• I stand alone facing the wind,
    looking around me.
    My black whip shines in the moonlight.
    I watch the horror going on around me,
    Thinking, "What have I done?"
    My name you ask?
    My name is War.
    I am the one who caused the clashing of swords,
    the crackling of bombs...and worse.
    Even I mutter my own name as if it were a curse.
    War, War.
    I have caused the the white reapers of night to come
    and come again.
    I am not the night in shining armor,
    I am the one who killed him.
    I watch as the battlefield is littered with blood.
    I listen as the wind whispers, "Death..."
    Then I go.
    I have business elsewhere.
    I have more lives to ruin.