• Chapter 1-suspicion
    Perfect was what you’d call him. He had perfectly tan skin, dark huge seductive eyes, full lips that made every girl want to kiss him, and a breathtaking smile that would make you feel like everything was just going to be ok….and I loved him, just like every other girl at school. I was no different from them. I figured that I’d have absolutely no chance with him so I gave up early on. I went out with other guys, went to many school functions, all to try and keep my mind off him. The guys I went out with weren’t even close to him…..Jack…my love. They were all mediocre, or ugly and they couldn’t hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes without bringing up what’s new in Naruto. Those relationships never lasted longer than 1 month. There was one guy though, that I had to keep for 3 months.
    After school Jack casually strolled up to me and said “Hi”. I was extremely confused, I mean here’s a guy that has never talked to me and he just comes up and says hi. I stared back at his deadly seductive eyes and smile weakly then mumbled “hi”. I couldn’t stand the feeling of not being able to touch him or hug him or even talk to him so I just turned around and started to walk away. As I was walking Jack was following me. I abruptly turned around and asked him “what? What do you want?” he slightly smiled and said “you”. I just stared at him because I didn’t understand what he meant, he obviously wanted me but for what? Sex? Friend? Girlfriend?....Stalker? Because that’s all I really am to him now…..but of course he doesn’t know that. My current boyfriend suddenly came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled weakly at Jack and he scowled at me and walked away.

    When I was walking home from my bus stop my book bag started vibrating. I stopped and took my phone out, the number wasn’t one that I recognized so I just put it back in and kept walking. Only a few minutes later I felt my bag vibrating again. I took my phone out and it was the same number, I figured it must be somebody I know since they called more than once so I answered this time. “hello?” “oh hey Crimson” “who is this?” “it’s me…Jack…?” I dropped my phone on the ground from shock and it took me a few seconds to regain composure. I picked my phone up only hearing garbled words that sounded like “Crimson are you ok?”. When I put the phone to my ear I took a deep breath in and said “oh, hey sorry I tripped and just dropped my phone” “oh are you ok?” “Yes I’m fine just a little scraped knee….why did you call me?” “Because I wanted to talk to you…and ask you something” “ask me what?” “Do you love your boyfriend?” “ummmm….why?!” “Just answer the question, do you love him” “I will only tell you if you promise me that you won’t tell anybody!” “Ok ok I won’t” I sighed “……..no…not really…I can’t love him” “why not?” “Because….are we playing 20 questions or something?” “If you want to call it that then sure.” “Ok, well it’s my turn…” “Ok then ask” “how did you get my phone number?” “Well it’s easy you know all you have to do is ask some people…” “And who are those people?” “Well….your friends…” “UGH!!!! Traitors!” “Their not traitors they just worry about you” “why would they be worried?” “They think your boyfriend is….well dangerous” “and why would they think that?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe because the fact that he’s in a mob that is currently under inspection for drugs and murder…why would you want to be with somebody like that?” “I can’t tell you” “and why not?” “Because it’s a secret” “well you trusted me with one, why not another?” “Because this one is more personal” “how?” “because it’s in my heart” Jack was quiet for a while and then said “what if I told you a secret?” “well it depends on how deep the secret seems or how important it is to you” “it’s very important to me, it’s very very important” “well why don’t you tell me what it is and I’ll tell you mine” Jack paused for a long time, to the point where I asked “Jack?” “Yes?” “Are you going to tell me or not?” “Yes, I’m just trying to think about how to say it” “well, can you hurry?” “Why are you in a rush?” “because I’m nervous about what your gonna say!” “why?” “just….just say it!” “ok fine….I love you” I dropped my phone again and started jumping up and down. When I picked up my phone again it had shut off. I was suddenly scared that he would be offended. I quickly picked up my phone and turned it back on then called him back. “Hello, Jack?” “Hi” he said quietly, he sounded depressed. “Jack what’s wrong?” “you hung up on me…that doesn’t seem like a good sign at all” “well 1. I didn’t hang up on you, I dropped my phone and it turned off when it hit the floor 2. If I hung up on you then why did I call you back?” “I don’t know……why did you drop your phone?” “because I was surprised” “why?” “I never thought you could… or even would love me” “why wouldn’t I love you?” “Because I’m just to… normal” “no your special” “yeah, ok” “Why are you still with him if he is so dangerous?” “I already told that it’s a secret and I can’t tell you” “oh yeah and you were supposed to tell me the secret from your heart” I grimaced at the fact that he remembered “yeah…ummmm….are you sure you wanna know?” “yes, just tell me already” I took a deep breath “I…I ….I love you” it was quiet on the other end of the phone for a long time, I got scared and wondered if he just said that to laugh at me and have a good laugh with his friends when he finally said “no your not” “yes! Yes I am!” “then how come you won’t go out with me?” “well 1. You never asked 2. I was scared that you didn’t really like me… and hello you have like 6 girlfriends a year so how am I supposed to know that I can trust you?” “ I don’t know” “ok, you hold my life in your hands right now so if you drop it I’m gonna change my name and move to Las Vegas” Jack started laughing “why so drastic?” “that’s not funny, if my boyfriend found out that I didn’t love him he would kill me….literally” “well I can take care of that for you” “and how are you going to do that?” “I have connections”. I stayed quiet for a while, knowing that if I took him up on this offer I’d be responsible for a death… no a murder. I can’t do this…. No I’m not going to do this. “yeah you have connections, sure” I didn’t know what to say, I mean what do you say to somebody who’s suggesting to kill your boyfriend, even if you don’t like you can’t just go around killing people. Then I began to think about all the people he’s killed and gotten away with it, and how he treats me like trash. A new other girl every week….. I’m done with him, he might as well kill him. “Jack?” “Yeah?” “How would you kill him?” “You actually want me too?” “Do you want too?” “Well it would help…..” “Help what?” “My chance of being with you” “You already have every chance of being with me” “how?” sadly everything I’d been holding back came out in a rush. I told him about how much I love him and everything I had ever felt for him. After I was done he was very quiet. I suddenly got very nervous and just hung up the phone. I sat on my bed worrying about whether I should’ve told him all of that. When I looked at the clock it was about time for me to start dinner. As I was walking into my kitchen I heard my phone ring, when I looked at the number I knew it was Jack calling me again. I answered my phone. It was quiet for a while, every now and then I would hear him play music in the background but that was it. I’m guessing he didn’t know what to say, so I pulled together all the courage I could and I said “So what do you think about that?” “I don’t think its real” “why not?! Why don’t you believe me?! What do I have to do to make you believe me?!” “Whoa calm down I didn’t mean it that way I just meant that I never believed that you would actually love me and that all of this is actually happening” I sighed and started laughing “what’s so funny?” I kept laughing “Crimson what is so goddamn funny?” “The way you reacted” “whatever, do you want me to take care of him or not?” “Yes” “Ok” I heard somebody scream Jack’s name in the background and then he said “I have to go” “ok bye” and I hung up. I started making potatoes and pork chops. When my mom came home dinner was ready and I started to eat before she could even put her bag down. After I was done eating I went back to my room and did my homework while I listened to music. Once I took a shower and got into my pajamas I went to bed and fell asleep wondering if Jack really was going to kill him.

    When I woke up in the morning my mom was sitting on the chair in my room and she looked at me gravely. I sleepily stared back at her and tried to grasp why she looked like that. She put a piece of paper on my stomach and went out of the room. I waited till I could see clearly and read the three words that stopped my heart “Your boyfriend’s dead”. It took my breath away. I stopped breathing and started shaking. I laid on my bed thinking about how he might’ve died and what he thought about when he died. My mom came back in with chocolate and a sympathetic card. I sat quietly as she placed them on my nightstand and she said that his funeral was going to be tomorrow so I needed to make sure my old black dress and black shoes fit. I waited for her to leave the room and got up to find my dress and shoes.

    They kept the funeral simple by just burying him in their backyard. I kept my head down and my hair over my face so that nobody would realize I wasn’t crying. The rest of the mob was there and they kept quiet the whole time, but they were staring at me through the funeral. I figured they suspected me of murdering him so I asked my mom if I could leave early, she just nodded. When we got to the car the mob was already there. My heart started beating extremely fast and I tried to act as if I didn’t see them when I went to open the door. The mob leader was standing in front of it and I started crying out of fear. I looked up at him and mumbled “excuse me” he bent down so that his mouth was close to my ear and whispered “you will drive behind our car and follow us to your house, if you veer of course or try to drive away we will kill you and your mom” I just stared back at him and nodded meekly. I went around to the other side of the car and explained it to my mom she went over to the passenger side and got in quickly. I started the car and followed the mob to our house.

    When we arrived my own house seemed daunting to me. I slowly got out of the car and the mob boss’ right hand men led me into my mom’s room and threw me on the bed. The rest of the mob and my mom slowly filed in behind them. The mob boss started “now since your boyfriend wasn’t important to us I don’t care that he’s dead, but he we’ve been wanting you since he brought you to meet us all so one of my lucky men is going to have sex with you” “it won’t be sex, it’ll be rape!”I spat at him. He glared back at me and then relaxed his face “now, it won’t be these guys”-he motioned to the men that led me in-“it’ll be my own son, he’s very nice….your lucky that I’m being so nice to you. The day for you sex date-” “rape date” “will be exactly one week from now”. I curled up in a ball as his son ran his hand along my thigh going up to my butt. “Come on now son, no need to start now” he kissed me and winked as he walked out. When they were finally gone I cried for hours.

    When the crying slowed Jack was calling me. I wiped away my tears and tried to return my voice to normal. I answered the phone. “Hello?” my voice cracked, crap “Crimson what’s wrong?” “nothing, nothing at all” “don’t lie to me, just tell me” I sighed and tried to find the courage to say but all I could say was “Rape” it was quiet until I heard what sounded like growling and then Jack said “to who? YOU?!” “Yes”. Jack let out a full blown scream and said “don’t worry about them anymore I’m gonna kill them too” “Jack no, don’t do that… that’s too much on my conscience” “might be for yours but not mine” and Jack hung up the phone.

    Hours later on the eleven o’clock news there was a report on a massacre of the Woodstock City mob. I stopped breathing again and called Jack. “Jack why did you kill the mob?” “Because they were going to rape you!” I thought about this and remembered how the mob boss’ son touched me and kissed and looked at me and I couldn’t stand it. “Ok” I mumbled. I told Jack that I was sleepy and hung up. I need to walk in the woods again…. Just clear my mind.

    I was walking in the deep lush forest of Elijay, Georgia only about an hour away from my house. I was prepared for a long day in the woods; I had my mp3 player and a bottle of Gatorade. I was singing and dancing….. Well it wasn't really dancing it's more like spinning in a circle on my toes. I mainly practiced with rock music. It wasn't very windy an occasional breeze but nothing major. I felt a sudden gust of wind and my long curly black hair flew around my angular face. I looked around me and saw nothing so I kept walking. But then it happened again, slightly scared I walked a bit faster. I heard mumbling and started running, I didn't know where I was going to go but I knew it had to be away from there. Then I heard laughing and it only got louder which made me run faster and because I wasn't paying attention and I ran into something... somebody. I ended up falling on him and when I opened my eyes again he was laughing so hard! I immediately jumped up and saw Jack, laughing so hard his face was red. I felt so embarrassed that I started crying and hung my head low enough that he couldn't see my face. I backed away slowly and kicked him. He wouldn't stop laughing. Not knowing how to make him stop I ran, I ran till I couldn't hear him anymore. I stopped running and slumped down against a tree. I just sat there and thought about everything and anger and embarrassment just exploded inside of me. Then I jumped up and started screaming “WHY???????!!!!!!!! MY DAY WAS FINE!!!!! THEN I FALL AND HE LAUGHS AT ME…OF ALL PEOPLE WHY HIM????!!!!!!!!!!!!” I collapsed onto my hands and knees as new hot tears fell down my face, as I'm crying I Hatred immediately hit me when I realized he'd been watching me through my whole breakdown, and I stood up and just glared at him, he just smiled back at me. We both just stood there, staring. He slowly walked up and didn't stop till I could feel his breath on my face “you have a really a beautiful voice” he commented. I looked up at him and he saw the tears streaks left behind “I’m sor-” he started “NO YOUR NOT!!!!!”I interrupted. The scream was loud enough that he backed away from me. I started to turn around but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back “I am sorry!” he pleaded. I couldn't take it anymore because I knew he was lying to me. “IF YOUR SO SORRY THEN HOW COME YOU JUST WATCHED ME HAVE AN EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN AND PURPOSELY TRIPPED ME???!!!!” “I didn't know you were crying and I didn't trip you, you just weren't paying attention to were you were going.” “Whatever” I mumbled. I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back into his arms “I really am sorry! Please believe me” he pleaded. I started to say something but I kept staring at his eyes, there was something very odd about them, I felt like light, and almost dreamy…I must’ve looked like an idiot because Jack chuckled. Instead of saying what I wanted to I ended up saying “but-....what-...how d-...?” I've only read about eyes like his in a Vampire book which I immediately forced myself to remember they don't exist. I slowly pulled away, and realizing that I was fine he let me go. I looked at him and he smiled, I tried not to smile but it escaped and he beamed triumphantly. I walked with him through the woods talking about random things. We walked to a spot where only the strongest beams of light could break through the dense tree canopy. He stopped walking and I asked him “what’s the matter?” he didn't answer me, so I asked him “You ok? Is the massacre finally getting to you?” He looked at me like I was crazy but still said nothing. “Am I missing something?” I asked again. He took a deep breath and pulled me closer to him “what’s going on?” I kept asking a little more scared this time. “If I tell you something you can't tell anybody, except for maybe Rosemary or Elvira” he mumbled “ok?” I replied curiously. “You know how you El and Rose love vampires?” “Ya, of course” “what would you say if I told you I was one?” “I’d say your crazy and they don't exist” “I figured somebody with an obsession as big as yours would be jumping up and down right now” “but why should get excited over something that might not even be true?” “Exactly, might or might not.” he proposed with a crooked smile. He started walking again knowing that he'd peaked my curiosity. I kept walking with him pretending I’d forgotten about what he said while the fact that my love might be a vampire intrigued me.