• A few days past of hunting, grabbing building supplies, and defending ourselves. Yoko was an extremely good shot, and I had some experience with building. Soon we had a functioning base camp, one that we could easily defend and would keep us safe from the weather, if there was any. We were out on patrol when it happened.

    The first rain I'd seen in all my time there. It wasn't a torrent, but it was better than the glaring heat and blistering sun. We ran back to our shelter/camp and looked out at the rain, both of us in awe of the event. Then we saw something that didn't make us feel good. A moving shadow in the distance. And it had a weapon. Drawn. I raced to one of our defense positions while Yoko got her rifle. The figure in the distance, as if sensing our movements, raced directly towards me. I fired a few rounds at it, hoping to scare them off, but it kept on charging at us. So then I actually took aim and tried to kill it, but the bullets bounced off what looked like armor.
    "Ah crap." I muttered. Then Yoko fired a sniper round into it's knee, bringing it to the ground. I put a few shots into it's arms at the elbow joints, but wasn't sure if I'd hit or not, and we raced out to it with our weapons ready. The intruder's armor was thick, and it was odd that something could wear armor like it and run as fast as it did. It was still alive when we arrived, and we hauled it back to our base to interrogate it. We weren't sure what he would know about this place, but we were going to find out.

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