• One beautiful afternoon during summer in the mountains with pretty,weird flowers all over the lawn, a girl named Tenshi was sitting out in the sun, reading a children's book. The five-year-old took a sip of her mom's tomato juice after she knew her mom wasn't looking. With a giggle, she turned back to the book.
    "Th..the dog li..lived happily ever..afta," she announced, proud that she had read through the whole book. Tenshi jumped up, almost spilling the juice as she ran back into the house, "Mommy! Daddy! I did it! I read tha whole book! Tha dog and tha cat got in a fight but they fixed it! And, and! They lived happily ever afta!" She was jumping up and down, excited.
    Her mom smiled, "That's great, honey. Want another book to read?"
    Tenshi giggled, "Yeah!" She spun around and clapped her hands before holding out her hands expectantly.
    "Now now, what do you say?"
    "Puh-lease mommy. Please can I have tha book?"
    Her mother nodded, and went to the bookshelf, pulling out the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr. Seuss, and gave it to her daughter.
    "Ooo. I haven't read this yet, thanks Mommy!" She ran back outside with the book.
    Her father looked up, "I've never seen a kid so interested in books.."
    "Mhm. Neither have I. Though I've heard I used to be the same way."
    Meanwhile, Tenshi was reading the book with a goofy grin on her face, "Do you l..like green e..eeggs and ham? I do not like tham, S..Sam-I-am.." She giggled, and drank more of the tomato juice, but before she could finish it, the glass slipped from her hands and fell, splattering the juice all over the book.
    "OH NU!" She yelled, and ran into the house, crying some, "Mommy! I spilled your juice all ova tha book!"
    Her mother didn't look surprised, "Don't worry, I'll get you a new book. You just need to learn to be more careful."
    Tenshi wiped her tears, and nodded, "Ok..I'm sorry mommy." She sniffled, "I'll be more careful.."
    "Good. Now lets go get youy a new book, shall we?"
    Her father was already up, reaching for his car keys, "Lets go."
    Tenshi smiled, "YAY!"