• He broke her heart. She had hurried to see him off. She was so hoping he would take her in his arms. Whisper in her ear, that he would soon return. She was too late. He was gone. Vanished. He never came home. He never swept her off her feet, Never whispered, “I love you,” in the middle of the night. He was gone.

    Three weeks have passed. She had forgotten all about him, or so she thought. She soon found him at the café where she worked the night shift. He was alone. “Small steps. Just walk.” She told herself. She got the courage to go to his table. She took his order, then he remembered her. But he was too late. She was gone. He never felt more alone. She didn't know why she left. Was it because she was too scared to see him or was she strong enough not to see him?

    She got up the courage to see him again, "It's been a while since I've seen you." He whispers to her. Deeply analysing what he had said, all she could manage was, "Ummm..." She was afraid that she'll fall back in love with him. "Never again" She promised herself. She lied and she knew it. The moment she saw him in the cafe , all feelingsshe thought were long buried remained surfaced under her skin. “Mandy, forgive me. I still love you.” There in that moment she thought she’d never be happier. She’d fallen head over heels for him all over again.

    She vanished.

    He never saw her again.