• Have you ever wondered about whether or not mystical creatures exist? Sinister beings? I know I have. On some occasions I even wished they were real. Don't get me wrong now, some of them do kind of scare me; like vampires, zombies, or even demons. The thought of creatures that physically resembles humans, that feast up on human blood, and can drag you down to the pits of hell is sure to make anyone else scared right? Right. But yet at the same time I find them to be cool and pretty interesting. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a fan of Twilight, Inuyasha, and Resident Evil. I'm just saying that they have some pretty interesting things going on for them. Vampires survive solely on blood, Zombies are decaying humans rising from the dead, and Demons, the rulers of the Underworld; of hell. Wait, what am I talking about? I got these facts from movies! Its fiction Aerial not realty! Of course they don't exist; they are only figments of ones imagination; of my imagination. Sorry I wasted your time babbling on about things that don't exist-

    Like you always do...

    Shut up! I do not always do that!


    Whatever. Oh, sorry about that. You see I have a very noisy, annoying conscience; she's almost like my other half. I named her Fisher. That's my last name if you must know. It makes sense really, seeing as she's my other half. My name's Aerial, while her name is Fisher, put us together and you get Aerial Fisher. Pretty creative huh? What? No? You think I'm crazy?! But that's absurd! The only reason I named her is because she has a knack for jumping in my thoughts and thinking she can tell me what to do! She has a personality and a different way of thinking than I do, so of course I named her! If it were not for the fact that she's planted in my brain I could have seen her as another human being! So I am not crazy!

    Oh please, the only reason I have to intrude and be bossy is because I'm the more rational thinker. If I didn't you would be well on your way to the nut house!

    Okay I'll admit that I can be irrational at times, but if you think about it, without her meddling I would have my other half a brain and I could be normal. But no, Ms. Meddle-tooter-pants, just as to barge in and occupy half my brain! You have to give me credit here people, for someone who talks back to and even name their conscience, without coming off as a mental loon to anyone (not yet anyway) is pretty good!

    Thanks to me of course...

    I'm going to ignore that, and most importantly I'm going to ignore you; like I should have done a long time ago.

    But yet you always come to me for advice...such a shame.

    Once again, ignoring.

    Any who, where was I? Oh yeah. So basically I like imaginary things and wouldn't mind if my life was like a fairytale. My life is just so dull. I'm 15 years old, I sometimes come off as talking to myself when really I'm talking to Fisher, I live with my dad, Arnold, a 45 year old widow, whose occupation is journalism, I'm single (though I wish I wasn't), my mother died while giving birth to me, I'm not rich but my dad's occupation provides us with enough money that we can call ourselves middle class, and I attend PNWHS. Not such amazing things going on in my life as you can see, so you can't blame me for wanting a fairytale. The only thing great about my life is my dad and my best friend Lucy Grove. Ah, Lucy Grove, she's the best person someone like me could ask for. She was the only one who looked past my weirdness and-


    Befriended me. We had so much in common! And what's best is that I can talk to her about Fisher, and tell her about my wishes to have a fairytale one day. She's one of the only people I can confide in. My dad is the next person I can confide in. I can tell him pretty much anything. Except for Fisher and my dream for a fairytale of course. I find it pretty embarrassing to tell my father of all people about something like that.

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    "It's open!" I yelled from my desk.

    The knob turned and my dad poked his head inside my room.
    "Aerial," my dad said, his eyes landing on the Biology book in front of me. "I hope I'm not bothering you with your study..." he trailed of.
    "Nah, I'm almost finish anyway."

    Almost? You didn't even start!

    I almost growled at Fisher but stopped myself when I remembered my dad in the doorframe. "What's up dad?" I asked casually, hoping my annoyance won't slip. It didn't thankfully.

    "Oh, I just came to tell you dinner is ready. I've already shared a plate for you, if you don't mind." He told me.

    "I don't mind, thanks dad. I'll be down in a sec." I said. He nodded, smiling softly at me before he left my room.

    I immediately closed my biology book and head for the door to have my dinner. My life is boring, but I have a good father that takes care of me and a loving friend. I think it's a pretty tolerable but dull nonetheless type of life.

    Lucky for me (and also unfortunately) my life took a huge turn! A whole 180 degree turn! I mostly blame my stupid female emotions for letting me feel sorry for a stray cat.

    If only you would listen to me...

    Ugh! Please can you shut up, Fisher!