• The dark shadows grew more immense with every one of my steps. My hands shaking slightly as I gripped the wood in my hand. I took a step on the soft damp ground, my shoe leaving an imprint in the soil.
    I glanced over my shoulder every so often; having that feeling I was being followed. I staggered toward the rod iron gates of the cemetery. I scaled the gate with ease, of course being silent. I couldn’t hear what was following me but I could sense it.
    I slide around the tomb stones, following the curving winding paths. Grave after grave after grave. The same old things. Just me going through the motions. Of course I had a mission, something that I hoped no one after me would ever have to endure; but once I died, some other poor sap would take over.
    My shoes crushing the gravel as I walked the dark dimly lit path. I swayed a small bit as I walked, hoping to see anyone. Anything… to do.

    But it wasn’t always like this. No. I was just… a regular, ha yeah, regular teenager whose biggest worry was what am I going to wear to school. But…But not after I turn sixteen. Then what I thought was normal and well my life, turned upside down and did a cart wheel into Topsy-turvy town.
    All before I met Andrew and Tristan and the rest of the gang, who help me in this passionate world of kill or be killed.
    Then again it didn’t start out all bad....