• tab There he was, probably the hottest guy that I’d ever meet. he was standing at the door, eyes gazing down at the floor. The class was staring, and he seemed to dislike all the unnecessary attention he was getting.
    tab He was obviously emo, I could tell since his hair was fashioned the normal way for most emos. It was jet-black covering half of his face. He wore a black shirt, white words covering it, in a sad saying that I myself cared about. It said, “Why live this Life if no one cares? I wish I would die.” The teacher seemed not to be phased by his shirt, or appearance.
    tab The new boy’s eyes were black, and he had one lip-piercing, adding to his hotness. he wore dark-blue jeans, and his shoes where blood-red. Over his shirt was a dark-gray jacket, covering his wrists neatly. I immediately knew why.
    tab The teacher smiled to him, then the class, motioning to him as she spoke, “Class. Meet our newest student. His name is Payne.” Turning back toward the 14-year-old, Payne, she asked, “Would you like to say anything to the class?”
    tab Frowning, he glared unnecessarily at the teacher, who didn’t seem to notice, before answering in a low, dangerous voice.
    tab “No.” With that, he moved to my desk, for the only free seat was beside me. Sitting down, he gazed ahead of him, at the board, eyes narrowed.
    tab I frowned, sliding a note over to him, my writing scrawled across the top line of the paper in blue ink.

    tab Hi there. My name is Keimune. Welcome to hell.

    tab He smirked a bit, before writing back.

    tab Yo. Heh, thanks for the welcoming. So .. This is hell, eh?

    tab Sadly yes, Yes it is. So... You’re emo?

    tab Payne stiffened, glaring out in the window. With a slight nod, he acknowledged my question.

    tab Cool .. Same here. I held out my hand, wrists facing up, showing him my scars. Have any scars?

    tab He nodded again.

    tab May I see them?

    tab He rolled back his sleeve, showing me many scars, followed with some recent cuts, looked like he cut just before he arrived.
    tab I just sighed, and mouthed the word “Oh.”
    tab I then slipped the note quickly into my binder, right when the teacher stepped by us.