• Suddenly I felt flames come up around me and Nick backing away, I floated up in the air, my eyes started glowing, and my voice turned into Chase’s voice. I replied in Chases voice, “This isn’t over I will get you Emily.” Then I heard myself say, “Never ever in a million years think you can beat me.” Then I fell to the ground crying and Nick walked back over.
    “Em come on it’s over let’s going now please. Come on.” Nick whispered as he lead me back to the cabin and to my room, which as soon as my body touched my bed I fell asleep. “Night, Em.”
    An hour later, I woke up screaming, Nick running in, but for some reason my eyes were glowing, and I was on fire. “Em calm down what’s the matter? Em hello can you hear me” Joe yelled. Nick walked over and grabbed my hand to pull me out of the air where I was now floating, but burned his hand.
    “Em please calm down. I don’t think she can hear us.” Nick was saying as everyone else ran in. “Em, wait a second Chase. You know that dude who we thought they were going out. I’ll be right back.” Nick exclaimed and ran out of the room, found Chase and then they ran in.
    “What is going on? Why is she floating in the air on fire?” Chase asked. “Wait a second do you think I am controlling her?”
    “No dude we need your help. Maybe you could get her to come down. Please help her.” Nick was practically begging. Chase decided to and told the rest to leave the room.
    “Listen I will help but you need to hurry and get as much as you can in a suitcase and out just in case.” Chase told them. “You know how mad she is at me and she could set the cabin on fire if were not careful.” He explained after he saw the look on there faces. They practically ran and got everything out even the furniture as Chase took the stance, floated up in the air, and started talking to me, but I was so mad I did explode and Chase flew out right as the cabin collapsed. He forgot that I was not even there until Nick asked where I was.
    Then they all turn towards the collapsed cabin and Nick yelled, “Em can you hear me?” then ran over. Throwing every piece of the roof that he could until he saw me under a huge piece of the roof that he could not move by himself, “Guys get over here quick, I found Em and she is not moving but she is breathing.” Everyone ran over, they all moved the big piece of the roof off me, and I weakly opened my eyes.
    “My leg, I think it’s broken, I can not move it at all without it hurting really bad.” I weakly announced as pain shot through my leg and I gasped in pain. Nick came over and touched my ankle as a cried out.
    “Call an ambulance now someone, anyone with a cell phone.” Nick urgently exclaimed, as I told him, “I have one right here.” Pulling one out of my pocket and handing it to him then pain shot up my leg. They called and soon I was at the hospital asleep getting ready to be operated on. After that, I was laying on one of the beds in the hospital with my friends around me. Later when my friends returned to the cabin without me, they found it up and stronger than before. I had fixed it by magic while they were not paying attention, but I did not get to see the look on their faces because the doctors kept me at the hospital since I was still weak from the surgery, but Nick had stayed until the doctors come in and say I could leave. Suddenly I got a call on my cell phone, Nick handed it to me, I answered, and the following conversation is listed below:
    “Em, you should totally see this. It is so cool I can’t describe it.” Kevin was saying as was lying there listening to him blurt out a whole bunch of nonsense. Then the doctor came in and I handed the cell phone to Nick. We found out I could leave so Nick told Kevin and he was there in a flash. We went back to the cabin and then when we went inside I went straight to my room and sat down on my bed looking out of the window as Nick walked in.
    “Are you okay Em? I mean you seem a little down. What is wrong?” He asked me as I turned to look at him with tears streaming down my face. I smiled as Joe and Logan ran in then back out chasing each other around the cabin, but when they ran in, they did not notice I was crying until they ran in a second time. Hoping they did not notice me at all, I turned and faced the window.
    Joe looked over at me and asked, “Em what is the matter? Are you crying?”
    “Uh no I am not crying, It is my allergies.” I lied thinking fast. I just looked out the window and tried to make it look like everything was normal. Joe and Logan ran back out of the room as Nick walked over, sat down behind me, and put his hand on my shoulder.
    “Allergies, Em come on you don’t have any allergies well except spinage. Why are you crying?” Nick asked me. “Em tell me, please?”
    I pulled out my locket that had a picture of my younger sister, older sister, my twin brother and my older brother and told Nick, “I have had this ever since I was a little girl, about five years old.” He looked at it for a moment then looked at me. Then I gripped it even tighter when Kevin ran in.
    “Joe just told me Em was crying.” He said as I looked away from the window and stared at Nick. I mouthed, “Don’t say a thing please.”
    Kevin stared at me as Nick got up left the room and Joe ran in and started pointing his fingers at me and laughing. That is when I practically started crying even harder and quickly left the house. Since I had my face covered, I did not see the door to open it so I went right into it then went out. Joe had now started laughing even harder and fell to the ground as Kevin angrily stared at him.
    “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Joe asked his brother. While outside I got a call from my brother.
    “Hello Em speaking. What is it?” I answered. “Bro is that you?”
    “Em it is your brother and I need you to get over here quick. It is very important. You…” He stated as he was about to say something, but my phone died. I kept going as I heard the front door opened and closed then heard footsteps close behind me so I went even faster. Soon I came to the graveyard; after I had been there for a few minutes, I realized I was not alone. The flicker of a shadow caught my eye, and then I saw a person bending over a grave staring across the way at me with bloodshot eyes and a warm inviting smile. Then I heard footsteps behind me, but the other person walked over and then smiled.
    “What are you doing here? I thought I was the only one who came here. My name is Alex and you are?” He told me.
    “My name is Emily, but everyone calls me Emy. Why are you here exactly?”
    “Well actually I come here everyday to visit my best friends, sisters grave.” He explained.
    “Wait a second what did you say your name is Alex? I had a best friend named Alex, he’s a few years older than me and he went out with my oldest sister.” I exclaimed. He looked over at me excitedly and then someone came up behind me and yelled my name. I jumped and Alex just laughed as I cried out while turning around, “Joe don’t ever do that again.” Then I did something I wished I had not. I punched him after I had Alex stopped laughing and Joe got very mad and pushed me down as Nick and Kevin ran up behind us.
    “Nick, Kevin this is not what it looks like. Em I am so sorry.” Joe exclaimed as he saw me crying on the ground, Nick, and Kevin behind us and that is when Joe actually started panicking.
    “Not what it looks like huh? It looks like you pushed her down even though you know she is hurt.” Nick said where almost no one heard him, but we did. “How could you Joe?” Kevin added. Joe looked around at everyone then ran back to the cabin.
    “Em are you okay? Here take my hand and I will help you up.” Alex replied walking over to where he could help me into a setting position then Nick tried to help me up the rest of the way, but it was to late Alex was already helping me up. When we got to the cabin, I had stopped crying and I went to Joe’s room and knocked on the door. When I thought he did not hear me, I went in and when I did, I saw him lying on his bed crying. I rather tripped over something and Joe looked up and I noticed when I punched him I gave him a black eye.
    “What do you want, Em? Why don’t you just get out.” He was practically yelling at me and I wanted to cry again. When he noticed I was getting upset his voice got a little nicer, “What is it Em?”
    “I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry for punching you. I am just mad at you for laughing at me when you saw me crying.” I replied very softly. He sat up and asked me to come and set by him, and then he apologized too.
    “Em I am so sorry for laughing at you, then pushing you down. Will you forgive me? Wow usually I would have never thought you could punch like that looks like I got a surprise.” He replied. “Em, when I pushed you down did you hurt your ankle any worse?”
    “I forgive you and actually it wasn’t my ankle that hurt, actually it hurts a little, but it is the back of my head. I really cannot hurt my ankle any worse because of this cast. ” I admitted quietly as Joe looked at the back of my head. He touched the spot I had bumped and I exclaimed, “Oww! That hurts!”
    “Sorry. There is quite a bump where you hit it.” Joe told me then we went to the living room where everyone else was in there. Everyone stared at us as we entered the room, while Joe stared at the floor I looked at the ceiling.
    I guessed no one noticed Joe’s eye, but I was wrong as soon as we went in the room Nick noticed and yelled, “What is the matter with your eye Joe? Em did you punch Joe?” I looked over at Joe, my eyes full of tears and he looked at me as I left the room crying. I went straight to my room, put my crutches beside the bed and carefully lay down on my bed, and practically cried myself to sleep because when I woke in the morning I did not remember Nick or Joe coming in the night. When I woke up that morning, I had noticed I was all covered up except for my broken leg. When I went to go into the kitchen I heard them all in there talking.
    “Guys I feel really bad for Em. I mean I was the one who got her mad at me. The only reason I pushed her down is because I got mad at her for punching me, but I guess I deserved it.” Joe told them.