• The suspense story begins with Orville staying over Scotty's house. Scotty tells the story of a deck outside the room they sleep in called "Hannah's Hope" Orville suddenly starts to here sobbing. Then he see's the green light of the fog horn. but the light went red. he got up and saw some1 shining a red light out into the water and something was reflecting it.

    ...Knowing what had to be done I...started trying to wake up Franco and Scotty. I started yelling "Wake up, guys!" The sobbing started to get louder and louder, and it sounded as if it was coming closer. Raising my voice, I kept on yelling. What would it take to wake these guys up!? Then i heard the sobbing again. It sounded like it was on Hannah's Hope. Being the sleuth I hope to be, I can't help but going to check out what the sound is. I started to edge towards the deck. I got that feeling the main character of a horror movie gets when he's waiting for something scary to appear. I was relieved to see there was nothing there. But then the red light flashed. I saw it, I mean her. I saw Hannah!.

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    With fear running down my spine, I dashed over to Scotty and Franco. I shook them, slapped them, and yelled in there ears. Finally i had woken them up.
    "What do you want," Scotty said with an angry look on his face.
    " You wont believe what i just saw!!" I yelled "Follow me!!"
    Scotty, Franco, and I got up and strolled over to the deck.
    "Just wait for the red light to shine," I told them.
    We waited ten minutes before Franco said "Dude, i think your goin' nuts."
    " B-b-but I really saw her."
    " Saw who?" Franco replied
    Scotty and Franco's eyes widened. They seemed to believe me now.
    "Wait, what's that sound?" Scotty said, with fear in his eyes.
    And there was the sobbing again.
    "Guys, to the deck. Quick!!" Before Franco and Scotty even got the gist of what i had said, I was off.
    They got there right when the red light shined again. They both saw her with me this time. But she didn't disappear with the light this time. She started to chase us. We had already started to run.
    "Oh god," Franco screamed. "She's gonna get us!!!"
    I totally agreed with him. We needed to get out of there fast. But when i looked back she was gone. Stopping, i accidentally close-lined my two friends.
    "Sorry guys" i said, helping them up.
    They both got up and said "It's alright, man." at the same time.
    " What happened to her?" Franco said.
    I thought to myself, I have no idea.

    And thats as far as ive gotten. telll me if i should continue or not