• Chapter 4: Power

    Brad went to the living room to find that Miranda wasn’t in there. He went to the kitchen second to see if she had gotten hungry and Maria had offered her some snacks. When he entered, she wasn’t there, either. He wandered around the house searching every room for her. He didn’t find her until he opened the door of the spare room.
    He looked around in shock. She had tied all sorts of glass objects in front of the window to act like prisms, causing little rainbows around the room. She had turned the stereo up fairly loud, but not too loud. Once he turned, he saw Miranda in the center of the room, dancing as freely as a child. She started spinning, and once she had made a complete 180, she noticed Brad standing there. She looked at him with a cute, innocent, child-like smile. As soon as she noticed he wasn’t going to return the friendly gesture anytime soon, she held out her arms in a way to signal that she wanted him to join him.
    Brad slowly walked across the floor to the inviting pale figure. He knew he wasn’t good at dancing and really didn’t want to dance, but something about her innocent look lured him into her arms. The stereo changed songs, playing a slow song. Well, isn’t that convenient? he thought. His hands went to her waist while her arms latched comfortably around his neck. They took baby-steps at first, just until he got the hang of things. She gradually stepped-up the footwork until he felt as if he was a professional and had been doing this sort of thing for most of his life. His awkward, small steps had become grand strides that showed confidence. He twirled and dipped her, not knowing where he had learned these moves. They’re dance ended just as soon as the music was finished. He dropped his arms, and then took a step back.
    “Um… I wanted to tell you that I’m prepared to face anything you do. I’ll be at you’re side for as long as I’m needed. You can stay here, your bedroom is right next to this room. Just step outside the door and go left. Oh, and I do believe that you came from the center of the universe.” He looked up into her bright, twinkling green eyes. At that moment, he felt as if he could feel her power. He seemed to be able to hear her thoughts, and all of his feelings seemed to have met hers, since there was a sudden and extreme mix of feelings.
    “Ok, thank you so much. I would be honored for you to stay by my side,” she said with a small curtsy. “Did Ralph tell you all he knew?”
    “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me. You’re the one with ‘power’, not me.”
    “Yep, he obviously did. You’re not only taking care of me to save your planet are you?”
    “Why do you ask me questions when you know all the answers? If I was only staying with you to save the planet, then why would I have picked you up off the street when I had no idea this legend even existed?”
    “I ask questions because I find it rude to pry through peoples minds to find answers to questions I haven’t even ask them. Some people don’t like it when I go through their mind, so sorry for being polite. I only look for answers when I think people are lying to me.” Brad could see rage flash through her eyes, which seemed less innocent by the second. For a second, he could’ve sworn he saw a flame in her eyes, but he figured he was just seeing things.
    “I’m sorry,” Brad apologized, hoping to relax Miranda a little. From what he could see, it was working. “I shouldn’t jump to conclusions like that. I give you permission to go through my mind for answers to specific, related questions. Just, please don’t wander through my thoughts and memories.”
    “Ok, I won’t. I promise.”
    Brad looked over at the clock. Oh s**t, he thought as he realized that he was supposed to meet Keith and Jake to practice on the music of their band. “Remember when I asked you if you wanted to be our singer?” he asked Miranda, who had a questioning look on her face.
    “Yea, why?”
    “Well, here’s your opportunity. I was on my way to practice when I saw you. I need to get there, and I want you to be there with me so I can watch you. Ralph isn’t very able-bodied anymore, and Maria never was. We really do need a singer, though. Please?” Brad asked with a desperate look in his eyes. He hoped it would work for her, though it was a stretch.
    Miranda rolled her eyes. “Fine, but only because I pity you. You and your horrible excuses,” she said jokingly. “Lead the way, and I’ll follow.”
    “Alright! Wait, first you have to sing a little so I can make sure you’re as good as we need our singer on our band to be.”
    “Whatever,” she said before singing some lines to a song she had heard in his truck on their way to the house. “Is that good enough?” When she looked at Brad, his eyes were wide and his jaw was dropped.
    “That was AMAZING! Come on, let’s go.” He led her outside to the truck. As he went for the handle, he froze with his hand extended halfway. “Hey, can you help me for a second?”
    “Yeah, what do you need?”
    “Just lean as much as you can against the door right… here,” he said positioning her small figure against the door near the hinges. I hope her weight is enough. “Now!” he said, as he went for the handle. The door opened easier than it ever had before. “How did you do that? You can’t weigh very much, and my friends can’t even use that much force.”
    “Remember? I’m just a little different than your friends. Don’t ever forget it.” She walked around the truck to the passenger’s door, letting herself in. As soon as both were in their seats and their seatbelts were in place, Brad took off to Keith’s house.