• "Come on Ammy. It wouldn't hurt right? This could the best fun ever!"
    Jared was practically pulled me down onto the pavement where he groveled.
    "Please with an all you can eat buffet?"
    I huffed a piece of dark brown hair out of my eye. I thought about it. We were too old to get in trouble by our parents, Jared being 19, me, Amelia being 18. Jared knew he had me at my weakest.
    He gave me the puppy dog eyes.
    People passed around us like we were just a rock in their way. Some gave us a have a second more of a stare but just kept on going.
    I growled through clenched teeth.
    "But this is only because we're on a special trip to NYC and you pay the taxi cab fare. Got it?"
    Jared lept up and jumped around me.
    His eyes flashed as he flagged down a taxicab.
    "Dear god, what have I done?"
    I moaned at the sky, which was crystal clear that one particular day.
    "No time to think about that now!"
    Jared grabbed my hand and pulled me into the smelly cab seat and plopped down on the other side of me.
    "It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work."
    I hissed at him and shut the cab door. I grabbed a seat belt and buckled in, but of course Jared didn't.
    The cab driver then freaked and hit the gas so hard, the tires smoked and we were off. Jared was having the time of his life, yelling for the poor driver to go faster while I hung onto anything I could, saying a helpful thing like, 'Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus don't lemme die this soon.'
    Jared urged the driver on, then I managed a glimpse out the window to see a intersection come up. I nearly screamed with relief. The stop sign flashed red, and people started crossing.
    Then I went white when I realised the cab driver just intended to go through all the people. Most were already to the other side when a 90-something year old woman started crossing at a snails pace.
    I yelped. The driver, swerved and missed her, shooting right through the intersection. I looked back to see the pissed old lady giving us the bird. I frowned. Definately a New Yorker.
    "Ok, stop!"
    Jared said finally, having had his fun. The cab squealed to a halt, and I fell onto the ground, probably half-dead from fear and adrenaline. Jared fell down next to me, laughing his head off. The cab spend off, not wanting to be seen with lunatics.
    I growled. Jared stopped laughing.
    "Next time, I pick the vacation."