• Written By;
    Miina Craig

    Chapter Three

    Les Cing Maitres

    By the time I got to the restaurant I was about fifteen minutes late. I know a lot of females say that being late is fashionable but it just isn’t smart if you make Master’s of the city wait for you.

    The guy who waited at the podium in front looked at me as if he looked epast me.

    “Rayne,” a deep gentleman voice whispered from behind me. “Is that you?”

    I turned around to face the man behind me. “Who are you?” I knew that I had heard that voice before I just didn’t know where.

    “Oh thank God you are here; Nathaniel was getting very antsy and was worried that you weren’t going to show.” He smiled a half smile and ran his hand through his shaggy green hair.

    “Your Pierce right,” I asked.

    He nodded then got a scared look on his face. “My apologies I am so sorry that I didn’t introduce my self, I hate to say it but I am not as composed as our own Maitre.” He paused for a second then took a deep breath giving me a slight bow that he could manage in the crowd. “My name is Pierce Masters.” He wispered holding out his hand.

    I placed my hand into his and smiled. “My name is Rayne Osaki, although I think that you already know that.”

    Pierce nodded. “Well it is always nice to hear your beautiful voice say it.” He said with a soft chuckle. “Anyway Lady Osaki, follow me this way.” He said placing my hand through his arm.

    I smiled; even Nathaniel never treated me like this.

    When we entered the room, Nathaniel was seated at the head of the table where he was supposed to be, there were two seats on either side of him, one of them was for Pierce the other was set for me. Nathaniel didn’t get up, it was Pierce who pulled out my chair.

    Nathaniel looked up at me as I walked over to my chair. There was a hint of anger in his eyes, but it disappeared quickly when he met mine.

    “Ma Chéri you made it.” Now he got up.

    I sat down in the chair next to him and he helped push me in.

    “Why didn’t you tell me that she was here?” Nathaniel asked looking at Pierce.

    “I just found out myself Maitre,” He bowed his head and took his seat. “Please forgive me.”

    I looked up at Nathaniel. “Why did you want me to come here so bad?” I asked watching him take his own seat. “Aren’t you supposed to have a meeting with the Four Masters?” I asked getting very uncomfortable.

    He smiled at me and picked up his white wine glass. “So it is true, you truly do not know that of why you are here?”

    I nodded then looked over at Pierce, but he was no longer in the room.

    “Ma Chéri you look so beautiful tonight.” He said with a smile. “But, I don’t know why I tell you this; you should already know you always look elegant. Even when your body is covered in blood. “

    I looked at him. “You do realize that this is only the second time that we met?”

    He laughed a low manly laugh. “This may be the second time that we have met, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen you.” He said as he tilted the glass to the side so that he could see me clearly.

    I laughed softly. “Be careful you’re starting to sound like a stalker.”

    He nodded in agreement. “Touché, but that will not stop me form watching over you Ma Chéri.”

    I stared at the plate in front of me for a couple of very uncomfortable moments before I heard him take in a very deep breath.

    “Ma Chéri.” His voice filled the room like a soft breeze.

    I looked up at him fighting back the shudder that my body wanted to make so bad. “What is it?” I managed to get out in a slow hiss.

    He smiled and looked back at the half empty glass. “I never told you the reason on why you are here did I not?”

    I shook my head.

    “I am surprised that you let me get away with that.” He whispered.

    “I am not myself today.” I whispered looking at the window to the outside, oh how I wish I could leave.

    He nodded once again then went on. “Today we are having a meeting,”

    “The four Masters,” I interrupted.

    He looked at me with his astounding eyes. “No Ma Chéri Les Cing Maitres.” He whispered holding up five fingers.

    “Five Masters, But I thought there was one for each race.” I whispered. “There are only four main races.”

    He chuckled once again and pointed at me. “What are you Ma Chéri?” He asked. “You are none of the four above, what does that make you?”

    “Human,” I whispered.

    “That is right, there are Five Ruling masters. There is the Vampiric Maitre who rules over every race in this region. That is me, and then we have Gavin who is Alpha to the Lycans.” -With every race that he counted off he took down a finger.- “Gabriel who is Dieu among the Angels, and Thissle who is Satan among the demons.” He paused then looked at me. He held out his white gloved hand.

    I started at it, but didn’t grab it.

    He looked at me with sad eyes then took his hand back turning to look back at the table. “You Ma Chéri are the Queen of humans.”

    I shook my head with a tired expression on my face. “That’s not even possible.” I hissed.

    He looked at me strangely. “Why not,” he asked with a twinge of pain in his voice. “It is a great honor to be a Queen among your kind, am I wrong?”

    I shook my head. “Your right, it really is an honor. Though one that I am not ‘honored’ enough to have.” I paused and looked at the silver on the place settings in front of me. “Do you know that it is the first time that I have been here to this place?” I asked looking up at him.

    He shook his head.

    “That’s right; if I came in off the street with another date placed on my arm they would turn us away. Want to know why that is?”

    He looked at me with a saddened look. “Why,” he asked.

    I looked at him square in the eye. “My class is not respected among the rich and famous. They look down on the type that actually have to work for there money.”

    He stared at me for a long time then took in a long breath. “That just means that they don’t know it yet.” He answered.

    “If this is true I don’t want any one to know, find somebody else.”
    I hissed.

    “There is no one else Ma Chéri,” He whispered flattening out the lapels of his jacket. “You are it,”

    I growled and slouched into my chair. ‘I am way too young for any of this,’ I groaned softly.

    The curtain to the room moved slowly reveling Pierce’s Angelic face. “Maiter the rest of the masters are here.”

    I stared at him and straightened back up in my chair. “Why do you only call him master in French?” I asked staring at Pierce.

    He graced me with a soft half smile but didn’t answer.

    I didn’t want to press anymore, and it had nothing to do with the fact that the room was getting quite crowded. I watched the different Races walk in with their second’s one by one. I was quite surprised to see that there were three other females. The first one I made eye contact with sneered at me and looked away quickly.

    I don’t know why but I felt that I wouldn’t like her. The other girls looked like seconds that were also known as secretaries to the master’s.

    Nathaniel cleared his throat and stood up after everyone had taken their seats. For some reason there was a mix up and pierce had to sit by me, which didn’t bother me for when I was around him I felt a little calmer.

    “Nathaniel baby, why do we have a filthy half being in the room. It smells.”

    I didn’t have to look up to know who it was that said that.

    “Thistle please,” The other female whispered.

    “Silence,” She hissed. “I was talking to Nathaniel.”

    Nathaniel shot a icy glance at Thistle and looked back at the group. “Alright, we all know why we are here. But I think that we should introduce ourselves, some of us are new.”

    I knew he was talking about me. I heard a chair slide across the tile followed by a low growl.

    “My name is Gavin; I am the Alpha of the Lycan Pack.” He was about 6’4” Brown hair and a little scruffy around the mouth. He was muscular and handsome, but I was never one for those kinds of men. He lifted his hand to the women next to him and smiled warmly at her. A look that said nothing and everything about true love. “This is my Lupa Reggie.”

    The young red head stood up and bowed towards me. “It’s a pleasure.” She whispered in a soft soprano voice.

    I smiled. I liked her.

    A man dressed in all white stood up, his tanner then others. “I am the Ruling angel Michael this,” He pulled the women with short wavy blond hair up next to him. “Is my wife Feyh.”

    The women that had insulted me only moments before stood up. She flipped her long straight white blond hair over her shoulder. “My names Thistle,” She paused and looked around. “Where is that good for nothing Fallen of mine?” She hissed.

    I chuckled; no one wanted to be around her. I looked up once again.

    A man pushed himself off the wall and walked into the light, even though we were in a really nice restaurant he wore slacks and a ripped T-shirt.

    I heard Pierce growl next to me.

    He ran his hand through his spiked Red hair. “My name is Cinder,” he whispered standing behind Thistle. “It’s very nice to meet you.” He said as he winked.

    I wasn’t sure if he winked at me or had a condition.

    “Um,” I whispered as I stood up. “My name is Rayne Osaki.”

    Thistle looked at Cinder then back at me. “Your right Cinder, she is ugly isn’t she?” She placed her elbow on the table and sat her cheek upon it. She rolled her eyeballs up at me as he sipped at her drink. “You won’t last.” She said with a chuckle.

    “2,” I growled.

    Pierce touched my hand when I sat back down. “Do not worry, Nathaniel won’t let anything happen to you.”

    I looked at him and he smiled, showing his canines.

    I smiled back feeling the heat rush up my neck.

    “Oh Pierce, don’t tell me that she has captured your virgin heart.” Thistle whined.

    “1,” I looked up at Nathaniel and he didn’t look any happier then I did.

    I looked at the settings in front od me and saw that I too had wine. I grabbed the cup and chugged it. If I was going to get through this night I was going to do it drunk.

    The only people that were left at the table when the meeting was over was Michael, Fey, Nathaniel, Pierce, and myself. Feyh and I were completely smashed when I started to giggle.

    Feyh looked at me for a moment then burst out laughing beside me.

    “I think that it is about time that we take the ladies home.” Michael said as he chuckled watching us. “I don’t think that neither Feyh nor Rayne can take any more.”

    Nathaniel looked at the clock and nodded. “Pierce I am trusting you to take Rayne home.”

    Pierce stood up and nodded. “Yes sir,” He walked over to me and held out a hand to me.

    I stared up at him for a long time and smiled. “Are you taking me home already?” I said in a slur. “Wow, that’s manly of you.”

    Pierce kept the silly smile on his face as he helped me up. “Yes that’s right,”

    I giggled as he placed my arm over his shoulder. I could feel Nathaniel’s eyes burning into my back as we walked out of the restaurant.

    “Our friends are so unreasonable! They are so unpredictable!” I sang at the top of my lungs as we walked down the way to the car. “We are the cartoon heroes we are the ones who are going to last forever!”

    Pierce laughed as we walked. “That song,” He said trying not to make me fall. “Where the hell did you get it?”

    “Aqua, have you really never heard of it?” I asked finally looking up at him.

    Maybe that was his intentions to get me to shut up but what ever it was I went quiet.

    It was a good three minute walk to the car but when you are drunk everything feels like it’s so much longer, and when its quiet you start to dose off, so when two Lycans walked out of the ally way to our left I didn’t even know what to do.

    “You’re the b***h who is trying to expose our boss aren’t you?” They hissed walking into the light of the lamps over head.
    I looked up but couldn’t tell who they were, everything in my vision was spinning rapidly out of control.

    “Yeah,” I taunted. “That’s right and I will put every last one of you in the grave, or where ever you go.”

    I felt Pierce go tense beside me. “s**t,” I whispered.

    Pierce looked down at me. “Rayne,” he warned.

    It was to late I was slipping from all reality, the last thing I knew was that I was in a speeding car, the smell of blood hit me so hard that it knocked me back into the blackness that I tried so hard to get away from. “Help,” I whispered. “I don’t want to go down there.” I whispered again.

    I knew that no one would hear me because I was saying it in my dreams, and in my dreams nothing goes my way.