• Once upon a time a girl and a boy they were a cute couple. heart The teacher named Mr. Slapyourface got furious and told these two kids to open the closet,no one in class knew what was in there. When they opened it they slid down a snake slide. I meen a slide made out of snakes! When they got to a fork in the road the couple broke apart, the girl in one direction and the boy on the other.

    For the girl the place was haunted with ghosts and snakes. When the snake slide ended at a dead end there was a neck and head chomper. So she had to break out of the snake slide just in time so she won't get bitten. Since her mom told her to bring a knife just for emergencies. The girl chopped the snake in half and got out safely. To her suprise the ghosts were waiting for her downstairs, they said" since you chopped up that snake you have to choose from getting cooked to death or being eaten by those tigers there. She decided to run and when she ran she fell into a trap door.

    Inside the trap door she found the boy she came in with they decided to kiss for a few minutes after that was done the kids strated to remember they are in a trap. The boy had a saw he found on his side and the girl had a knife together they defeat those people.

    The girl found a old, beat up bike that fits two people, since they are in a lab they had tools to work with. It took several minutes and then the boy got the bike to go but little did they know that the bike was just something they put there so they will be discovered also the bike had a tracking device on it.

    When the kids rode the bike up a steep hill the bike keep going bebebppedebe because the tracking device had a speaker so the ghosts and other people can talk to them and they not knowing what it is.

    To be continued: I meean never