• Thursday 24th July 1997 12:35pm

    It had been a tiring day so far for a women who has just given birth to a new child. The light was shining in though a window in the London General Hospital on to a baby, a baby as perfect as the summer’s day outside. The women held her baby in pride and said ‘ I will call her Summer for she is as beautiful as the day outside’. The baby did not cry nor did it kick it’s legs and women spoke with a soft tone to her voice ’This is the best baby anyone could wish for so silent so fragile I will never let her go’.

    Such a proud mother? She will never let her go? An adoption agencies owner didn’t think that for a second as she answered a knock on a door only to find a baby laying on a doorstep with a blanket for production from the cold and a note saying:
    Her name is Summer she is born on the 24th of July 1997 please care for her.
    With no one around it was Summer’s new home.

    Thursday 24th July 2008

    Today it was Summer’s 11th birthday just like the day she was born on it was a wonderful day outside and she was having the time of her life as her ‘parents’ spoilt her rotten with gifts but soon they were going to destroy her life and kill there friendship with Summer.

    Later that day while Summer and her parents were having a birthday tea Summer made an announcement ’when I older I want to be a Doctor and save peoples lives!’ Her parents were pleased for her but they told Summer they also had an announcement to make and now Summer has a new ambition to find her real mother and father.