• Picture this: Two friends. A girl and a boy. The girl likes the boy but he likes girl#2. One day, the boy was so depressed because the girl#2 dumped him. The girl notices and consolates him. Despite liking girl#2, in a depressed state, the boy sleeps with the girl and the next morning, she wakes up and he's already gone. She arrives at school and sees the boy and girl#2 talking. the girl felt her heart tighten.
    Three weeks later, same thing: The girl likes the boy -her friend-, the boy likes girl#2, and girl#2 is noticing the boy. During class, the girl suddenly feels as if she were swalling up and storms out of the classroom. Runs to the bathroom and vomits. She's pregnant. The boy and everyone else tought it must've been something she ate.

    Currently, girl#2 and the boy are going out. the girl and the boy are still good friends. The boy still doesn't know his friend bears a child that's his.
    One normal day in the classrom, class hadn't begun yet. The boy and girl#2 were making out when The girl walks in the classroom. She waves hello to The boy and sits on her chair.

    [The girl: tought]
    I fear there's something very wrong
    It feels like tragedy to me
    As much as I try to describe
    You're my distraction
    and my reaction
    Well you may go
    but I beg you to stay

    What will become of my dear friend?
    Where will his actions lead him to?
    The worst is just about to come
    When will he notice
    my feelings for him?
    And will he see
    how much he means to me
    I think it's not to be

    And will we ever
    end up together
    no I think not
    it's never to become
    For I am not the one

    If only he'd knew that I bear... his... child.

    [The boy walks up to girl: smirk]
    You've gotten... big... no offense.

    [The girl hesitates. Should she tell him or not:]
    I... I...

    [The boy: rolls eyes]

    [The girl: low voice]
    I'm pregnant...

    [The boy: hesitation]
    W-What? Jajajajaja! That's the meanest prank ever. *Breaths heavily* ... um... uh...

    D-Don't play like that!

    [The girl: cries]
    I'm sorry... I didn't mean to.

    [The boy: enraged]
    And you wont. If this a sick lie I swear... I don't know what I'll be capable of...

    [The girl:]
    This is no lie... I could never lie to you about something so serious... I... I...

    [The boy: enraged]

    [The girl: thinks twice]
    I love you... even tough my feelings are a distraction in your relationship with her.

    [The boy: hesitation; state of shock]
    Love or not... That child is not mine!!

    [The girl: wipes tears; sighs, smiles]
    Don't worry.
    I know exactly what to do. By tomorrow, all your problems will be gone... including my feelings for you.

    [The boy: strange look]
    The bell rings and the boy and girl#2 walk outside. The boy, still nervous of what the girl meant by what she says, goes to his house and so does girl#2. The girl walks to her house. When she gets there, she takes a shower and gets dressed in her best suit. She fixes her hair as if she were going to a wedding or something and sits on her desk. She grabs a pen and a paper.

    [The girl: writting]
    Dear Mark: Now that I no longer am, you and Danielle have a free path. Now that I no longer am, you wont have to carry the burden of a child. Now that I no longer am, I wish the best of luck to both of you. Sincere farewell, Norah

    The girl then pulls out of a draw, a pocket knife and stabs herself on the abdomen. Her life slowly drains away like her blood on the floor.

    Mark dumped Danielle the day before Norah's funeral. The next day, Mark cried like he'd never cried before.

    Five years later: Mark is married with the wrong woman. Still no children. Still cries over the death of his friend. One monday morning.

    [The wife: puts breakfeast plate on table; kisses Mark]
    Good morning, sweetie. Ready for work?

    [Mark: sighs; grabbs plate]
    Yeah... I'm leaving.

    [The wife: comfused]
    What? No breakfeast?

    [Mark: Looks for excuse]
    N-No... I have too much work. Can't affor to miss out.

    Mark leaves quickly to his office. When he arrives, the secretary comes in to his office.

    [the secretary: places files on desk]
    Good morning, mr. Smith. Here are your files and receipts from yesterday. Is there any special request you need?

    [Mark: Raises an eyebrow]
    Yes... bring me a single red rose...

    [The secretary: comfused]

    [Mark: Smirk]

    The secretary runs out of the office to fine a rose. Mark remembers his old friend. His mistake. And how it all happened so fast. How he threatened her. How he rejected her. One and have an hour later, Mark was driving to the cementary. He lied to his wife when he said he had a lot of work. Today, he was going to make a terminal decision about his life.

    Shortly after, he was standing infront of his friend's grave. He pulled out the same pocket knife Norah had used on her and cut opened a small wound on his hand. The blood dripped down and he smiled a grin. He placed the rose underneath his hand and his blood stained the luring red petals of the flower. He dropped the rose on the ground and dropped on his knees.

    [Mark: Crying; screaming; sob]


    He grabs the pocket knife and stabs himself in the abdomen. His body falls untop of the rose and there he dies: upon the grave of his own mistake.

    Now that you have pictured this... how does this make you feel?

    Does it put you to think?

    Moral: Never, ever, EVER let your feelings get the best of you. When something goes wrong, don't lose control 'cause that'll just make things worst. First calm down and then look for options. Wish yu the best of luck!