• A little boy with sparkling brown eyes entered the small room. He was at least three years old, the most innocent of his race. You could see by the skip in his walk that he was extremely happy. He had a book in his hand that he struggled to carry. Yet his smile erased all his struggles. But what was inside that book would be hard for a fifteen year old to comprehend.
    Then two middle-aged people, his parents, rushed into the room. They took the boy into their hands and rushed him into the air. The boy giggled, and fell back into the parents safe and warm hands. Today, he would enter eighth grade, and his parents would want this day to be special. They both knew that the boy would probably not be accepted as well as if he were the children's age. They tickled him, laughing themselves. The boy screamed in delight, and squirmed around.
    Soon afterward their babysitter entered the room, and she smiled cheerfully. She took the boy in her hands, and walked back. Then she stopped and turned. She had a gun in her hands. From outside, a neighbor heard a loud gunshot. Then she saw the babysitter walk out, and the neighbor relaxed. The woman carrying the baby went into the car, and drove off. The neighbor shook her head, she had sworn she heard crying and yelling.
    The babysitter looked disgustidly at the three year old. To her, he looked like a sniffling ball of tears and saliva.
    ((fifteen years later))

    A boy with raven black hair and blue eyes entered a small, stuffy room. An extremely fat man sat on a chair in the middle of the room. He looked very uncomfortable, and the better for the boy. To his own theory, he believed that a man that was uncomfortable would be more willing to comply to his own demands. He calculated for two seconds on what he should say on do. Then he smiled a cold grin.
    "I see that you have read my application for this prestigious and well known college." he said, tapping his fingers on the cold wood of the table they were sitting at. The fat man shifted his immense figure, trying to get more comfortable.
    "I see by your application that you're ten years old, a prodigy perhaps?" he said, his voice thick and slurred. The boy nodded
    "I see you're already considering the possibilities, reject me if you will." he said, his eyes glaring dangerously. The man shook his head
    "I don't believe this school is right for you." he said, and waved his hands in dismissal. The boy shrugged, and left. As he went out the door, the fresh air that hit him relieved him of his aches. Right after he left, he began to get nausea. He collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily.
    Screams penetrated his mind, cracking every basis of his conscious. He could no longer feel his body. After two minutes, he stood up, still wobbly. That had been the fifteenth time that week. He sighed, his pale appearance was due to these seizures. He dusted his suit off, and walked away.