• I stood there, looking across the hills and plains, searching, always searching for those familiar eyes.

    There! running across the hills to me was a Stallion. his black coat flashing blue in the rising sun. those blue eyes, so pretty, so happy, made me melt with happiness.

    " Fire." i whispered. he trotted up to me and i hugged him. stroking his soft mane, whispering his name over and over.

    My best friend, came back to me. like i knew he would. i couldn't bear not to see that happy horse, couldn't bear not to see his blue eyes ever again.

    i jumped on his back and he ran like lighting, across the hills and plains, across rivers of ice. all the way he seemed as happy as i was.

    we stopped, in front of my house i climbed unwillingly off. he stared in to my eyes, like he could see my soul.

    " My best friend. i must leave you." he said.

    despair crushed me. " What? you can't leave! it's impossible for you to leave! i need you Fire! don't go!" i cried.

    he touched his nose to my forehead. " Remember friend, remember all those late night rides in to the mountains, the times we got in trouble, remember our oath, to always be with each other, no matter where we went. to always be friends. Remember in your heart, that i am always there. i swear to you, you wont see me but i will be there for you, Always." he drifted with the wind, leaving my eyes.

    " No! Fire! don't leave me! i need you! don't go!" I tried to chase the wind, and failed. " I love you Fire." I whispered.

    and in my heart i heard an answer. " I love you too."

    i stared at the moon, and there was the shape of a galloping stallion. i smiled, still sad but happy at the same time.

    i knew that i wasn't alone.