me. He was probably 6'3 or something.

    Then when I looked up to see his face I noticed that he was staring straight at me! Actually he was more glaring than staring. I quickly looked away but I could still feel his death glares at me. It felt impossible to breath knowing that he was glaring at me.

    I waited a few minutes and then I decided to look up to see if he was still glaring at me. To my surprise he started talking to the red hair guy. I breathe a sigh of relief.

    What was that all about? Did I have somethingin my face? Who is he anyways? That uniform that they're wearing isn't that from our school? I haven't seen him before.Or his friends for that matter. I thought to myself.

    "Hey Katie! Hurry up or else the train will close the door on us!" Aijou yelled to me distracting me from my deep thought.

    " Huh What? Oh right." I stuttered. I hurried off the train and started running after them. As we were hurrying down the stairs there were two guys pushing each other and I didn'teven noticed until one of them bumped into me hard which caused me to lose my balance and I fell.

    As I fell I heard someone scream and some elsed yelled "OH NO!! KATIE!!!" It was probably Hikari, she was always protective over me. Its funny I tried to kill myself today and I stopped and now I'm going to die by falling down the steps. Which by the way is very high from the ground.

    Then suddenly I felt a pair of arms go around my waist and I was pulled into someones chest. I looked up and saw the boy who was glaring at me before on the train. He then landed lightly on the ground and put me down on my feet.

    "Are you okay? That was some fall" He asked me. His voice was so heavenly like an angel.

    "Uhh.....Uhhh......yea...yes...thank you so much for saving me." I replied nervously.

    "Katie are you okay?!"someone yelled. I turned around and saw that it was Aijou. I turned back around and saw that the strange boy was gone