• Our Love is As SickAs A Real Heart
    by Colene E.
    *In Class-Colleen's P.O.V.*[

    "Still want to know what I think of her?"he said,trying not to make our conversation too obvious.
    "No duh!Your desicion matters to me.I need to know who should and shouldn't be my girlfriend,damn it!",I said in a scream-whisper.Isn't there a word for that?
    "Fine fine fine.You bisexuals and your bipolar attitude.",he retorted.He's such a guy.
    "Hear that?I think it's coming from a STEREO-type."I said,using my oh-so-great come-back.
    "No sorry.Im def."he retorded yet again,using his adorkable goofy smile.
    "Fine then I guess I'm-"I was cut short to the yell of a Colleen! in the background.

    "Is there something you'd like to share with us,Ms.Andon?"said the ugly old witch.
    "They say sharing is caring.Since I don't care,I won't share.Boy,I feel like Dr.Seuss today!"as I usually said that to hide my embarassment.
    I wasn't all surprised when everyone laughed...except for(of course) Mrs.Widow.That woman has seriously gotta get a new husband.I mean,what's up with being a Misses if your last name is Widow?!
    She was one of the reasons I would rather live in Iraq then at an academy.All she did was talk to us so we couldn't find enough time to have conversations in class.Sure we're supposed to learn,but with her never missing
    work we tend to go nuts when we get out at nutrition.I gotta give her props though,years ago I could barely talk to anyone in my classes.

    "You and Brason,go to counseling office.NOW."she said as she wrote on the white-board.She didn't bother looking this time.It was the same thing everyday anyway.
    We both stood up at the same time to get our slips.Quickly got the stamp signature Mrs.Widow used and stamped the teacher signature parts.I finished before Brason so headed out the door.I decided to wait to corner him about my question.I heard him talking to Mrs.Widow about some new idea of his and soon he was out by my side.
    He looked so calmly happy to be there again.He looked different everyday still with the same Brason looks.Brason had dark medium length hair for a guy.He had tan skin to match his tall figure.This attractive looking guy next to me just so happens to be my best friend.Any girl would die just to get near him,he was "all that" in school.Brason had asked me out a few years ago though when we weren't all that close yet.I rejected him for the reason of being lesbian.He was the first to know.Now?I'm bisexual,he was the reason for the change.
    "Tell mee!!!"whined I.
    "Oh yeah right.Which girl again?"he asked,not really paying much attention to me.
    "Mrs.Widow."I replied.
    "Yah yah.She's hot."yet again not listening.
    I pinched his cheek to get his attention back to normal."I said MRS.WIDOW and YOU said HOT.What the freak is up with you?"
    "Oh sorry.I was kinda dosed off with something I saw on Mrs.Widow's desk."he said as he shook his head to regain attention.
    "Tell me later then.So do you think Alice is a good match for me?"I asked,trying to get it done and over with.
    "Alice is great.Who knew a new girl could be so lesbian.If she were straight I'd ask her out."said he,smirk and all.
    "Thank yooou!So NOW tell me about the Mrs.Widow crap.What was on her desk?"
    "A note.I only saw a little of it."he said with a stressed look on his face.Look who's bipolar now.
    "Do I even have to ask?What'd the note say?"I eagerly asked.
    "It was a school transfer document.With your name on it."