• I waited a few minutes then he came back with a small sized fish. He threw it to me and I caught it without a problem.
    "Thanks," I said. I took a bite. Ugh..it was cold and slimy and nothing like Ai's fish. I would have spitted it out and said 'Yuck.' but I was hungry and I didn't know when I was going to eat again. Plus I knew this was the best I was gonna get. We rested for a few minutes and then started walking again. When the fish more looked liked a skeleton I dropped it on the path that we were walking on. We didn't talk on the way. Probably because I was to nervous and he was trying to think of a way to explain what to do when we got there. I could tell that we were getting close because Akio started making a conversation.

    "Are you nervous?" Akio asked.
    "Yes," I said honestly.
    "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you." He promised me.
    i just looked at him, I don't know what kinda of expression I gave him but he said
    "Ok, First we we'll be met by 2 guards, they will lead us to the gate. Then someone will lead us through the gate and into the palace, castle whatever you want to call it. We will be left by the door until the Royals are ready for us. They will call us by name. When they do.."

    "I'll have to go in," I cut him off.
    he nodded.
    We were getting deeper and deeper into the forest I think we are in the middle of the forest because there is less sunlight and when I looked up I could only see trees, lots and lots of trees, and less rain was falling but I could hear it raining. I smelled something, it was out of place. its not a smell that I'm familiar with. I started to panick, and wanted to run somewhere safe, but something grabbed my arm.
    "It's ok. Its just the 2 guards." Akio assured me. I started to calm down a little bit. I tried to breathe normally but the thought of getting close to the Royals didn't really help.
    "they won't hurt u, they r not at liberty to, they r only here too take us to the gate,' nothing further," Akio said.
    "I know, but I’m just to nervous." I responded
    "it will be ok, I promise," Akio said.
    I took a deep breath, and got my brave spirit. I'm ready for whatever comes, I think.