• Those who desire power……Those who have the feeling, of killing. Will never be welcome in the upper world…..but I’m sure he will accept them in the underworld. Hey my name is, serenity. I am the princess of the upper world, huh? Your wondering what’s the upper world? The upper world, is the “Light Of The Heavens”. That’s what my parents call it. My dad is the ruler or king. Of the upper world, they call him the “goddess of heaven”. And the underworld, I’m not supposed to talk about him. They say if anyone does, he will curse you for life. But I think I am already cursed so……Who cares, the one who I am talking about…..is the it. The most feared creature in the 3 worlds. They call him “The demon of the dark” for years my dad and Heidess who is the ruler of the underworld. Made a treaty, where both worlds will not fight unless, someone or something kills a human, or a human kills a demon. So we are to be off the dangerous lands of the dead. We shall not put a finger in their lands. Or else the fight will start. The third world is earth, whom are the “HUMANS” my parents prohibited me, to interact with humans. Of course I am in disguise. I can go to earth and be a normal human. Its my choice if I want to be a human or not. But I chose both. Since I chose that, I can talk to humans, or I can go back to the “heavens” So yes this is my life……But still I chose to be a human. But none of my step parents told me what I was, cause they took me as a baby when I was born.

    My life is just as any other normal human around me…..I got great friends, a very….very I guess lovable family?
    “Serenity! Where are you! Damn child!” is my step mother….”Yes maruca ?” is said,” Weren’t you supposed to do the laundry!?!” maruca said angrily. “Mom! Look what I found” Anita is my…step sister. she is always stalking me and trying to get me into trouble, she is only 13.
    “Whoa?! Hey leave that there, and it is not mine!!” I said angrily.” Mom I found a playboy magazine!”
    “What?” said Andrew, Andrew is my step brother, he is a senior now but I think he is one of the best brothers...” macula! You know I don’t like playboy, and anyways I don’t want to stare at nude women!” I said. “Who knows….it might be yours” maruca said. I slapped the magazine in her face, and walked away burning like an oven. “Mom I’m sorry that’s mine….I brought it because I found it in the stairs of the front door” Andrew said. My mom stared at him in surprise and said,” Andrew? I didn’t know you do this, I never expected you t-to” she was cut off by Andrew,” Look mom I’m sorry, it was in a package and I’m guessing Anita probably opened the package and found it.” Mister you are grounded for 2 weeks, oh and you are doing the chores around here too!!“ maruca said angrily like a dog.

    * * *
    Oh and this is only the beginning. I was getting ready for school, I found out I had over slept in my first day of school! I hurried as much as I could. When I got there I greeted all my friends, who I haven’t seen in like for years! And then I saw him…..It was like so weird, because I was guessing he was new. Of course all of us weren’t expecting a new person. He’s face was gorgeous, as beautiful as…..I don’t know as a crystal? I cant describe him, he is just too beautiful!!! Too be described. I could not stop staring at him. Stared at me back, but I don’t think a girl like me, would interest such a beautiful person like him. He’s eyes were golden honey, his skin was pale? For god’s sake! This is Minnesota…..right? I shouldn’t expect anyone to be tanned. Right??? Well I walked dangly but unluckily I slipped with the water, on the floor. And wham! There I got down, but someone had catch me. I felt his soft warm arm, was it him? The mysterious boy. “Hey you okay?” a very sweet and musical voice said,” Hum….I think, I am” I said clumsily like always. I stand up, “I Owe you one, thanks….ouch!”. I touched my head. And apparently I did hit my head. “Hey are you sure you don’t want me to take you to the nurse? Seems you got some bump there.” he said “ hum that ought to be very, very nice if you don’t mind?” I said, with my voice sour of rusty.“ Of course not at all”. he said sweetly. I could just not stop staring at him! He just so adorable, with his sweet eyes and that black hair of his. As we both walked to the nurse he said,” so…..should I just tell the nurse you hit your head, because you were being uncareful about your walking?” he said amusingly” hum…I guess so, or is there a cure for clumsiness? Cause if there is one then….” I said awkwardly without knowing I was already in the nurses office.” Oh! You got some bruise there! Now let me get some ice for yah there”. the nurse said in an appalled voice. “ Oh yeah….I forgot to present myself, I’m Seth Edmonson-” Hey I’m serenity Samantha Johnson” Excuse me young man im going to have to ask you to leave the room.” said the nurse “ Okay ill see yah Samanth-” Call me Sam” J” after class” he finished his sentence. “And that is how mustached were created, now open your history book in page # 335” Mrs. Ursula said, Ursula is my history teacher. RIIIINNGGG!!!! The bell rang, “ wait children remember the review packet it for homework and it’s due tomorrow”. everyone in the room was walking as fast as they could out of the room.. I was at my locker like always, putting my books in my locker….”Hey!!!! Serenity, I haven’t seen you in ages! And….you have not changed your ugly look”.seems like she had made two new friends, sertina is my #1 enemy, she is always being such a brat to people. Just because she feels superior to everyone. Why? Cause her parents donate millions of dollars to every school she goes to. And too, she thinks she is the most beautiful person in the world! “ Oh what a disgrace, we meet again.” Your face is a disgrace, you know you really need some tips on how to put make up” she said challengingly “ You know I am not that type of girl, I don’t want my face to be ruined by make up, so you know so it wont be as wrinkled as yours.” “OHHHH!!!!” everyone around me was ouhhhhing me and her.” You know you don’t need make up, your face is already ruined by the clothes you are wearing” Are you trying to pick a fight?” I said angrily, “oh no im just insulting you because I want to make you mad. You know you really owe me one” “ Look if you are trying to get me into trouble it’s not going to work. You know you really need to get a life, just because your parent donate money to the school doesn’t mean you need to go around insulting people, because you want to it gives you no right to do it. And anyways you aren’t superior to no-one. So just back off and leave me alone.” I said annoyed and furious I found out I was almost about to scream, but I didn’t I could actually for the first time, I could control my anger. And I did the right thing I walked away like nothing had happened. Everyone was staring at me, with their mouths opened wide.