• "S-Sirious?" I said with a quivering voice.
    You see Sirious was the guy that I had a crush on when I was 16. We had dated but got seperated in a fight with other vampire hunters. He looked just like I had remembered. Tall with black hair and radiant light blue eyes, wearing the long black coat I had given him and his black hat. He turned towards me and smiled. I had been sitting on a chair and was leaning too far over it. I suddenly fell and hit the ground with my side XD.
    Thursday, Seth, and Jacob roared with laughter. I started to laugh too as I rolled over onto my back. I looked up to see a hand extended towards me. Sirious was laughing also. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up as if I weighed no more than a feather.
    "How did you know where I lived?" I was a little concerned about this because I had kept my location a secret. The only response was another wave of laughter. Seth was staring at me now with his piercing silver eyes. His hair seemed to shimmer as he turned to Sirious.
    "Well....To tell you the truth there were rumors that someone had been shooting in the forest almost every night." I flushed with embarassment.
    Seth started to glare at him while Jacob and Thursday were listening intently.
    "I ran into Jacob in town and he told me you were staying with him.." Sirious was not amused at this point. It sent a chill up my spine. I turned to look at Seth again, but he was gone.
    "Well thats good enough don't you think Sirious." Seth was standing right behind him. I jumped due to the fact that he had moved so fast. I saw Jacob grip his right hand. It was bandaged. I was bewildered. Why was he injured? What had happened?
    "Why are you staying with vampires Shadow?" Came Sirious' cold voice. He turned and glared at Seth. This isn't the Sirious I remember at all.
    "Answer me!" He commanded at a higher volume. I was right. This wasn't him. If this wasn't him then, who is he? He seemed to notice my suspicion. His face suddenly turned dark and dangerous.
    Seth acted quickly and grabbed his right arm, which had pulled out a gun. He tossed the gun to me and I caught it.
    "A rose gun...." I held my breath.
    A rose gun was one of the most lethal guns to use on a vampire. It can't harm humans much, but it still hurts.
    "Who are you!" I questioned furious.
    "Heh..." His left hand whipped around with another rose gun. Seth was too slow. The gun shot and it hit his shoulder.
    "Seth!" I screamed.
    "Ugh..." He hit the ground clutching his left shoulder. Thursday and Jacob ran to his side. I whipped around to see the man running out of the door. I chased after him into the forest. It was already dark out. He was in front of me a minute ago then he just seemed to disappear. I stopped. My feet were bloody. I had been running on the rocky ground with no boots on. All I knew was he was gone.......