• It's already 3 am of Sunday. It would have been dark if not for the light coming from the lamp post standing about 3 feet away. They have just arrived and stayed by the gate, even if it’s raining. She obviously didn't want him to go, and he obviously didn't want to leave.

    They just had their first date, after knowing each other for the last 15 years. It was the most disastrous date.

    They went to an open restaurant where a band is playing, and it took forever to call the attention of the waiter to ask for their bill. It rained so it’s wet everywhere. The band played music they didn’t like. They transferred to another restaurant, still an open one, but with cute cozy umbrellas per table. These umbrellas didn’t protect them against rain though. Conversation was impossible because the sound system was way too loud.

    It was an awful, awful date.

    But then, she found herself sitting there beside him, satisfied and unconcerned, under the umbrella that was like nothing against the pouring cold rain. She liked the feeling of being close to him, and talking to his ear, because that’s the only way he would hear her. She liked that he kept his arm around her to keep her warm, and that he was looking more dazed as they drank more beer. She was happiest when he planted an unexpected kiss on her cheek.

    She thought, in all their years of knowing each other, she had never seen him that way. Thank God, she got him back.

    They stared at each other for a long time standing by their gate.
    He was smiling and she was too. They talked some more, about things she doesn’t really remember until at last, it was too late to keep standing there, and keep getting soaked in the rain.

    She had to let him go.

    As if taking the hint, he came forward and stood very close to her. She lifted her head to meet his gaze at about the same time he leaned down to kiss her.

    It was amazing. She doesn’t remember how long they kissed, but she remembered feeling light headed after. She didn’t mean but had to rest her head against his chest, and she was even more amazed at how fast his heart was beating.

    Your heart’s beating so fast…
    she whispered.
    I know… he replied, and he held her even closer to his chest.

    They stood there like that for a long time, not exactly knowing what the other was thinking.

    All she knew was that even though she was sure her heart is beating just as fast, she never felt so at peace in her whole life.

    How they never found this in all their years of knowing each other, it didn’t matter anymore.

    The rain had melted all the years, the way he had melted her heart.