• Chapter 5: making my words - heals over head…

    The light peered into my window. The lights bothered me, not so much I would melt or go insane. But the way it fell over me; like pain fell over you when you fall and scrape your nee. It didn’t hurt my eyes; light just wasn’t a part of my nature anymore. The fact that I didn’t like the light was depressing. Because you always hear that good had to be acquainted with light. Seeing light coming in and knowing that if I told a mortal I hated it they would assume I was evil made me go insane.
    My head hurt from the sun. You know, how sometimes when smoke from a cigarette comes in on a hot day and you’re stuck with a headache for the rest of the day or when you go to a bar and drink for hours on end and the next day you wake up with a crazy headache. Right now at the moment that was me. The scent of daylight smelt so good too. The sun drew you in like cake does when you’re on a diet. The way you feel you can’t have it but you want it so much.
    No one was awake, not that it surprised me. But I felt so weird, so backwards, almost lost. I’ve never felt so odd in my life. I feel like you would on a day that it never stop raining and all you saw was gray. This feeling bothered me almost as much as the sun did. But my head hurt too much to get up.
    I wish Riley would wake up. She always seemed to comfort me and I was going to meet her friends today. I was nervous but not so much that I was scared or I had butterflies in my stomach.
    My heart hasn’t stopped pounding,so hard that i could hear it. It’s almost ridiculous, crazy, but over all depressing. I felt the feeling you get when you feel helpless, like I couldn’t be fixed. I feel like I went over a mountain and my ears haven’t stopped being popped for three days.
    I stepped carefully out of bed trying to make sure I don’t get up to fast and hurt my head. Lillian was sleeping at the end of the bed snoring softly in an adorable way. She was so cute and I was more than happy she was mine. Her way of life was so interesting, not to mention her obsession with cereal. She loves anything chocolate or fruity, just like I do. But we weren’t all alike ether. She hated when I say the word hell or when I ate too much even when I tide my was being lazy and tucked my shoe laces into my shoe. She was great though and very plight.

    HELP: lillian is her pet Imp.... shes half angelic and half demonic smile
    i hp