• Sonata was walking down the street, blasting rock music in her headphones when she heard someone cussing even louder than her very loud music. She paused her rock fest and took out one headphone and looked around confused. ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ she thought. Then she heard extremely loud cussing and followed it to an ally. There she saw a white haired man basically getting attacked by fangirls.

    “What the ******** is going on here?” She asked loudly over the screams and squeals of the fangirls. All the girls went silent and looked at her with disgust. “What?” Sonata asked, getting pissed. “You’re not getting Hidan-Chan from us and that’s that.” said one of the girls snobbishly. “What the hell is you’re problem b***h?” Sonata cussed at her. “And what the hell is with the nickname. Hidan-Chan? You make him sound like a ******** chick!” Sonata yelled at them. Some of the girls scoffed and others got angry and stormed off.

    While the fangirls were focused on Sonata, Hidan snuck away, silently thanking her and promising that he will find her later. Soon after Sonata beat up some prisses, the girls noticed that Hidan had snuck off. They all walked off mumbling ‘crap’ and other things. Sonata just scoffed and walked off, blasting her music ounce again.

    Again Sonata was walking down the street when a hand landed on her shoulder and she turned, ready to defend herself. When she turned she saw the last thing she thought she would see standing in front of her, standing there was Hidan. “Hey thanks for helping me back there.” He said looking at her with a smirk on his face. “No prob.” She said waving it off. “Lemme pay you back somehow.” He insisted. “What did you have in mind?” she inquired, not knowing what to expect out of this boy.

    Hidan grabbed her hand and ran. They ran all the way down Third Street until they got to a restaurant called The Lost Café. “So as payment to me you’re taking my out to eat?” she asked. “Yup.” He said as they walked in, Hidan still holding her hand. “Cool.” She said smirking the same smirk as him. “Table for two please.” Hidan said to the waiter person. Then he whispered to him “Somewhere private please.” He whispered and passed the waiter a 5 dollar bill.

    The waiter nodded and told them to follow him. They followed him all the way to that back and sat down. “I will be back to take your order.” The waiter said and left, leaving them alone. “So….tell me about yourself.” Hidan said staring into Sonata’s eyes. “You first.” She replied smirking again. “Fine. I’m Hidan. I cuss a lot, I’m immortal, I want someone to love and I worship Lord Jashin.” He said looking at her, waiting for her to answer. “I’m Sonata, I’m immortal too, I want someone to love and I too worship Jashin-Sama.” She said looking into his captivating violet eyes. “Then I guess were made for one another.” He said smirking.

    Then out of nowhere he leans in and presses his warm lips against hers. She pushes back and they both smirk. With Jashin-Sama’s approval they start to kiss each other more. She slips her hands around his neck and he holds her hips. He pulls back and chuckles. “What?” Sonata asks him. “Nothing It’s just I’ve never shown anyone this side of me. Be mine?” he asks her looking deep into her brown eyes. “Of course.” She says smiling lovingly at him. They kiss again and then go to the park. There they fall asleep on a park bench together. After that they could never be separated.