• Chapter One

    Amber walked over to her studying desk with her hot cup of coffee in her hand. Her dog, Hope, hopped after her as she sat down. “Another person died yesterday,” She said to herself. “This murder case is worse than ever. Over thirty investigators have died this month. I could be next if I’m not careful.” Amber grabbed her coffee cup and turned on the TV. Her cat, Bella, leapt onto her desk and meowed. She scratched her ear and heard a knock. Amber stood up and walked over to answer the door. Just to be safe, she grabbed her gun and peeked through the peep hole. It was just Jeremy, her fiancé. Amber opened the door and put her gun down, “Hello Jeremy, come in I just made some coffee.” “Thank you sweetheart,” he replied taking off his shoes. Amber opened the blinds to let some light in, it was raining. “So, you’re helping with the investigation too?” Amber turned around and saw him looking at the papers on her desk. “Yes,” she replied, “I joined when they got my brother last week. My brother fell victim to him when we met him on the train. I was with him and we met a man with a gun. He had a ski mask on, so I couldn’t see his face. He shot and killed five people, including Kenny.” Jeremy came over to comfort her. She walked over to the window and looked out at the pouring rain. “It seems like just yesterday my mother died to.” She sighed, “I hope the catch this b*****d, before he kills someone else.” Jeremy walked over and touched her lips with his own giving her a kiss to comfort her. When Amber was six, she was on a bus with her mother. Her father was at home, sick. A man with a black ski mask on got on. When the bus started moving he pulled out a gun. He shot Amber’s mother along with a man, a woman and the driver. The bus crashed and the killer escaped. The cops arrived quickly and noticed the woman that was shot was pregnant. They cut the child out and revived it. Everyone had left except for Amber. They called her father and he came right away. Her father said he would take care of the little boy that they revived. That’s how Kenny came into her life. “Oh God, I miss him!” She began crying into his shoulder. “It’s alright Amber.” He hugged her tightly. “I think you need to eat something. Come; let’s eat breakfast, my treat.” Amber and him grabbed hands and walked out the door. She locked it and they walked down the hall. They took the elevator to the bottom floor of the apartment. He took her out to his car and opened the door. Amber smiled and climbed in. He shut the door and went over to his own side. The car engine hummed and he drove off. “Where are we going, Jeremy?” He turned to her, “It’s a surprise.” Someone in a red convertible zoomed past them. Jeremy stuck his head out his window, “Slow down Jackass! Man those people annoy me.” He heard sirens and pulled of to the side of the road to make way. They were chasing the convertible. He waited until they passed and pulled back on the road. “High speed chase. Cool. That’s why I want to be a cop Amber.” He laughed and pulled into a parking lot. “Jeremy, this is my favorite restaurant of all time.” “Of course it’s your favorite restaurant.” They got out of the car and walked into the Olive Garden. They got a booth and sat down. “Thank you so- “ she was cut of by a gun shot. She felt her holster, her gun was at home. “s**t!” She screamed. “Amber, we’ve got to get out of here!” People were running everywhere. Two dead bloody bodies were lying on the floor, two employees, both women. Amber pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911. She grabbed Jeremy’s arm and ran for the door. A woman’s voice answered. “Thank you for calling 911, what is you emergency?” “I am at Olive Garden on thirty-first. There is a man with a gun who has killed two women.” “Some police are on there way. Thank you for calling.” Amber closed her phone and turned to Jeremy, “Get out of here Jeremy. I’ll find him.” Jeremy shook his head, “No, you get out of here! I’ll kick his a**.” Amber took of running in the opposite direction. “Amber! Get back here damn it!” He ran after her but lost her in the crowd. Amber kept running and saw a gun on the ground next to a dead man. He must have been with the other guy. She picked up the gun and walked around until she heard a scream and another gun shot. She walked that way and peeked around the wall. A man was standing there over another dead body. She made sure there was a bullet in the gun and poked her head around the wall. She aimed for his head and fired. Direct hit, he fell to the ground dead. Just then the police walked in with there guns pointed at Amber. “Freeze!” Amber pulled out her investigators badge and showed it to them. “I’m Amber Valdez. I’m with the special investigators of New York.” She handed the gun to one of the officers. “This isn’t my gun, so I guess you should have it.” He took the gun from her and placed it in his holster. “I believe it belongs to him.” She pointed to one of the dead robbers. The officer looked at Amber, “Thank you for your help Miss Amber,” he noticed her ring, “excuse me, Mrs. Amber.” He shook her hand and escorted her to the door. Jeremy was standing out side behind blockades. “Thank God you’re okay,” He ran up to her and hugged her. “Are they dead?” Amber nodded her head and kissed his cheek. “Told you I could handle it.” They both laughed.

    That is all I can tell you for now. TY for reading!!!