• Chapter 1 : Phantoms Return

    Name: Phantom Stone Memories.

    Hair: Jet Black.

    Skin color: Light Brown.

    Height: 5’11”.

    Weight 136 pounds.

    Special Ability: able to make things come to life.

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: EX

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Favorite Food: Pork Ramen and Beef Ramen

    Favorite Drink: Water and Strawberry milk

    Scars: Has over his left eye from his earlier experiments

    Family: Father is at war Mother also at war no brothers or sisters only child

    Past: learned to control his ability at an early age and was head of the police force at age 5 left 10 years later to further pursue his alchemy research he is now a master Alchemist in 10 collage’s in the state. Has a friend who is also an alchemist that is the same as Phantom almost his twin. Phantom was an outcast taunted because he wasn’t always a perfect alchemist some experiments went wrong scaring his eye. Phantom taught his self alchemy, both parent aren’t alchemist

    Collage: Phoenix Academy class Alchemy 101

    Friend’s: 1 Terry alucard beginner Alchemist

    Enemies: everyone who doesn’t understand his work

    Work: Alchemy force sub-division section 6 Government secret sub-division super-secret

    Second Job: teaching alchemy to those who want to learn it.

    Hobby’s: bettering his alchemical skills and learning to respect the laws of alchemy to get
    something one must give something of equal or greater value than that of you sent.
    Name Phanta Stone Memories

    Gender Female

    Blood Type: EX

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Age: 15

    Favorite Food: Pork Ramen and Beef Ramen

    Favorite Drink: Water and Strawberry milk
    Chapter 1: Reverse pr operatives

    ^Alchemy Academy Alchemy training 101^

    “Hero’s or zero’s here and their” Phantom said sitting on a chair arms crossed

    “What?” Terry asked standing next to Phantom

    “He was their one minute and gone the next minute” a female voice said

    “Um who are you talking about?” Phantom asked jumping over to Ishitake Rei

    “You that’s who” Ishitake Rei said as Phantom landed

    “Oh where were we?” Phantom asked

    “At my house in my bed. . .” Rei trailed as Phantom Kissed her on the lips

    ^20 minute’s later^

    “I remember. . .” Phantom said as the kiss broke and he disappeared

    “Oh” Rei said softly her cheeks as red as a rose

    “Hey Ishitake” Terry called “Ya might wanna see dis” he added

    ^On the ground below^

    “Baka’s I am not gonna stop!” a man shouted

    “You will when I kill you!” Phantom shouted slamming the man’s head into the ground

    “Ahhh!” he screamed his head broken

    ^Above in the school^

    “Whoa such power” Terry said

    ^Back down below^

    “You will if I kill you” Phantom said coldly

    “Unfortunately I can’t and won’t back down” the only remaining man said

    “Golden Eagle Blade Drop!” Phantom shouted killing the man


    “That was brutal” Rei said as Phantom looked at the window

    “So sorry you had to see that Madam Ishitake” Phantom said bowing

    “I understand” Rei said

    "Mistress Come quick!” a counsel man shouted

    “What’s going on?!” Rei shouted following the man

    ^Down the hall^

    “What the hell are you mental he’ll kill you Idiot’s!” A voice screamed

    “Keep your mouth shut Idiot!” Jack screamed a bomb strapped to his chest

    “Itskue Slicing Drop 30 chops!” Phantom shouted slicing the Bomb into 30 pieces

    “Oh dear I’m done for” Jack said as Phantom knocked him out with the handle of the sword

    “Baka” Phantom said coldly sheathing his blade

    “Hello Rei” Soul And Heart said

    “Oh are you another fool to be knocked out?” Phantom asked

    “No” Heart said punching Phantom in the stomach

    “Eh” Phantom said holding his stomach

    “Don’t treat me like I’m a bad guy” Heart said

    “Who are you?” Phantom asked

    “Heart And Soul that’s who Phantom Stone memories’” Heart said

    “Heart And Soul?! That’s you?” Phantom asked in shock

    “The one and only” Heart said

    “I’m a huge fan” Phantom said “please sign this please” he added holding out book

    “Thank’s” Heart said signing the book “You’re the only one that’s a fan” Heart mumbled to him self

    “Thanks Mr. Soul” Phantom said hugging Heart

    “Please call me Heart” Heart said

    “I’d be honored Heart” Phantom said reveling his true form a girl

    “Hey Phanta” Heart said

    “You knew the whole time didn’t you? You knew I was a girl” Phanta said her voice higher and more female

    “Yes Phanta although you did a very nice transformation I rate it 9 Star’z” Heart said kissing Phanta on the cheek

    “Thanks” Phanta said blushing

    “You’re welcome” Heart said smiling

    “You mean I had sex with a girl?!” Rei yelled embarrassed

    “Yeah that’s about right…” Phanta said kissing Rei on the lips
    “Oh…” Rei said blushing

    “Whoa kiss her again” A male student said his eyes open wide

    “Beat it you perv!” Phanta yelled slapping the boy with a paper fan

    “Still as irritable as ever eh Phanta-Chan?” A voice asked

    “Kaikyu? Is that you?” Phanta asked as she tried to locate the location of voice

    “Hai that it is” Uraiu Kaikyu said sitting on the vending machine in the dimly lit hallway

    “Kai! You came after all” Heart said hugging Kaikyu

    “Yeah I told you i would” Kaikyu said hugging Heart back

    “Have you seen Yui anywhere? I haven’t seen her in a week I’m worried about her oh I hope she’s okay” Heart said his expression changing from happy to sad and worried

    “I’ll go look for her later” Kaikyu said driving off on his motorcycle

    “Be careful Kai” Heart said softly as the dust settled

    “Yui! Where are you?!” Kaikyu yelled speeding through the streets

    “I’m over here!” Soul Yui shouted as Kaikyu rolled to a stop

    “Hop on” Kaikyu said holding out his hand

    “Who are you?” Yui asked

    “My name is Uraiu Kaikyu but you can call me Kai or Kyuu” Kaikyu said driving back to Hiru-Hiru Academy

    “Okay Kai-kun” Yui said holding onto Kaikyu tightly so she doesn’t fall

    ^Hiru-Hiru Academy^

    “Here we are” Kaikyu said sliding to stop

    “Sister you’re safe! Thanks Kai” Heart said hugging Yui

    “No Prob buddy there are a few other thing’s I have to tend to I’ll be back in about 2 hours later Yui” Kaikyu said driving off

    “Bai Kyuu-Chan” Yui said blushing

    “Hello Yui my name is Phanta Stone Memories” Phanta said kissing Yui on the cheek

    “Hi Phanta-Chan” Yui said returning Phanta’s kiss with her own

    “Yui is that you?” A female voice asked on that Yui knew well

    “Mommy is that you?” Yui asked

    “Yes baby I’m the school nurse for Hiru Academy” Soul Sarah said entering the picture

    “What can you tell me about that Kaikyu he seems shifty” Yui said switching to the offensive

    “Here’s his background history or…at least the recorded history from his recent past there is still much we don’t know” Sarah said looking at a folder

    “So he’s a former Marine huh?” Yui asked
    “Yes but he doesn’t like to talk about it he says it something from a bad memory” Sarah said looking at the determined look on Yui’s face

    “Doesn’t matter now He’ll have to talk about it” Yui said

    ^2 hours later^

    “I’m back” Kaikyu said opening the door and taking off his helmet

    “So you’re a former Marine are you Kyuu?” Yui asked

    “Yes. . .i am… why?” Kaikyu asked looking at Yui, tears in his eyes as he began to Flash-Back

    ^Flash-Back at age 5^

    “No mother! Come on don’t die on me mom NO!!!!! I won’t let you die here I love you
    MOTHER NO!!!!!!” Kaikyu screamed tears flowing from his eyes

    “Kai? Are you okay?” Yui Rei Sarah and Phanta asked

    “The b*****d that killed my family will pay with his life!” Kaikyu screamed slamming his hand into the wall breaking it

    “And you’ll be paying for that wall you just destroyed” the principle said

    “That wall means nothing! My mother was raped and killed in this very school this very spot 10 damn years ago! And you’re mother did nothing, except laugh! As she watched it happen, the man who killed my mother is you’re father! And I will kill him and you if you happen to get in my way got it trog?, Now I’m outta here.” Kaikyu said disappearing on his motorcycle

    “Oh I didn’t know” Principle Raven said looking at the smoke from Kaikyu’s motorcycle

    ^25 miles outside of town^

    “That trog got on my last nerve luckly I didn’t kill her there” Kaikyu said reving his engine

    “That ‘Trog’ whats a trog?” a voice asked

    “Trog someone who means nothing or very little to a person or people who’s askin?” Kaikyu
    asked looking around

    “Nobody but a bird” A Bird said flying in front of Kaikyu

    “Who are you?” Kaikyu asked shuting off his Motorcycle Falcon

    “I told you Kyuu My Name is A Bird” A Bird said his wings retracting

    “Hi A Bird How’d you find me?” Kaikyu asked

    “You’re Spirit is angry and I can track Spirits and I found you Kyuu-Chan” A Bird said
    “Don’t call me that” Kaikyu said taking his helmet off

    “Sorry Kyuu” A Bird said looking at Kaikyu

    “What are you doin’ here?” Kai asked looking at a picture in a locket around his neck
    “She’s cute who is she?” A bird asked

    “My mother that’s who the man who killed her will be found and killed by me! That’s a promise” Kai said lighting a cigarette

    “Who killed her? Maybe I can help” A Bird said

    “If you hate me tell me so if you love me hold me close, I love you if you stay true my mind and soul for you forever my love is for you always and forever.
    If you love me let me know if you love let it show hold me close and don’t let go, so I shall know how I love you so you are my angel from heaven above you are my only love.
    If you love me let me know if you hate me let me know, my love for you burns for you like a thousand raging fire’s I would die a thousand deaths if it meant I could hold you in my arms again.” Kai mumbled to him self

    “If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.” A Bird mumbled

    “Rain fell down from the dark clouds; I looked up tears falling from my eyes. I was soaked from head to toe, sitting on the bench that brought back a painful memory. It scared me I can't live without her,” Kai said

    “why, why .i am I in chained with sorrow for a inhuman imperfect world of no good plantation owners children who just want to put me on a chain and parade me up about town like and animal I mean let`s see what we can screw with next; I mean thinking about this planet of the apes, I know you think about it when you watch the news but. Are we the beast you fear, I mean its not like you have not given it thought its fine” A Bird said

    “H. is for the hell that the world has endured without any fair treatment
    A. is for the attitudes that the Demons face from other people
    T. is for the tempered toleration for Gods from other people
    E. is for everyone who should have been given full right of the constitution” Kai said

    “H.A.T.E Clever” A Bird said

    “And my current favorite team killing ******** tard douche bag!” Kai said