• Chapter 1: The Next Generation
    I suppose it would be easier for you to understand if I start at the beginning.
    After faster than light travel had been perfected, and the deepest reaches of space had been explored, starships became luxury cruisers instead of exploratory vessels, or any of the other uses for a starship. People instead began working on teleportation instead, 10 year trips now became a matter of seconds. So what was left in store? Where was there to go when you had seen the edge of the universe? The answer: was time. There were vast areas of time, that nobody had been to, other than the original inhabitants, so the exploration of time began. With the entire universe having the ability to time travel, there needed to be rules, and that’s where the time stream comes in. The Time Stream is a group of agents dedicated to monitoring the flow of time and stopping those who interfere too much, they are an elite group of both soldiers and scientists, and they take their jobs very seriously.
    I bet you are wondering when Triv comes into the picture. We will get to him in a moment, but first I need to explain why the Time Stream exists at all.
    When time travel was first developed, it could only be used to send pencils and other such small objects back and forth through time, but only in increments of a few seconds, eventually, you could send a humanoid back through time over 500 years, that, of course, is already obsolete. But with sending people through time came those who wanted to change the course of history. After the first few attempts at historical sabotage were barely stopped, the U.P.O. unanimously agreed that they would create a temporal army to stop that from ever happening, this army was called: The Time Stream (of course, what did you expect?)
    So now we are here, in the next generation of travel, through time itself.

    Chapter 2: The U.P.O.
    Universal Planetary Order, a delegation of all 3 billion sentient species, each species is allowed 2 representatives, one of which is usually silent and lets the other one talk. As one planet would be a bad place for a delegation of over 6 billion delegates, there are 300 sub-delegations stationed in different areas of the universe. Those sub-delegations will then decide how they will vote in the main delegations, then what they decide is how a single representative of the sub-delegations will vote in the main delegation (I know I’m using this word a lot, but I don’t know another word for delegation -_-), the U.P.O., they would usually have to have a unanimous agreement to take drastic measures, for smaller situations, such as making the rules that the Time Stream abides by would only need a 51% vote. There are many more facts about the U.P.O. but as none of them are interesting I will spare you the agony of reading legal things, on to the story at hand, shall we?

    Chapter 3: Triv
    Triv had grown up with the rules of time travel, and that it should never be abused, he had been good friends with everyone in his neighborhood, he had that special… something, that made you want to be friends with him, I suppose you could call it his innocence. Triv may have had many friends, but he only had one best friend, Deacon, ah yes, Deacon, he is, of course part of our story, but not yet.
    Triv had been only 3 when his parents died in a temporal destabilization (when something is looped around itself in time, nature cancels out the loop, completely eradicating anything within the loop, sadly, Trivs parents were in this loop when it happened). After that, Triv was taken in by none other than Deacon’s family, the Redores, so he grew up with his best friend, practically as a brother, in the same house. They were inseparable to begin with, but living together made it even harder to keep them apart, it was as if they really were brothers…

    yes, yes, i know the chapters are small