• "hey ben" i said softly in heis ear. Our room was furnished with the beutifulest paintings, and stained wood Ben did last year for our 1st aniversory.
    "Yes." He breathed out as he rolled over and brought my head into his dip in his arm.
    "Do you think we could go into town and get some of Mrs. Ellens fresh honey?"
    "Temperance, are you nuts?"- He rolled out of bed and let my long cruly hair and pail silky soft skinned head fall onto the pillow.-"Your asken me this before the sun even got up? I have the bean crop todo with Petter today, i was plannen on sleepen...Wait did you say honey?" I Propped my head up on my hand and smiled, my deep laky blue eys glicining in the first raise of the sun. I knodded and he smiled his huge smile showing off his white crocked teeth. He held out his arms and he ran to me, i held out mine as he swopped me up and twirled me around in my long night dress. My dirty blonde curly and wavey hair waveing up and down as i did. He smiled a kiss on my lips, then put me down and begain running around the room in a confussion.
    "Alright, ok... ummmm...honey... ok... were's my other boot?... hun i'll be right back." i laughed quietly and he turned around at me holding his paints, and he basfully smilled.
    "What would i do without you, i love you Temperance."
    after ten minuets i got up and put my hair messaly up,and got dressed in my favorite light blue flower dress. I heard a knock at the door, and i gracfully slide acroos the room. But when i opened the door i saw Timmy, Ruth's husband and also our doctor, he looked down at his hat and ran it threw his fingers. I looked at him with concern, he took a breath and begain the end of my life.
    "Temperance...i'm, ummm...sorry."
    "No." I cryed as i fell to the floor and wepped, he bent down and brushed my shoulder i stood up, and told him that i was fine and i needed to be alone. He smiled and tipped his hat and walked away. After he left i closed the door and for the first time the emptiness and the stillness, that Ben said i would have and that he didn't really like, finally caught up to me and i felt all alone.
    After three years had pasted a new man and his little girl moved into town they moved in right next to my house. I baked a cake, and brought it over, but when i knocked on the door, this skinny little girl came and opened the door. She looked almost exactally like i did when i was younger. Her Pa, came and held the door open even more, he was five foot six and gorguse. He had silky light brown hair and dark blue eyes. A deep tan, and a rusty beard.
    "Umm hi, my name is Temperance Cady, i live not far from ya'll and i saw that you were new around these parts and i thought i'd make you some of my famouse apple and ginger pie." I smilled and held it out to the little girl and she looked up wide eyed to her pa and he sighed a smile, she looked at me and i gently let her snach it out of my hands. She turned and ran to the back of their house. He smiled at me and said thanks.
    "So, your Temperance, huh?"
    I stood striaght and looked hard at him.
    "Deepends on who's asken." I put my hands in my two front pokets and my hair blew in the wind.
    "Just wonderen, the fokes at the bakery said we'd moved next to an old widdow, but your far from bein old. My your a young'ol thing."
    I stepped back and gave him a displessing glare.
    "I'll have you know i'm, not as young as you think i am, Mr. I am quiet safisticated and i know how to plant as well as any man and i am quiet lady like."
    He leaned on his opening in his door way and put his hand in his pocket.
    "Well a proper lady wouldn't dare think about useing tools or even doing a man's job. Your one of those tramps arn't cha?"
    My nostrols flared as i stomped my foot and turned and walked homw angry. After another 3 years of none stop bikering, his daughter, Milley, finely got me and him to stop arguing the year she got very sick. I felt sympathetic for her because i had lost my baby, because i went into depression. I satyed over all the time and helped her get her rest and her meds and her fun, and her weekly visits to the doctor. After awhile, me and David,Malley's daddy, got to know eachother pretty well. We got married two years later, and i had two beutiful girls and two twin boys.