• Chapter 22: Experiment 4

    Steven and Amy carefully carried Arc inside. They laid him down on the bed and Amy, immediately after, went and sat on a chair, and let out a sigh.

    “Every time we think we’re fine for a while something happens.” Amy said through her sigh.

    “Yes, well, if it wasn’t like that what kind of challenge would this be?” he asked being plainly sarcastic.

    They both laughed a little then Steven walked out of the room towards Shonic and Order. He asked them to go get supplies and be quick about it. They nodded and left with money Steven gave them. With that he found a cloth, wet it, and brought it in the room with Arc and Amy. He gave it to Amy who, at first, dabbed any wounds she saw on Arc, then turned it to the other side and laid it on his forehead.

    “Steven can you get me a thermometer, I think he’s got a temperature.” Amy had felt his forehead before Steven came back in.

    Steven walked back out to the kitchen and looked through everything until he found a thermometer. He walked back into the room and gave it to Amy, who thanked him, then put it in Arc’s mouth. After a few minutes she checked it. It was at 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Steven looked at it too and went back out to the kitchen. There’s got to be medicine around here somewhere he thought to himself. After searching through everything he couldn’t find any, and since he already sent Shonic and Order out he had to go get it himself.

    “Amy, I’ll be back. I have to go see about getting some medicine.” He called back to her.

    “Ok, but be careful.” She answered him.

    A man of enormous size was sitting in a dark room on a throne. “These children are becoming quite an annoyance.” He grumbled to himself. “That’s it.” He said in triumph. “I know what to do.” He gestured for a guard to come in.

    A guard marched in “Yes, my lord.” He said while knelling.

    “Bring me experiment number four.” He said with a smile.

    The guard nodded and left the room. Moments later he came back into the room with a monster chained the cart he was being pulled in on.

    The man on the throne laughed darkly. “Good, he’s ready. Release him near where Beta last checked in.”

    The guard nodded, saluted him, then left to do what he was ordered to do.

    “Now, let’s see how you deal with one of my most favorite experiments without your Savior Twilight.” He laughed evilly.

    Shonic and Order got back to the apartments. They walked through the door and put everything away and went in to see Arc.

    Order noticed Steven wasn’t there. “Where’s Steven?” he asked Amy.

    “He went to get Arc some medicine.” She responded wondering when he’d get back.

    As if on cue, Steven walked through the door and brought the medicine into the room with Arc and everyone else. He put the medicine on the dresser beside the bed. Arc stirred a little, but settled back down. Shonic and Order left the room and went out front. Steven stayed in the room with Amy until he heard Order calling his name.

    “They can’t go five minutes without needing something can they?” he asked as he walked out side.

    When he got out side he saw something try to tackle him. He jumped out of the way and looked around. Shonic and Order were doing the same.

    “What is that thing?” Steven asked.

    “We don’t know.” Order answered him.

    It stopped moving in front of them and laughed a little. “Is this what he sent me after? A few kids?! This’ll be easy!”

    They could see what it was now. It was about four feet tall, and had green scales on its skin. It stood upright like a human, but had more of a lizard appearance than human. Its claws were sharpened as well as its teeth and it smiled at them.

    “So” it asked “who’s first?”